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Garments Sale and Stitching Master

Project Domain / Category

Desktop Application

Abstract / Introduction
Garments Sale and Stitching Master is an application that will assist the owner and the customers
more efficiently during the rush and normal hours. As observed during various festivals like Eid and
wedding season people shop maximum garments and dresses. There is a need for a system to
handle the customer’s orders for purchasing garments or stitching the dresses. The proposed
system will manage all orders, sales, customers, income, expenses, and measurements.

Working mechanism:

Customers select different garments and dresses/ clothes from various racks in the shop and the
helper bring all the selected items to the cashier counter. The cashier has the proposed application
on the pc and performs the entry job for the selected items. The system should be capable of doing
all the calculations by computing the bill with discount if any as per the deal or Offer. The cashier
confirms the bill from the customer and prints the report showing detail of all the purchase like
purchase id, time, date, price of individual items, quantity, total amount and the discounted

Stitching or Measurement:
The customer puts order for dress stitching. The tailor master takes the measurement for dress
stitching and provides the detail of measurement to the computer operator for entry using the
proposed application. The customer record is saved with a unique id like mobile or CNIC number. A
registered customer can be searched through this id, where he or she can submit order or can make
some changes in measurement from the tailor master without going through the process of body
measurement for dress. For example remove front pocket, make two side pockets, replace collar
with simple ban, cuff size, button type, shirt/ paint width/ length etc. The information for that id will
be printed on a paper and is attached with the customer dress/ cloths for stitching staff. Also the
order slip is printed for the customer as a receipt to get the dress on delivery date.

The admin or owner should be able to print report about the items purchased, sold, quantity in
hand, total spent amount, total profit. The report can be printed for daily, weekly, monthly and
annual basis.
Also the system should be able to print slip having details:
Customer Information:
Customer ID, Customer Name, Address, Order Date, Mobile Number,
Measurement Information:
Full measurement detail of shirt, Full detail measurement of Paint
Also it should be capable to print receipt for the customer having the following details:
Order date, Delivery Date, Dress type: Double or single stitching, Number or quantity, Amount
The proposed system can be made in two versions: URDU or ENGLISH alphabets interfaces. You can
choose any version or both for your project.

Functional Requirements:
Provide a bulleted list of functional requirements
Portion 1:
Admin log in
Password recovery
Adding various garments and cloths in stock
Providing Add, Delete, update, Search facility

Portion 2:
Admin can add new customer
Adding new order, measurement
Printing bills
Printing measurement slip of order for stitching staff
Displaying all orders, measurements of customers
Viewing detail of a specific item, order of a customer
Updating order, measurements, customers profile

Python, SQLite3, SQL Server, MS Access.

Name: Muhammad Luqman
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