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Sunday Mornings 10.30am Sunday Evenings 6.

30pm Sunday Service details

2nd Design ‘And it was so’ 2nd (HC) Motto Text – Bearing much fruit
✞ 10.30am The Ten-thirty Service
Genesis 1.1-31 Malcolm Winton John 15.8 Mike Lowe Aims to offer the best of traditional and
9th (CL) Visit of the Finnie’s 9th Ready, steady, go! contemporary styles of worship, along with
Dean & Paula Finnie, CROSSLINKS Numbers 10 Mike Newman relevant bible teaching.
16th Value ‘In our image’ 16th Is the Lord’s arm too short? Holy Communion (Common Worship
Genesis 1.26-31 Mike Newman Numbers 11.1-35 John Ormiston Pattern) is celebrated usually on the third
23rd Responsibility ‘You are free’ Genesis 2.1-17 23rd Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Sunday.
Phil Newsome Bachelard Kaze Yemtsa , Trinity Church On regular Sundays, children and young
30th (
) Relationship ‘One flesh’ 30th PRAYER FOCUS people remain in the service for the
Genesis 2.18-25 John Ormiston Team first half an hour, then go to their own
FEBRUARY FEBRUARY All Age services, at which the children
6th (
) Rebellion ‘Did God say?’ 6th (HC) Leadership Crisis
Genesis 3.1-7 Mike Newman
remain throughout, are held at the major
Numbers 12.1-16 Rob Munro
13th (AA / ) CHILDREN’S & YOUTH ANNIVERSARY Christian festivals and also during the main
13th The spies who wobbled
David Bell, Diocese of Chester Numbers 13.1-33 Malcolm Winton school holidays.
20th (HC) Judgement ‘Dust to dust’ 20th (
) Baptism of Elly Godden
Genesis 3.8-24 Mike Newman Mike Newman ✞ 6.30pm The Evening Service
27th Images of the Cross – the law court 27th Interceding for a nation A simpler, quieter more traditional service.
Romans 3.21-31 Rob Munro Numbers 14.1-45 Phil Newsome Every other month we encourage intercessory
and reflective prayer at our PRAYER FOCUS
MARCH MARCH - usually on the last Sunday..
6th Images of the Cross – the home 6th (HC) When the ground opened up Holy Communion, following various
2 Corinthians 5.12-21 Catherine Johnson Numbers 16.1-50 Mike Newman patterns, is celebrated usually on the first
13th Images of the Cross – the battlefield 13th Water from the rock (again) Sunday.
1 Corinthians 15.50-58 Mike Newman Numbers 20.1-13 Rob Munro
20th (HC) Images of the Cross – the prison 20th There is life for a look
Mark 10.25-45 Malcolm Winton Numbers 21.1-9 Mike Newman
27th Images of the Cross – the hospital 27th PRAYER FOCUS
Isaiah 53.1-12 Derek Lindley, Bethany Community Church Messy Church
meets monthly
APRIL APRIL 3.30-5.30pm
3rd (AA/ ) MOTHERING SUNDAY 3rd (HC) A prophet who pleased nobody
Al Rodgers Numbers 22.1-41 Jacob Madin o 13 February
10th HARD SAYINGS of JESUS 10th A star will come
Mike Newman & others Numbers 23.1-15 Phil Newsome o 13 March
17th Palm Sunday 17th HOUSEPARTY WEEKEND o 10 April
Lawrie Adam - NO SERVICE
24th (AA/ HC) EASTER SUNDAY 24th PRAYER FOR HEALING Messy Church is a church for the young and the
Mike Newman Mike Lowe young at heart. It’s a once-a-month-time for
people, especially families, to join us and be
creative together, worship together and eat
AA = All Age Service HC = includes Communion together. To find out more, email:
Lunchtime Holy Communion,
 = Service may include a baptism or thanksgiving (BCP pattern) takes place most For more details -
BBQ = BBQ after service CL = lunch after service Wednesdays at 12 noon (though not
during Lent) All are welcome to join us
RECTOR Dr Rob Munro
0161 428 3440
Mike Newman
0161 428 5212 DIARY
WARDENS Lindsay Burrows
0161 485 1509
Andrew Pugh JANUARY Cuthbert Road
0161 610 2570 Saturday 8th 9am In Stitches Craft Breakfast
ASSISTANT WARDENS John Berry Monday 10th Mission (Home) Prayer meeting Cheadle SK8 2DT
0161 485 3250 Wednesday 12th 8.15pm Preacher meeting
Lindsey Campbell Wednesday 19th 8pm MBG Regular meeting Phone 0161 428 5212
0161 428 1425 Monday 24th 8pm PCC meets e-mail –
Mary Perry Thursday 27th 2.30 & 7.30pm Pop Connection
0161 428 0109 Friday 28th 12.15pm OS Nursery Committee web -
0161 428 6750
Thursday 3rd
READERS Catherine Johnson Saturday 5th
7.45pm Alpha Course starts
9.30am Abney 5K / PROGRAMME CARD
0161 374 2284 Saturday Café
Phil Newsome Monday 7th 12 noon M.A.P. Meeting
0161 286 5457 Saturday 12th 9am In Stitches Craft Breakfast
Malcolm Winton Wednesday 16th 8.15pm MBG Curry Night
0161 440 0501 Monday 28th 8pm Church Committee meets
0161 428 5270 MARCH
Ruth Ormiston Saturday 5th 9.30am Abney 5K /
0161 282 2824 Saturday Café
Monday 7th Mission (Home) Prayer meeting
MINISTRY TO OLDER Mary Perry Wednesday 9th 12 noon Lent Lunches begin
PEOPLE CO-ORDINATOR 0161 428 0109 7pm TBC Ash Wednesday
CHILDREN’S & Kate Cookson service
YOUTH CO-ORDINATOR 0161 282 3061 Saturday 12th 9am In Stitches Craft Breakfast
Wednesday 16th 8.15pm MBG Regular meeting
CAREFORCE VOLUNTEER Jacob Madin Monday 28th 8pm PCC meets
07403 271274
Saturday 2nd 9.30am Abney 5K / January - April 2011
Club 55+ Monday 4
Tuesday 5th
Saturday Café
Mission (Home) Prayer meeting
10.30am ACORNS including details of all Services,
The twice monthly meeting place for those Easter service
55+ (or thereabouts) th
Friday 8 11.30am Old School Nursery mid-week meetings
Easter service and other activities
Saturday 9th 9am In Stitches Craft Breakfast
Wednesday 20th 8.15pm MBG Easter Special
Thursday 21st 7.30pm Maundy Thursday
AGAPE meal
Friday 22nd 11am Good Friday Meditation
Sunday 24th 8pm BCP Holy Communion
Mondays 2.00 — 4.30pm 9am Fellowship Breakfast
Wednesday 27th 7.30pm Parish AGM
January 10
10 & 24
24; February 07
07 & 21
March 07 & 21;
21; April 04 & 18
Details: 282 2728/ 282 1259 / 374 6933