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GED 104 – Section 8


Make a critical assessment/ observation of what is currently happening in the Philippines in the
middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. In your view, how does this reflect the overall statusof science and
technology in the country vis-ὰ-vis other countries?

Base from my observations, I can see that our country is in great danger right now and we are
not ready for this. Filipinos right now are still opposing the government’s orders and trying to survive
this pandemic despite of the challenges our beloved country is facing. In Manila, as in many other
places, the Covid-19 pandemic is hitting the poor the hardest and exposing the gaping inequities in
access to food, shelter, and health care. Our president started implementing orders and policies for the
safety of everyone and our country. Whether the battle against terrorism, the repression of Islamic
extremism or the war against a pandemic, Duterte rules with a strong hand and little attention to the
consequences. Few argue that there is a need for restrictions to cope with the pandemic. But the nation
was taken by surprise. With little warning, millions who are looking for a hard-hitting life in the
underground economy of the city were left without any means of help as businesses closed and people
were forced off the streets. The government focused on the implementation of quarantine; little
thought was given to minimize its effect on the most vulnerable. Although cops and soldiers were out on
the streets, social workers were ordered to stay at home. For now, there is a patchwork of campaigns by
municipal governments, churches, community organizations, and regular people seeking to do what
they can. Companies contribute food and supplies. The actress called for donations to street vendors
who can no longer store their items. The restaurant, like other churches and Catholic schools, has
opened its doors to the homeless. Many organizations are coordinating donations, braving barriers, and
overcoming government restrictions on food purchases to support those most in need while the
government fails to respond. Filipinos are used for natural disasters and have pre-existing networks that
are capable of responding quickly to emergencies.

Yes the Philippines, like many developing countries, is being dealt a particularly brutal blow by
the coronavirus and I can say that the statuts of our country’s science and technology is completely
collapsing. And yes,our hospitals are struggling with a shortage of protective gear, manpower and
testing capacity, as are hospitals elsewhere. But the main reason here is the imbalance distribution of
equipments, supplies, medicines and tools to public hospitals. Some people cannot gain access to our
private hospitals and afford these kind of treatments and services that our private hospitas are
providing. Being a third-world country or a developing country makes us a charity case of other
countries especially this time of pandemic and i can say that we have enough scientific and technological
advancements operating to different private hospitals yet, it doesn’t lessen the number of deaths and
cases of the Corona virus, for there are a lot of low-income people who can’t afford to obtain it and
can’t even go to private hospitals to save themselves. But unlike in other countries, it’s kinda unfair to
some patients suffering critically because doctors and nurses are only tasked to cure those who are
probably have a chance of surviving the virus, for their science, technology, and medication resources
can’t handle that much patients so they are forced to save to only save those who have chances of living
and let others die from the virus which is an untolerable action to many.