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Workplace Habits
Advocates have pretty tall demands when it comes to a satisfying work environment. Not

only do those with this personality type need to be able to express their creativity and

insight, they also need to know that what they are doing has meaning.

People with this personality type need to know that their work helps people and promotes

their own personal growth. Their work must be in line with their values, principles, and

beliefs all the way.

Oftentimes, the best way for Advocate personalities to achieve this is not to have to

answer to others’ rules at all. Instead, they should strive to be their own boss, neither

above nor below anyone else, just directly interacting with the people and ideas that are

important to them.

Explore Your Type All that being said, Advocates are a clever and inspired group. With a few of the right

conditions, almost any position can be made to work for them.


Strengths & Weaknesses

Advocate Subordinates
Romantic Relationships
As subordinates, Advocates are likely to do poorly with strict rules, formal structures, and
routine tasks. People with the Advocate personality type value cooperation and sensitivity.
Parenthood The more open-minded and personal their manager’s style is, and the more they feel their

Career Paths personal input is considered, the happier they’ll be.

Workplace Habits
Advocates act on their convictions, so when they do something, it’s something that has
Conclusion meaning to them. If those actions come under criticism, especially the unwarranted kind,
Premium Pro!le their morale is likely to tank spectacularly.

A manager’s values need to be in line with the Advocate’s for both sides to work well

together. Though usually idealistic, if their work environment does not line up with their

values, people with the Advocate personality type can become angry and bitter. But if it’s a

balance they can handle, with a little encouragement every now and then, Advocates will

work hard and thrive. People with this personality type are more than capable of handling

tasks and workplace relationships.

Advocate Colleagues
As colleagues, Advocate personalities are likely to become quite popular. They are likely to

be seen as positive, eloquent, and capable friends. Among their greatest strengths is the

ability to identify others’ motives and defuse con!icts and tension before anyone else even

senses a disturbance.

Advocates are likely to place more importance on working together over e"ciency,

encouraging hard work, and helping others when needed. While this is usually a strength,

there is a risk that others will take advantage of Advocates’ desire to get things done.

Coworkers may do this – on purpose or without realizing it – by shifting their tasks onto

their more dedicated Advocate coworkers’ desks.

It should also be remembered that, at the end of the day, Advocates are still Introverts,

and this kind of popularity isn’t always welcome. They will need to step back and act the

lone wolf from time to time, pursuing their own goals in their own ways. An unhealthy

version of this tendency may pop up if Advocates sense that their values are being

compromised by a more ethically relaxed colleague.

Advocate Managers
As managers, Advocates often dislike using their power. Individuals with this personality

type prefer to see those who work under them as equals. They do this by focusing on

coordinating tasks and supervising people, leaving the facts and details to others. They

work hard to encourage others, not to crack the whip.

That’s not to say that people with the Advocate personality type have low standards – far

from it. The Advocates’ sense of equality means that they expect their subordinates to be

as competent, motivated, and reliable as the Advocates themselves.

Advocate managers are sensitive, understanding, and fair, able to appreciate individual

styles and to make accurate judgments about others’ motivations. However, if an

employee’s actions or attitude undermines an Advocate manager’s ethics or values, they

will #nd little comfort in these qualities.

People with this personality type have no tolerance for lapses in reliability or morality. But,

so long as no such lapse occurs, Advocates will work tirelessly to ensure that their

subordinates feel valued and happy.

Career Paths Conclusion

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