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The Motels Rider

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This contract for the personal services of the musicians for the engagement described below is made this
day_______________ between the undersigned purchaser of music (herein called "Purchaser"), Paradise
Artists (herein called "Agent") and Martha Davis (herein called "Artist").This rider is intended to ensure
that the engagement runs as smoothly as possible for the mutual benefit of Company, Artist and Promoter.
Any Changes must be mutually agreed in writing or facsimile no later than three (3) days prior to the
performance date. Violation of these terms will constitute grounds for nonperformance with the express
covenant that the full guarantee shall be paid to Company as damages. In the event that Promoter is unable
to comply with any of the following points, Contact Paradise Artists at, P.O. Box 1821, Ojai, CA 93024
Tel. (805) 646-8433 Fax. (805) 646-3367.


1. Prior to Promoter's receipt of signed copies of the contract from The Motels, Promoter shall not
issue or place any advertising without the consent of the Artist.

2. Promoter shall not commit the Artist for any personal interviews, personal appearances, or any
other type of promotional activity for Artist in connection with this engagement without prior
written approval from the Artist.

3. Artist shall receive Sole Star Billing in any and all publicity releases and paid advertisements,
including but not limited to programs, fliers, signs, lobby boards and marquee. No other name or
photograph shall appear on the same line or above the name of the Artist.

4. Names of other Acts on bill: _________________________

5. All other Acts on bill must be approved by Artist. No Acts may be added without Artist
Consent. If opening acts are running behind schedule, opening Act performance may be cut short,
so that Artist full set may be performed (especially, when a noise curfew is in effect).

6. For publicity photos, biographies, etc., concerning the Artist, Promoter may contact Apparatus.

7. Artist shall have right to record performance, in any format, and shall own all rights to said


Purchaser agrees that Artist may cancel the engagement hereunder, at Artist's sole discretion, by
giving Purchaser notice thereof at least thirty (30) days prior to the commencement date of the
engagement here under. Provided Artist is ready, willing and able to perform, Purchaser agrees to
compensate in accordance with the terms hereof regardless of Act of God, riots, strikes, labor
disputes or any other events of any kind or character whatsoever, whether similar or dissimilar to
the foregoing events which would prevent or interfere with the presentation of the show
The Motels Rider
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Producers obligation to furnish the entertainment unit referred to herein is subject to the detention
or prevention by sickness, inability to perform, accident, means of transportation, Act of God,
riots, strikes, labor disputes, epidemics and any act or order of any public authority or any cause,
similar or dissimilar, beyond the Producers control.


Notwithstanding anything contained herein, inclement weather shall not be deemed to be a force
majeure occurrence and the Purchaser shall remain liable for payment of the full contract price
even if the performance(s) called for herein are prevented by such weather conditions. Producer
shall have the sole right to determine in good faith whether any such weather conditions shall
render the performance(s) impossible, hazardous or unsafe.


