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S. No. Attributes Description of attributes

1 Business Domain  Relevant certification in the field of respective business domain (such
Expertise as Finance, Banking, Aviation)
   Demonstrate detailed understanding of the domain, identify
current/targeted business capabilities and compliance in different
 Identify different types of data and Subject Area Groups for content
associated with an organization.
   Work Experience in the business domain as a domain specialist.
2 Understand  Ability to quickly understand the existing business processes within an
Business organization.
   Create Conceptual Data model basis the Subject Area Groups
   Draft business process diagrams with detailed steps for each process.

   Understand the importance and paint points of each process and its
 Guide a team of experienced professional to complete the assignment
on time.

 Operate in a fast-paced environment, be responsible for driving

multiple customer opportunities in parallel

3  Understand the existing business processes of the organization

Requirement  Interact with the business users, understand the new requirements.
gathering,  Collate the requirements with the most effective tool (such as Mind
analysis and Maps, Process Diagrams, Context Diagrams)
High Level  Ability to have clear observations, analysis and conclusions based on
Solution customer interviews and data.
Formation  Understand and document the validation criteria for each
   Understand and employ best practices in performance, security,
scalability and business continuity.
   Identify any gaps in the requirement fulfillment flag them as early as
possible. Identify and suggest the correct solution stack for the
4 Effort Estimation  Understand the high-level solution and prepare a detailed WBS.
and Resource
   Assess and provide estimation for each task. Ensure that the
estimation covers the entire project life-cycle.
   Identify the resources of various competencies required to complete
the project.
 Prepare a resource plan, with cost and contribution associated with
each resource.
 Incorporate various variable costs associated with the project to
provide the final cost of the project.

5 Technology  In-depth understanding of the typical use cases of the technology

Expertise implementation.
 Ability to follow the best practices set up for the technology, design
standards set by the proposed architecture.
 Deliver artefacts that meet the quality standards set by the
 Evaluate, learn, adopt new technologies (Especially in the cloud
 Knowledge of multiple technology and product platforms (ERP, CRM,
MA, Big Data, CXP, MDM)

6 Architecture  Evaluate and provide architectural strategy, deliver technical
Expertise leadership, and subject matter expertise.
 Create & manage software architecture. Document non-functional
requirements for quality attribute.
 Current state assessment, Gap Analysis and Future state
 PoC execution & ownership - for new technology options / solutions.
 Conduct technical design reviews, define standard & best practices.
 Well-versed with latest in the Integration, configuration management,
deployment and architecture patterns.

7 Quality  Ensure that the product and the service, meets industry specification
Assurance and standards (e.g. CMMI Level, SQC (software quality control)).
 Create test-strategy, test-plan and scenarios encompassing all the
possible scenarios and document the risk analysis.
 Ability to create automated testing, execute test, also discover, isolate
and track bugs within each testing phase.
 Aware of latest trends in testing technologies, tools and processes,
drive innovation in testing.
8 Knowledge  Possess understanding of knowledge architecture, and ability to
Management percolate it through relevant team in the organization.
 Finding and gathering data and knowledge from different sources,
document it and place it at repository for use of organization.
 Create extensively explicit document of project implemented and
service delivered for future uses and references.
 Ability to find, comprehend and analyze previous technical and
functional documents and use it in project execution and update it as
and when required.