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This type of conditional clause is used to talk

about situations that are always true if PRESENT SIMPLE + PRESENT SIMPLE
something happens. ( If- clause ) (main clause)
In this type of conditional clause “if” can
often be replaced by “when”. If I meet my friends at the weekend,
If I´m late, my father takes me to school we go to the cinema.
If my mother is ill, I stay at home
When I´m late my father takes me to
to look after her.

A- Fill in the blanks using the verbs in brackets in the right form.

B- The following are well-known scientific facts or C- Complete the sentences using “if” or “when” and
natural laws. Put the verbs into the right form. the right form of the verbs in brackets.

1. If the temperature of water ________ (drop) to 1. _____ you _______ (speak) slowly, I can understand
freezing point, it _______ (turn) into ice. you.
2. If water ________ (reach) boiling point, it _______ 2. _____ the weather _______ (be) nice, we always
(change) into steam. ________ (go) to the beach.
3. If we _________ (add) oil and water together, the 3. ______ I ________ (be) late, my parents ________
(get) angry with me.
oil ___________ (float) on top.
4. _____ I ________ (arrive) home from work., I usually
4. If you _________ (throw) a stone into the air,
_________ (have) a cup of coffee.
gravity _________ (pull) it back to earth again. 5. I ________ (stay) in bed _____ I _________ (have) a
5. If an iron object __________ (stand) in the open temperature.
air for long, it ___________ (become) rusty. 6. ____ you study hard, you _______ (get) good marks.
6. If we ___________ (leave) silver in the sunlight, it 7. ______ I _______ (feel) tired, I ________ (go) to bed
_____________ (go) black. early.
7. If a cloud ___________ (release) electricity, this 8. _____ students __________ (not/do) their homework,
___________ (find) the shortest way to the ground. the teacher _________ (punish) them.