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Human Factor - ALD30102 1

Answer any one of this following statements;

1. Human Factors concentrates on the interfaces between the human (you) and other
elements found in your workplace. In your own words, clearly describe those
interfacing elements. It will be helpful to use of an aid in your description.

2. In your own words, clearly state the key factors which are likely to affect your
performance in the working environment.

3. As maintenance personnel you are often assigned to teams in the workplace as a

part in the maintenance activity. It is therefore, the responsibility for fulfilling overall
goal would fall on the entire team. In your own words, discuss some of the advantages
and disadvantages of team working.

4. List 4 basic rules of communication with brief explanations to help aircraft

maintenance personnel to minimize poor communication

5. Describe 5 factors affecting human performance and briefly explain each element

6. Define team working. List 5 important elements in team working and briefly
explain them.

Human Factor - ALD30102 2

Answer ( QUESTION 3 ) :

A team is a number of persons associated together in work or activity for example;

a group of engineers working on a specific task on the same aircraft. Team work is
defined as working together in order to achieve a shared aim, rather than trying to
achieve things just for yourself or working against others. Working in a team has
multiple advantages that make it a habit to adopt in almost any company.

First and foremost, each individuals in the group could share their resources such as
knowledge, tools and experiences. An individuals might be used to doing things in a
particular manner but in a team they get to observe how the others work and give
them opportunity to learn from each other. Though it might be good to follow the way
we used to yet there might be an easier and more efficient way of getting the job done.
Next, team working allows the team members to discuss problems and find solution
together. As what had been told that two heads are better than one, team work enables
to brainstorm fruitful discussion and ideas. It allows them to draw from past
experiences and abilities of one another. Diversity within teams is beneficial because
people from different backgrounds and cultures approach problems and topics
differently. Moreover, a team may be capable of absorbing certain types of errors
by individual members. They will have an effective defence mechanism such as the
cross-checking each others work and briefing each other of the potential errors in a
particular job. Additionally, team working could benefits an individual in term of
improving their communication skills. For any team project to be a success, it is vital
that each team member communicates and consults with the rest of the group such
that no one feels in the dark about any decision made and that everyone is in
agreement. It is important to make sure that all team member get an updates
pertaining to one’s work progress at each stage.Lastly, a healthy competition at the
workspace and among the team could be created. This will ensure that team members
would do their best in their job. Therefore, a strong team identity can be created and
encourage pride in the product of a team.

Although well-conducted teamwork can offer great satisfaction, it won’t always be

easy to get things going like they should. Firstly, inter-group conflict might occurs
during shift handover where work has to be handed over to another team.If it is not
handled correctly, it will surely causes a problem among them and the team might
messed up at work. If one team of engineers consider that their diligence of getting
the job done properly is a waste of time because an incoming team’s poor
performance will detract from it, then it is likely that diligence will become more
and more rare over time. Next, it may occur in large team where a team members
may take advantage of the efforts that other team members make within the group.
This can cause issues within the group because the team members making the effort
may feel like other team members are coasting along and not pulling their weight.

Human Factor - ALD30102 3

If this issue is not handled immediately, unmotivated team members may feel
entitled toward not putting forth the same effort as others.Moreover in a team,
things can go incredibly wrong or even fall apart when there is a great deal difference
in the working methods of different individuals. For example, a maintenance team
should get the work done by the datelines and some want to take shortcut and
dangerous way in getting the job done and some prefer a safer way. In addition to
having varying working styles, things also become complicated when there is a clash
of ideas and neither members are willing to compromise. Thus, within the group
conflicts can arise or generate time waste and energy loss that might end up causing
that each one leaves the way they came and may causes the work unfinished. Lastly,
the team could waste too much time. Discussion among the team members are
needed to achieve an agreement but it won’t be easy and will involve investing a
great deal of time to discuss the outcomes.

To summarize, if we work in a vacuum without regard for others, we can contribute

to unsafe conditions. For the sake of good outcomes and and the team, it is crucial that
we work together to keep everyone safe.

Human Factor - ALD30102 4