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IQAC Feedback form / Satisfaction Survey for Parents

(On Curriculum, Course, Teaching-Learning and Evaluation)

Dear Parent,
VIT was established with the aim of providing quality higher education on par with international standards. It
persistently seeks and adopts innovative methods to improve the quality of higher education on a consistent basis.
This form has been designed to seek feedback from you as a parent so as to strengthen the quality of
teaching-learning environment, to assess and to improve academic, non-academic and infrastructure facilities at
Vellore Institute of Technology. The information provided by you will be kept confidential.

A. Preliminary Information

● Name of the parent: Bidya Nand Jha

● Contact Number: 8851893958
● Name and registration number of the Ward: Satyam Kumar Jha & 16BEC0144
● Name of the Programme: B Tech (Electronics and COmmunication Engineering)
● Year of Admission:
Strongl Agre Neutra Disagre Strongl
S. y agree e l e y
No. disagre
1 The learning ambience at the institute is good ✓
I am satisfied with the teaching-learning process ✓
at the institute
Sufficient opportunities are given to my ward ✓
toward self-development
The teaching-learning-assessment ✓
methodologies followed are transparent
I am aware of the academic processes of the ✓

6 I am able to track the progress of my ward

I am satisfied with the facilities available at the ✓

I can approach any academic / administrative ✓
official for discussions / clarifications
In additional to theoretical knowledge the ✓
9 institute provides opportunities for hands-on
I am satisfied with the academic as well as ✓
personal growth of my ward
I am satisfied with the placement related ✓
initiatives of the institute

Other suggestions / remarks:

Bidya Nand Jha

Name and Signature