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DECLASSIFIED by DNI Ratdiffe on 9 June 2020

(U) AnnexA

~ lllon.-.1 Rrpo rting ftom ¥1 fBJ .__.,e 00 lb.lUIMl lnflUNKe Efforts

- r... n FBI ,o,ne, usmg both idel'ltlflf'd Mid UIIIMl'ltmcd 1ub~e. vOluntttered hlghly
..tM o1e tn!orma\Jon IYOm tM sunvner tI> ~ raN of 2016 on Ru:;gM influe!nce efforts aimed at ttlf' US
preSldenttal etl!Ction. We have only ltmited corroboratioo c1' ~ source's reporbng m ttll case and did not
u~e It tx> reKtl the.- .-alytlc Lunc!us10ns of U'lr CIA/flll/NSA asstSsmtnt.
T, !;Ot.11 e 15 an t-xKutJlle ot a pm,ae ~ness 1rull1gence furn and a tonne,
employtt t'I • fnffldty forel9JI 1nb!lllgfflee serw:e wl'K> h.lS l>ttn cornc>f'f\;ated to, prN10u,
11:portmo ~ the pc:1:.t tn,tt year'... ~ :,ource m.ltJlns and collect5 inf01mat10n from a
IIYtJed nt'twolk of iden!Jlled and 1..111dentitied subsources, some al which ~ bttn
corroboratrd ,n the past The ~rce collected ttus information on b ~ of pnvilb! cllt-nb
and wa~ not co~ns.aed for It t,v IN F81.

• - T~c !.OU~s rf'P(lttlnO •PPHrs tD ~ bttn acqu,1«1 Oy mutbpl,! Westrm P,U ~

o,g n,z;tt;on_ -~ Ill Octrlbt!r.

of the fBI ~ ce ~ reportmg ~ lOl'Ul~ttnt w!Ul ~ jUdgment m th!~
. for et.afflllle. ttlat ed tt1f' inlluence effort Witt! ttle' Mm ot

o.;cow·~ aim ,n •~ campaign wa~ ID upend tJ,c ,!onaf hbetal order ~ Wll:tl furopNO illks. 5hllt US policy on key R\Wlafl 1nmests, ano undf'rmm,•
US l)Ollllcs fl'OMdle--..s ot tlW l!lfod:of,ij re;ult,

• - ~ f61 ~<e .i-.o ~ a !.UbSOWU wt10 !;,]KJ thit ~ k1emlm WM 1>10Yld1nv d

~l«t numbef of lhr~'¼'ln JOUINII Witt\ pmnleged access to pre-publ -hcct Wtluleau
m.tenal 011 Cbnb>n and othe, Drmoai!bc h rty offl«itls, and that Ru:;sran iournali:;ts were
being Pl'esliUred not to publish er ~ pieas on~ Pr~.idmt-riN:t 01 favorable ~ on
Cltrltm\ can~ nt with ow iWcwncots ot RW5Sloiln control Of the media ll10 ~
ckmons1Jab!d preftrfflCe ta !ht Pr~ dent-elKt

. fBI soo,c~ aso

outcry '" the

- h~ ma..t polllbcally senStbvc c.141ms by the FBI source ~ a Close rel•tK>R;hlp bclWttn l1le
o, ·, ••elt'Ct ¥Id th<e kll!'l'nlin. Th~ sowc.e d cllfflNS that Ule Prei<INll~rct ancl his tDp ~
ad,cer;:, rlO' 1mg1·, ,•,orli ed ·.... 1t11 Ru;;;:,1an olf1m ,: ·c bcl;:er h1;:, ch.tnce; ::,r beat! g So:-ertt ,,,. C111to
ruuv l now ledge~DI or Ru:;· i Otrc"<tJon o h:akea Democr • ematt;; ano were o e red rina nnc11
C<>mpenci\ Cfl trom M XON

•- Ile flll ;:,cur<e cl 1mec1 1at !1li' 1<.r 1,n nlcJ cw r:ateo tilt l'1e;aoen -elect to• n leJ. 1·.ie
•,ear_;, had fed im and hi: team ,n ell,gcnce .lb t ~cCJctary O mton and o e, c,ppor1enc fo r ~ c~r~. J110
agreed ~o u·e W i ~i lea_li~ ,n return -0/ polK ror re;;,on· b•/ tho? P•~ ~dent-elect--d ;;uming he won e
electioll--On tlATO nd r ne.
•- he FBI; rce 1' • cl11med Ru;:1,1n authorit:1e: ;;e!~ed COllll)r<0mr:11 g mateml on he
Pre: lddlt- elect ~ adJ e: .,,hen he v.'iL ,n Ru:~ia a; well a;" comoio"l'l,.j,nQ do~;ier on Secre a,,,.
C:hnton::, poll ·ca1 activrtJe~ at wa__; con•10 <!cl bv the t r<M!kn nd oo• :harffi v,rth e Pre.adcn -eleci: 01
h1; e arn.
• - - - - -he f8l; ru cla1m..-d that :i'cret meeting; ~-"een tile Kremhn an<l th e P1e:;1den -~lect :
~ an t?d bv ~on e thi' Pre.; e-, t -elect::, ad.-i;e1;, ~ a;t one of ~,horn v, a; a egedl·,
off« e<i i1 ncl.ll remunention fllr a po lie~• ctrnige I ing ;anction; on Au:;~1a.

- he : me ,; ·ur e prO'JJded aadltional m~m tlon not oe,·e~ped 1:,1 ne laie•t d

; ull.;aurce nt-twor~. Th-e fBI :;.ource cavea N1 .t hough ~nv:IM t,o p 1e-,1oo; lv pro•., ,ded rep ng in
~e, 111, ol co e 1 t~ .cu Lt' •.r.·a~ un tl4e to ·rouctl f or e a.:lo lcnJI tnfCITllil'..IOll ~ ; r w i,g
Hence ~ 1rvc rm tJor> ,; oot llldUded rn oouct

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