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What Why When Reasons for

What aspect of Human These have the It is possible in Higher rate of
your role do resources enhanced value the entire the skill
you enjoy the management, of continuous process. addition in last
most? skills addition, learning for three months.
training everyone in
conduction and team.
What were In the last six It is achieved in From July 2018 Human
major months, I have the last six to January resources
achievements in controlled my months as it is 2019. management is
the past six anger and highly needed the profession
months? temperament in the market of continuous
issues. The for HR Posts. learning.
reason is
What goals do The next year It will enhance January 2020 to It can
you expect to goals are team the chances for December 2020. accumulate the
accomplish inclusion and professional various chances
during the next open growth. for
year? communication accomplishment
with all my of the rewards
team mates. and key posts.
Did you work No, I did not The reason for January 2019 to Reason for this
as harder you work as harderthe lack of December 2019. is the rational
could have? as I could. working is lack decision for the
of support from next one year.
the external
What are your My major I experienced In the last 4 This will
weaknesses? weaknesses are this in last two weeks. support me in
time projects that led uprooting my
management to the budget weaknesses in
and the stress issues. the future time
management. period.
How to improve I can train This will Next one year. It will also
your weakness? myself for the support me in support in
opposite the professional uproot of
working growth. problems.
What are your My key It has created Year 2019 It can also
strengths? strengths are the support in
encompassing competitiveness overcoming the
the smart in most of the key issues.
working, last projects.
focusing on the
issues to get
their solutions
and team
Did you make No, I have not The reason is The time period It can create the
good use of utilized my the lack of includes the problem
your strength? strengths in the perfection in university management.
effective ways. projects. studies and
Which skills I will develop These skills can The next five It will enhance
would you like the anger overcome the years. professional
to develop? management, need of success growth.
time for entire
management project.
and the stress
How would you I will motivate It will provide The Team
motivate others through easy professional management.
others? team working achievement of life.
and division of tasks.
large goals in
small tasks.