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Instruction for Subject Options in 3rd semester 2020

Course Code Course Title Workload Number of
L------P-----T Credits
MBA-301 Strategic Management 4 0 1 5 Credits
Summer Internship and
MBA -302 2.5 Credits
Elective –I* 4 0 1 5 Credits
Elective –II* 4 0 1 5 Credits
Elective –III* 4 0 1 5 Credits
Elective –IV* 4 0 1 5 Credits
Elective –V* 4 0 1 5 Credits
Open Elective –I* 4 0 1 5 Credits

*The students are required to choose 5 (five) Elective Papers offered in Semester III by
selecting 3 (three) papers from major area of specialization and 2 (two) papers from minor
area of specialization. In case, a student opts for core specialization, all the five papers must
be opted from single area of specialization. In addition to above 5 (five) papers, the
students are also required to choose one paper from the list of Open Elective Papers (other
than his/her major and minor/ core area of specialization).
In any case, if the nomenclature of the paper is same/similar as opted by the student in any
semester that cannot be opted again.
Note: Students opting Research Project in Semester IV will have to register for the project in Semester III
itself. However, the evaluation of the research project would be done in Semester

List of Open Elective Papers for SEMESTER III:

Course Code Course Title

OE-301 Counseling Skills for Managers
OE-302 Fundamentals of Econometrics
OE-303 Personal Finance
OE-304 Applications of Marketing
OE-305 Export Import Procedures and
OE-306 Corporate Governance and
Business Ethics
Indian Ethos and Values
Human Resource Management Area
Course Course Title
HRM-301 Management of Industrial Relations
*HRM-302 Human Resource Planning
HRM-303 Compensation Management
Managing Interpersonal and Group
HRM-305 Strategic Human Resource
HRM-306 Leadership Dynamics
HRM-307 Business Negotiations
*HRM-308 Training and Development
Finance Area
Course Code Course Title
Marketing FM-301 Risk Management and Insurance Area
Course Code Security
FM-303 Project Management
*FM-304 Management of Banks and Financial
*MM-301 Consumer Behaviour
FM-305 Marketing
Foreign Research
Exchange Management
FM-306 Integrated Marketing
Public Finance
FM-307 Communication Strategy
FM-308 Sales & Econometrics
Financial Distribution Management
MM-305 Logistics Management
*MM-306 Marketing of Services
MM-307 Product and Brand Management

For Eg.

Roll number 1 He/ She opts

Major – HRM- 3 courses from HRM area (any three)

Minor- MM- 2 courses from Marketing Area (no choice in minor his minor will be *MM-301 &

Open Elective - any 1 course other than your Major and Minor specialization (i.e.) for this roll
no. he/she cannot take OE-301 & OE-304 so his choices left are OE-302, OE-303, OE-305, OE-
306 & OE-307

So in total every Roll No. will have 7 theory courses (3 major, 2 minor, 1 open elective paper and 1
compulsory paper) and 1 summer internship in total

All students must fill in the options for 3rd Semester in the format provided below and message on my
personal number by 30th April 2020

In case of any queries you can call me or ask in the class’s watsapp group itself

Roll No. Name Major Minor Open Elective

(Subject Code & Nomenclature) (Subject Code & (Subject Code &
Nomenclature) Nomenclature)
190101010094 Nancy Major Fm- Risk Minor MM-301 OE-306
(FINANCE) 301 Management ( marketin Consumer Corporate
and g) Behaviour Governance
Insurance and
Business Ethics

Major FM- Project Minor MM-306

(Finance) 303 Management ( marketin Marketing
g) of
Major FM- Management
(finance) 304 of Banks