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Harshith October 18, 2019

The main objective of my original work is to create a financial report that
would be similar to one that is created by a financial manager. The purpose of
making a report is for me to do a piece of work that a financial manager in the
real world would do, and create a report that can be an aid to investors and
other outside influencers. This financial report will include a horizontal
analysis of the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.
Along with the analysis, I will include visual representations, such as graphs
and pie charts, of the trends observed in the statements. After the analysis
section of the report, I will include a financial risk assessment and
management section that will include different ratios for identifying financial
risk and explanations of them. Similar to the analysis section, I will also
include visual representations of the ratios in the financial risk assessment
and management section of the report. After the assessment, I will come up
with different strategies to either maintain, increase, or decrease the risk
ratios depending on how much risk is present, and how the ratios are
projected to change in the future.

In order to bring my original work to fruition, I will have to go through

various steps. The first step in this process will be the research that has to be
conducted so that I will know what exactly to do while making my report.
Therefore, the different topics that I will have to research and understand are
horizontal analysis, risk analysis, risk ratios and strategies, and how to
identify financial risk. After my research, I will have to obtain a company’s
financial statements for the past 3-5 years and then use horizontal analysis to
analyze them. In order to analyze the statements, I will need to think critically
and be able to identify multiple reasoning behind the trends occurring in each
statement. Following the analysis, I will use the information I gained from the
research on risk to identify any financial risk in any of the statements,
describe it, and then explain strategies to mitigate it. After the risk
assessment and management, I will create all the visual aids of the analysis
and risk ratios that I calculated.

After completing the financial report for my original work, I will have gone
through a similar process that a financial manager would go through at the
0 4acclimated to the workload of a
end of each period. Therefore, I will be more
financial manager and get me ready for the future if I choose to continue
pursuing the career of a financial manager. Hopefully, from this process, I
will improve my analysis skills, be able to identify risk and know
which strategies to use and how to implement them in order to deal
with the risk.All the analysis and the evaluation and management of
risk will exemplify all of the research I will have to do because the way
I analyze and assess and manage risk will be learned from the
research. Also, since this report will be my own analysis and risk
assessment and management, it will be completely original and
exemplify professionalism by following the formatting of other
financial reports. Overall, I envision this report being a useful tool for
investors hoping to invest in a company and to serve as a beginning
step in my path towards becoming a financial manager.