1. In cases where the Artist is being paid on a percentage basis, Purchaser agrees to deliver to the
Artist's representative at least two (2) weeks in prior to the date of the performance, a plot plan and
printers manifest of the house (notarized, signed statement from the printer of tickets, listing
amount of tickets printed at each price). Purchaser further agrees to have on hand at the place of
performance the night of the show, for counting and verification by representative of the Producer,
all unsold tickets. Producer shall be compensated for the difference between the number of unsold
tickets on hand and shown to its representative and the number of tickets printed as shown by the
ticket manifest. If the Purchaser shall violate any of the preceding provisions of the paragraph, it
shall be deemed that Purchaser has sold a ticket for each seat in the house (and any permitted
standing room) at the highest ticket price for which the house is scaled. Purchaser further agrees to
give said representative the right to enter the box office records of Purchaser relating to the gross
receipts of this engagement. A written box office statement, certified and signed by the Purchaser,
will be furnished to the Artist within one (1) hour following each performance. Purchaser may not
sell tickets to performance herein as part of a subscription or other type of series of other concerts
without written consent of Producer. All tickets printed under the manifest shall be of the one stub
one-price variety. There shall be no multiple price tickets printed. Examples of tickets prohibited
under this agreement are a.) One price for students and a different price for general admissions of
the same ticket, or b.) One price for tickets bought in advance and a different price for tickets
bought at the gate on the same ticket. Further, no tickets can be sold of seats located to the rear of
the stage where the stage and equipment on stage is obstructing normal eye-level viewing of
Artists performance, unless the location of the seat is clearly indicated on the ticket. Tickets sold
behind bandstand must be marked "impaired vision" or "behind bandstand". If Purchaser violates
the above agreement, he shall be liable for the total amount of tickets sold at the highest price
printed on the ticket. A bonded ticket house shall print all tickets. (Example- Globe Tickets,
Arcus-Simplex) or, if the Performance is at a college or university, the official printing department
of the university or college. Purchaser agrees not to discount tickets or to offer tickets as a
premium without first obtaining permission in writing from the producer. If Purchaser does sell or
distribute discount or complimentary tickets without prior approval, or in excess of the number
printer, he shall be liable for the full ticket price of each such ticket sold or distributed.
The Motels Rider
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Purchaser agrees to distribute no more than one percent (1%) of the official house seating as
complimentary tickets relative to this performance. Further Purchaser must supply a representative
of Producer with a statement detailing to whom each complimentary ticket was given. Each
complimentary ticket will be issued only as a fully punched ticket. Purchaser agrees to supply
proper radio, television, and newspaper personnel and their families with complimentary tickets
from above mentioned allotment. Purchaser agrees that if NO Admission is charged to any part of
the audience for engagement hereunder, this condition must be so stated on the face of the
attached contract. If, at the engagement, there is evidence that admission was or is being
subsequently charged for Artist's performance, Purchaser agrees that Producer must receive 100%
of the admission receipts collected. In addition, Purchaser must provide Producer with twenty (20)
complimentary tickets per show within the first ten (10) rows, the unused portion of which may be
placed on sale the day of the performance with the permission of the Producer. If place of
performance is other than a theater and or cabaret or nightclub, a booth and /or tables comprising
of mini-cabaret of six (6) seats to be called "Star's Booth" or "Table" must be available for each
performance and if not to be used at said performance will be released by Producer or their


Each one of the terms and conditions of this contract is of the essence of this agreement and
necessary for Artist's full performance hereunder. In the event Purchaser refuses or neglects to
provide any of the items herein stated, and/or fails to make any of the payments as provided
herein, Producer shall have the right to refuse to perform this contract, and shall retain any
amounts theretofore paid to Producer by Purchaser, and Purchaser shall remain liable to Producer
for the agreed price herein set forth. In addition, if on or before the date of and scheduled concert,
Purchaser has failed, neglected, or refused to perform any contract with any other performer for
any earlier engagement, or if the financial standing or credit of Purchaser has been impaired or is
in Producer's opinion is unsatisfactory, Producer shall have the right to demand the payment of the
guaranteed compensation forthwith, Producer shall have the right to cancel this engagement by
notices to Purchaser to that effect, and in such event Producer shall retain any amount therefore
paid to Producer by Purchaser.


1. Fifty Percent (50%) of the total compensation shown on the face of the Contract shall be due
simultaneously with the signing of the Contract as a deposit. Such deposit is to ensure Promoters
performance of the Contract, and shall be in the form of a Money Order, or Certified Funds
payable to Paradise Artist c/o Martha Davis. The balance of payment shall be made to the Artist's
Tour Manager within one (1) hour after the Artist's performance. Checks PREFERRED!

2. Settlement of the box office shall take place in the presence of and under the supervision of
Artist Tour Manager.

3. Any counterfeit tickets shall be the sole responsibility of the Promoter.

The Motels Rider
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The Artist shall retain all merchandising rights to this engagement and the Artist name. The
Promoter must ensure no infringements are made to these rights in and around the venue.
Promoter MUST provide a merchandising area complete with a six (6) foot table, near the front of
the house in a well-lit area, as well as personnel, to sell the merchandise.


