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Report Ref. UT-K5449-01-001 Date of Test 23-03-2020

Customer : Transocean Work Order No. K5449-01

Rig : Rig : DD1

Procedure No. WI-QA-22 Rev.7
PO No: GLOBE-0001977212
Clause: 12.0 (API 6A
Acc. Criteria
21st edition).(PSL3)
Booster Gooseneck Part, Nom. 5.125” Male Stab Pin c/w 4-1/16” 5M API Flange w/RX-39 Ring
Description : Groove Termination Swivel Assembly-New Manufacture of Nom. 4.1/16” 5M API Weld Neck
Size Joint type Stage of Testing Surface Preparation WPS Reference

12.5”ΦX 6.25” LG N/A Raw Material Smooth N/A

Equip. Model Equipment. ID Calibration Due Calibration Block Reference Block

USM 35X DAC 2476a 28/05/2020 IIW – V1 Block

CBUT-025,026,027 & 028
Couplant Oil Cable Length 2 Mts.
Probe Detail
Transfer Curvature Scanning Scanning
Angle Sl.No Size Frequency Ref. dB
Correction Correction dB Range, mm

0o 51379 10 mm Ø 4 MHz 57 NA NA 63 0 – 650

60o 64492 8 x 9 mm 2 MHz 55 NA NA 61 0 – 350

Examination Result

Welder ID Discontinuity Indication

Joint No. Result
GTAW SMAW Type Location Length Depth

N/A N/A - - - - ACCEPTED


Inspected by Reviewed by ASM Rep.

K Raghavendra Reddy T Senthil Kumar

PCN – UT Level II
Quality Engineer
PCN No. 307636

B Base Material Imperfection ESI Elongated Slag Inclusion NRI Non-Recordable Indication
BT Burn Through ISI Isolated Slag Inclusion P Porosity
C Crack IF In Complete Fusion T Transverse Indications
CP Cluster Porosity IP Inadequate Penetration

QF Rev 2