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wrod ane euaic : Peer Mikkel Eriksen, Espen Lind, Amund Bjorklund, Into the designs, all of which they gave their ‘paw’ of approval. Hallgeir Rustan, Tor Erik Hermansen and Danny Poku J.s2 (3-2) a oh | eer aaa a see . 1. Ain’t no head-lights on the road to-night, 2. Is it clou- dy where you are to-night? Boalt BE ; a e eee eee ere ev-"ry-bo-dy is sleep-ing tight. Ain't no~bo- dy gon-na find us here = ‘Are the me-on lights shin - ing bright ‘Are youlooking for a place to stay. ‘There’sa danc-er in the arms of love— ‘And the days are hor-ses down the hill, wae ae, a Jovecde LLL And the truth is thatwe'll nev - er know. pt edewe tae ;-—— (You got-ta aim high and shoot low ba-by:) ng Po ptt G4 or =a _ as eee ae Se aa mS Sse If youhad an-oth-er night to give,- T would have an-oth-er night the Gim ee Dim et er ie = ——— ae ——— Ss ae ae Sara Fi Js MF Teould do it ov-en TA doe all a-gain And if T got one more chance, 1 GtTast ra ot ee =. aH = = = e as = = SI a - would - n't change. a thing Aim high, shoot low. Aim high, shoot | SSS —" — low. —