1. The audience must not be admitted until the Artist has completed their sound check. A prompt
schedule will be kept; The Motels will be insured proper sound check as per advance.
2. The Promoter is responsible for any damages to or loss of the Artist equipment, vehicles,
baggage, property and personnel while in and around the venue, and will make all necessary
compensation payments in cash the same day.
3. Front-of-House Personnel to be available at Load-In., at least two loaders are to be available
upon load in and load out.
4. Professional, first-rate lighting with assorted gels & competent lighting designer.
5. Secure, patrolled off-street parking for one (1) vehicle.


The Promoter is to provide, at no cost to artist, the following catering:

1. Twelve (12) room temperature bottles of non-carbonated water (1.5 liter).
2. Twenty-Four (24) bottles of Imported Beer.
3. Two (2) large bottles of soda water.
4. One (1) pot of coffee to be kept freshly brewed until Artist has left.
5. One (1) bottle of cranberry juice and one (1) bottle of orange or grapefruit juice.
6. Clean ice for drinks
7. A fresh fruit tray
8. Snack Tray with assorted breads, meats and vegetables for ten (10) adults.
9. Two (2) bottles of Red wine…either Cabernet or Merlot.
10. One (1) bottle of Grey Goose Vodka
11. One (1) pot of hot water with assorted herbal teas.
12. Six (6) well-balanced hot meals including entree, vegetable, potato or rice, or a $20.00 per
person meal buy out- two (2) hours prior to performance. Any questions regarding catering contact
Margaret McNab at 971-506-9856.


One Artist dressing room well lit, clean, lockable, heated, a/c, 2 full length mirrors, power, hot and
cold running water, soap, and paper towels, garbage bin, sofa, table, eight (8) chairs, and ten (10)
clean Terry Cloth Bath-sized Towels. (NO BAR TOWELS PLEASE) Please coordinate with
tour manager upon band Load-In to designate a proper hospitality area.
The Motels Rider
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Purchaser will provide a professional thirty-two x eight (32x8) channel house console (Yamaha,
Soundcraft or equivalent), main speaker system should be of Eaw, Turbosound or equivalent 3-
way actively crossed in stereo. System must provide clean, undistorted spl of at least 115 dB at
mixing console. All eq's, effect units, compressors, and power amps are to be of top quality. The
monitor system which shall have a minimum of six (6) separate bi amped mixes shall consist of a
professional monitoring desk. Monitor wedges should consist of one 15" speaker with one 2" horn
and a drum monitor cabinet with at least two 15" speakers and one 2" horn. A stereo line out and
DAT machine is to be available. The monitor and front of house engineer's are to be available at
all time, professionally qualified and familiar with the sound and lighting systems being provided.
The engineer's will have the sound system setup and eq'd prior to the scheduled Load-In time.
***Please contact Felix Mercer regarding all technical requirements at 530.394.0254 or Martha
Davis 503.369.8131.


Purchaser will provide a professional lighting system, consisting of at least 36k par 64 and
specials, and a qualified operator / lighting designer.


Drums: DW 1st choice, Yamaha 2nd

1. One (1) 22" x 16” kick drum
2. One (1) DW 7000 or 5000 drum pedals
3. Two (2) 5 ½” (or 6”) x 14" Pearl or Ludwig snares---Brass or Aluminum
4. One (1) 13" Rack Tom (or 14" floor tom with legs)
5. One (1) 16" Floor Tom with legs
6. One (1) Hi-Hat Stands
7. Four (4) Cymbal Stands
8. Two (2) Snare Stands
9. One (1) Drum Throne
10. One (1) Drum Carpet
11. One small table or case/box.
12. One (1) AMPEG SVT 450 Head (or similar)
13. One (1) Ampeg speaker cab (4x10)
14. One (1) Vox AC-30 (or )
15. One (1) Fender Twin Reverb (or Bassman Combo re-issue)
16. One backup amp of either of the above or similar amp.
17. One (1) Fender Blues Jr. or Champ (tube only please)
18. One (1) Acoustic Six String Guitar w/ Pick-Up (Gibson, Guild or Martin preferred,
second choice Takamine, Alvarez, or Yamaha)
19. Seven (7) Guitar Stands
20. One (1) Wurlitzer Electronic Piano (or Fender Rhodes)
21. One (1) HEAVY DUTY Stand & Bench
22. One (1) Yamaha or Nord digital piano w/ weighted keys AND midi out, or 88 key weighted midi
The Motels Rider
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Accommodations will vary per show. If this is a fly date, band will need fewer rooms.
Five (5) single hotel rooms with a King size bed in each. Hotel is to be within two (2) miles of
Venue. All accommodations are to be first class. No motels.

