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I) General information
Dear respondent,

I am Teham Simo Team Arthur (SM16B263), a third year student of the faculty of social and

management, department of Management at the University of Buea. I am carrying out a

research on “The impact of total quality management on the organisational

performance: case study: ENEO Buea” in partial fulfilment of the award of a bachelor’s

degree in management. This study will highlight the total quality management practices of

ENEO and how its influences the company’s performance.

Kindly respond to the questions below with honesty in the spaces provided. You are assured

that all information obtained will be kept confidential (private) and will be used solely for the

purpose of this research. Participants are free to withdraw from the study at any time when

need arises.

Thanks for your understanding, participation and cooperation.

Participant’s signature …………………………

Section A. Socio-Demographic characteristics

1. Educational qualificafication: primary education secondary education

Higher education university education

2. Duration of service: less than 1 year 2-5 years greater 5 years

3. Job responsibility: Director Senior managers Operational Managers
Section B. Total quality management practice

Practice SD D U A SA

a) Management leadership

Top management is actively involved in communicating

company’s goal and vision in line with quality management
Quality of service is prioritize in ENEO

Top management provide substantial financial support for quality

management programs in ENEO
Top management implement follow-up of quality management in
Top management ensure recruitment of competent personnel

b) Education and Training

Employees are regularly trained via seminars on quality

Employees are trained for job related skills.

The company concentrates on ongoing development of personnel

by establishing extensive training programs that covers all
aspects of TQM.
Company has a transparent and effective appraisal system
for recognizing and rewarding employees for their efforts
c) Process flow management

Company’s equipment are strictly acquired and maintained well

according to standardized guidelines
Company systematically conducts extensively benchmarking of
other company’s business process
Company has a wide range of standard operating procedure
which guide operation of task
Company has alert systems in the field and emergency response

Company regularly do internal and external audit

The company applies for ISO 9000 certification to adhere to

international quality standards.

Section C. Company’s performance over time

Performance Significantly Slidely No Significantl Slidely
measures Decreased decreased change y increase
1) Production cost

2) Net profit

3) Customer

4) Accidents
5)absenteeism rate

6) Suggestion
from employee
7) Quality of service to

Section D. Hindrance to implementation of total quality management

Barriers to implementation SD D U A SA

1. Lack of financial support and high cost of implementation

2. Ineffective means of communication between top

management and employee
3. Lack of appropriate training and TQM models

4. Lack of interest of employee as they are resistant to change