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Ferl Diane S.



1. What do you think are the things you do (unconsciously and consciously) that

makes you feel more empowered?

Feeling empowered helps me to become more aware of myself as a unique

individual. I think the things that I do that makes me feel more empowered are: first,

being true to myself because by this, I can express who and what I really am without

hesitations and without thinking what other people may think. In addition, I am

starting to embrace my true and unique identity as an individual regardless of my

flaws and imperfections and I am not letting circumstances or other people control or

define me and begin to appreciate everything that I am. I also freeing myself from

the anxiety of living up to the expectations of others and taking the full and complete

control and accountability for my own life. Next, I am trying to make positive choices

and set realistic goals because this helps me to stay on track to reach my full

potential as a person and it increases my self-esteem and by knowing that I am able

to accomplish things one at a time. Also, I am becoming more aware of my own

strengths and weaknesses and I am trying to focus on my strengths and on the other

hand, I am trying to work out and overcome my weaknesses and turn it into

strengths to be better equipped to deal with problems and achieve my goals.

Moreover, I am trying to reflect and meditate every now and then because I really

need to take a break from my hectic life to reset and nourish myself and it helps me

to alter the way I see things and have a wider perspective. Furthermore, I am
surrounding myself with people who show me love and respect because having such

kind of people makes me feel good about myself and I am able to forget the

negativities and insecurities that I have in my body. Lastly, I trying to develop this

kind of attitude of knowing my self-value and settling for nothing less for it sifted out

a lot of the nonsense in my life. I have learned to respect myself enough to walk

away from anything that no longer helps me grow or makes me happy.

2. If you were to meet someone who lacks self-empowerment what are the things

you can do to help that person?

I think if I were to meet someone who lack self-empowerment, I would

probably refrain from doing anything that disempowers them or reduces their energy

and enthusiasm for what they are doing. First, I will listen first to him or her because

I know listening intently to a person would make him or her feel comfortable of me. I

will try to make them feel the sense of being important, valuable and worthwhile by

continuous expressions of appreciation for everything that person does and saying

sincere things or compliments. Moreover, I will try to be model the positive character

traits that I believe in because this would help others to take notice and emulate my

words and actions. I will also share this quote to that person, “No one can make you

feel inferior without your consent.” because this quote made me realize that no one

can really belittle me and control me if I do not let it happen in the first place because

if I let others control or define me, my whole life would be a mess because I cannot

be true to myself and I will just continue living up for other people in which does not

help me to love and accept myself more and it is not self-empowering.