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Demographic variables such as income, gender, education, ethnicity, and family size are
basically tied to subculture and segmentation. As tea is benefit for health, hence in demographic
target, BOH tea is targeting people from all race, gender and age’s groups except children
because there is no harm drinking tea but provides health benefits so it is highly recommended
by every age group. Besides that, selling at the reasonable price is another demographic target as
it is affordable for any income group.

Age : 12 – 65 years old

Gender : Both male and female
Education : Professionals, graduates, students
Occupation : Manager, officers (working adults with stable income)
Income (monthly) : RM 100 - RM 1000 (Any income group)
Race & Ethnicity : All races


BOH Tea target the groups of people with a variety of ages which are generally concerned with
beverages. They target audiences into two sets, one who are the consumers on the go which is
students, professionals or whoever lead a busy life. Two, who are more health conscious.

 COFFEE DRINKER (Health conscious)

Target this user to prefer Tea. Country that consumes the most coffee is Finland with 12
kg per one person per year. A report from Nordic Coffee Culture found that 6% of
Finnish women and 14% of Finnish men drink more than ten cups of coffee per day. It
would be a major market to convert this consumer to tea consuming by use or marketing
tactics and demonstrating the harmful effects of too much coffee consumption and
benefits of Tea.
 WHOEVER HAVE A BUSY LIFE (students, proffesionals, lecturer)
Target this user to grab the fast-drink but with the health conscious. According to
Khademalhossini, Ahmad & Khademalhosseini (2016) the most general population in
thinks that tea is good for relaxation and rest. Besides, we will feel uncomfortable if we
consume coffee after a busy day because it will boost energy and sometimes people
cannot sleep because of coffee whereas we want to get a sleep or rest after the busy day.


In the case of BOH tea, since it is the leading tea brand in Malaysia it is important to strengthen
the brands leadership by creating awareness for their product through sales promotion and
advertising. BOH tea has to provide extensive information about their quality and innovative tea
products, in order for consumer to obtain knowledge of their tea easily

4.4.1 Internal Research

Internal research is an attempt to search for information in the form of pre-existing

knowledge, such as attitudes and problem beliefs. However, if the problem is new to the
customer, then decision taking is insufficient, and external analysis is a requirement. This
research is not entirely resourceful because during the consumption process , consumers may not
be able to recall the reason for buying the product or the opinion they made.

To leave a good impression on BOH tea, their catchy phrase "ada Ummph," which
basically means "more than words can describe" kind of feeling showing the great quality of tea
that BOH tea produces. This sentence will strongly record the brand name in the consumer's
mind, so that the next time they want to buy tea, BOH tea will be their first choice as the phrase
"ada Ummph" shows that consumers will never regret consuming their tea.

Above is the example of the catchy phrase placed on the BOH tea product which always
reminds people to enjoy the goodness of tea while enjoying a relaxing time, it has specialized
BOH tea from different tea brands such as Nestea, Sabahtea and Lipton.
4.4.2 External Research

External research provides more resourceful organizational information, friends, families,

society, and much more. Consumers are willing to access secondary information from online
resources, advertisements, brochures and much more to give them the excess knowledge to
purchase their choice of computer.

Tea drinkers in Malaysia will not escape BOH tea's attention, as most retail outlets will
purchase their drug. BOH tea has also marketed their tea through newspaper ads, television
advertisements, and promotions as well. BOH tea promotes their tea by bonding with lovers by
creating moments of fellowship with loved ones. This is to demonstrate that a cup of tea can
unite everybody without any restrictions. One way to inform consumers about BOH tea is by
giving away free samplings and conducting customer contests.

This is why high buying participation needs comprehensive knowledge research to

reduce anxiety and increase the level of trust when buying the product they want. Consumers
will remain loyal to BOH tea, as the company is constantly conducting research to meet future
consumer needs.