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Diocese of Talibon
Candijay, Bohol

VISION : ST. JOSEPH ACADEMY, a leading Catholic School in Eastern Bohol, provides holistic quality education that
contributes to nation building by providing God-centered, patriotic, competent skilled individuals, and
academically equipped graduates for higher education.

MISSION : To attain quality education program with spiritual foundation that promotes the formation of good moral
character individuals.

In Empowerment Technologies
SY 2019 – 2020

Name: Date:
Grade & Strand: Score:

General Directions: Please read directions carefully. Not following directions/instructions means
wrong. Avoid erasures. No cheating. No turning of heads unless you have neck problem. Just answer

I. Multiple Choice 1.0 (2 points each)

Underline twice the answer and write it beside the item number in inverse and capital form.
“Palihug ko ug sabot para ang imung test paper dile sagbot. Ayaw na pag bagutbot kay arun wa tay
gubot.” “Sa imung ayaw klasmet ayaw pag kab-ot kab-ot, kay basig inag graduation wa nakay
labot.” #Bahala’gWaNagtuonBastaKayNakasabot

1. What is a set of governing protocol or rules on how software elements should communicate?
a. World Wide Web c. Program
b. Software d. API
2. Which measures of a Web site’s success pertains to the speed of information delivery?
a. Color c. Load Time
b. Navigation d. Mobile
3. Which of the following is a calculator invented during the mechanical era?
a. Pascaline c. UNIVAC
b. ENIAC d. Abacus
4. What describes the product of having the elements placed in harmony with one another?
a. Balance c. Unity
b. Rhythm d. Contrast
5. Which is the Web design principle that focuses on the manner of finding the information
a. Typefaces c. Navigation
b. Images d. Colors
6. Who plans the method to be done in developing the Web site?
a. Project Manager c. Content Planner
b. Lead Developer d. Web Strategist
7. What is a Web design principle that focuses on the appearance of colors?
a. Typefaces c. Images
b. Lines d. Navigation
8. Who creates the information to be published on a Web site?
a. Project Manager c. Web Strategist
b. Lead Developer d. Content Specialist
9. Which is an online collaborative tool wherein a scratchpad is shared?
a. Dreamweaver c. Slideshare
b. Mindmeister d. Photoshop
10. Which is a presentation development tool that is offered online?
a. Dreamweaver c. Prezi
b. Powerpoint d. Wix
11. Which is a type of API that runs in a remote machine and the application will access it remotely?
a. Access API c. Mobile API
b. Plug-in API d. Video API
12. Which term refers to the elements of a display?
a. Brightness c. Color
b. Hue d. Pixel
13. In what period did the telegraph became popular?
a. Premechanical c. Electro mechanical
b. Electronic d. Mechanical
14. The first written symbols were written in what type of media?
a. Paper c. Books
b. Stones d. Newspapers
15. What type of Web is referred to as the “read and write Web”?
a. Web 1.5 c. Web 1.0
b. Web 3.0 d. Web 2.0

II. Multiple Choice 2.0 (2 points each)

Write only the letter of the correct answer beside the item number in CAPSLOCK form. After that,
correct the underlined word if it is wrong and write it beside your first answer in a small or
lowercase. Then if it is correct, leave it there and say “easy!”.
D, mechanical 1. Who invented the first premechanical computer?
a. Mariela Y Aping c. Leandro De Capri
b. Niel Bodystrong d. Charles Babbage

“Ayaw pagdali kay wa ka niya gukda! Maong pagmata na nga ikaw ra diay ang gasigeg gukod niya.”
Importanteng mag-amping ka sa pag answer bahala’g imung tapad walay ika-share. Bahala’g galisud
basta kay wa nag taas-taas ang liog.” #OstrichMode