1. Upon arrival of artist, Promoter shall provide first class transportation to and from airport.
Promoter will provide all internal transportation between venue and hotel as well.


1. When band is traveling abroad in a non English-Speaking country, promoter is to provide a
translator who is to remain with the band at all times.

By signing this contract and rider, I have read and understand all five, (5) pages I
_______________________agree to all contents herein. Any changes must be made in writing
and submitted to Paradise Artists for authorization, any other changes are not valid. Unless
agreed, in writing, all items in this rider are expected.
Signature of Purchaser__________________________ Date__________

Martha Davis f/s/o The Motels_____________________ Date__________

All contract riders attached hereto are hereby made a part of this contract. No portion of the performance shall be recorded, reproduced, or
transmitted from the place of performance, in any manner or by any means whatsoever, without the specific written approval from Artist. All
claims and disputes that may arise between the Purchaser and Artist regarding application or interpretation or any terms or conditions of this
contract shall be referred exclusively to binding arbitration in a California court of law.
The Motels Rider
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1. Kick 09. Bass Cabinet Mic 18. Vocal Down Stage Center

2. Snare 10. Elec. GTR stage right 19. Vocal (bass) 11. Acoustic (D.I.) stage right 20. Vocal
stage left 3. Hi-Hat 12. Martha Elec. Guitar center

4. Rack Tom 13. Keys (D.I.) stage left

5. Floor Tom 14. Keys (D.I.) stage left 15. Keys (D.I.) stage left

6. Overhead L. 16. Keys (D.I.) stage left

7. Overhead R.

8. Elec. Bass (D.I.) 17. Acoustic (D.I.) stage left


Direct Boxes = 5

Drum Reverb

Vocal Reverb

DDL / Multi FX

5 Monitor Mixes if possible

The Motels
Production & Backstage Requirements
Updated March. 2013
(destroy any previous rider)
Greg H. Sims
O:310-954-9389 C: 310-562-5762
Tig Moore 818-434-8651
Nick Johns 323-605-5790

Dressing Room:
We only require one dressing room. We would like the following:
1. one case of bottled water
2. 6 stage towels (black or dark color if possible)
3. two bottles of red wine (merlot, cab, zin,or good blend...).please provide glasses
and opener as well
4. one bottle of Stoli or premium vodka
5. assorted Gatorades
6. one tray of chips and salsa
7. six pack of Coors light
8. Hot water for tea/coffee, creamer milk, sugar, etc..
9. 1 fruit plate
10. 1 Veggie. Plate
11. bowl of plain potato chips & dip
12. mixed nuts
13. plates, napkins, plastic silverware

Please provide $25 meal buyout for 4-7 people (band size changes, please ask on
Or 4-7 hot meals, catered or ordered from restaurant is totally fine (please see the band
for timing)

We usually sell merch and sign after the show at the merch booth. Please provide and
area for this, with a table.

Sound: We usually do not carry FOH or Monitor Eng. Please provide.

600 S. Spring Street PH:5 Los Angeles, CA 90014
t: (310) 954-9389 • f: (310) 494-0466
Lights: We never carry a light guy. Please provide. We like things dark and moody….
If you have moving lights, slow moves are best. No typewriter action please.

General Note:
We don't need giant portions, med size please... don't want to waste!
We are mellow people and seek to help in any way possible. Both our drummer and
Keys player are TM/PM’s with tons of touring experience. They will walk you through
any details on day of show. Talk to either of them for help at any time (Nick & Tig). We
look forward to a great show!

600 S. Spring Street Ph:5 Los Angeles, CA 90014

t: (310) 954-9389 • f: (310) 494-0466