1. Who is the member of the Web Development Team?

a. Web Strategist c. Project Manager
b. Content Specialist d. Developer
2. This is an online note taking and archering application service.
a. Dropbox c. Footnote
b. Boughnote d. Evernote
3. It is a service wherein files from users are stored offline.
a. Google Drive c. Device Storage
b. Cloud Storage d. Micro SD
4. This is considered as one of the most popular media applications.
a. Presentation c. Entertainment
b. Youtube d. Vlogs
5. It is used to evaluate the effectiveness of a product to consumers.
a. User Experience c. User’s Addiction
b. User’s Purpose d. User Popularity
6. Refers to the information that a website offers. Eg. Texts, images, videos, and audio files.
a. Features c. Templates
b. Details d. Content
7. It is defined as the structure of different content forms such as texts, music, photos or images,
interactive content, animations, and video clips.
a. Web site c. Content
b. Multimedia d. ICT
8. Who take into account all of the outputs of the content specialist and Web designer?
a. Project Manager c. Developer
b. Inbound Marketer d. User
9. This is a file hosting and supporting service that offers a facility to synchronize and create
folders for file organization.
a. Dropbox c. Slideshare
b. Google Drive d. Evernote
10. Refers to the physical arrangement of the content and elements on a Web site.
a. Colors c. Typefaces
b. Design d. Layout
11. It is a social networking service that enables users to send and type short messages.
a. Facebook c. Flickr
b. Twitter d. Tiktok
12. Layouts that can be useful because they will enable the user to create selections or groups of
related information.
a. F-pattern c. Grid
b. Mobile d. L-shape
13. Considered to be the first voicing device that was introduced by Romans to China.
a. Bulaus c. Calculator
b. Stone Counting d. Abacus
14. Systems that enable users to select video and audio content when they want it.
a. Video on Demand c. Video of Device
b. Video on Drive d. Video on Distance
15. Type of intermedia that is relatively straightforward without interactivity from the audience.
a. Nonlinear c. Video
b. Linear d. Entertainment

III. Multiple Choice 3.0 (2 points each)

Write the given choices on the space provided below. This must be place beside the
statement given. All answers must be written in CAPSLOCK form. Crash out all the
remaining choices for the additional of 2 points.
Ex. I have a friend whose name is Flatty E. Waytotoy, she is a lumber-like person.
“Salig lang ayaw’g pagpakabuang. Ayaw pag-agad sa uban nga ila kang tagaan kay kana
sila andam ra gihapon kang pasagdan.” “Lisud ang exam? Kaya rana! Kaya ganing sa uban
nga ilaglag ka maskig unsa nimu ka buotan. #BestInCleanliness

A. These are ready-made forms wherein the elements are read and applied automatically to new or existing
B. This is a facility that accommodates parallel work for every content creator.
C. This refers to modules or plug-ins that can be installed or referenced in the construction of web sites to
enable different functions not offered by the system.
D. It is the capability to expand the Web site by adding pages linked into the main page.
E. This facility is used in a periodic manner.
F. This is the ability of the system that can provide ease in changing the layout, texts, and elements of the Web
G. This allows them to work collaboratively with one another.
H. This is a function or capability of a Web site to be edited and created in different software development tool
I. This is a function of the Web site to accept multiple languages for input and display.
J. This is a facility to market and disseminate the existence of the Web site.
K. This refers to the function wherein a dummy Web site can be edited and tested by the content developer.
L. This is a facility that tracks the flow of documents, from their creation, to reviews and revisions, and to
archiving and deletion.

L. This is a facility wherein restrictions and limited privilege can be set so that there is a control for updates
and reviews before publishing.
M. Combination of processes and technologies that saves the creation, development, publishing, and
maintenance of Web sites.

1. Workflow management -

2. Automated templates -

3. Scalable expansion -

4. Web standard upgrades -

5. Scalable Feature sets -

6. Easily editable content -

7. Content Virtualization -

8. Versioning –

9. Content syndication –

10. Multilingual -

Note: Additional 10 points if there is no erasure.

Additional 8 points if there are only 1-2 erasures.
Additional 6 points if there are only 3-4 erasures.
Additional 5 points if there are only 5 erasures.
Lastly, 5+ erasures, ayaw nalaman gyud pagdahum ug nay additional points

“Congratulations and God Bless!”

“You’re now moving forward for the new chapter of your life, don’t dare not to reflect on your experiences and
lessons that you’ve got on the previous chapter that changed you. Walk through with improvement and maturity.
Walk your goals with purpose. Sail your journey with full of courage and motivation, because it will lead you to
- Reyboy P. Tagsip