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Bajaj IPR Solutions

M-11109, Amrapali Sapphire,

Sector – 79, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Date: 25th May, 2020

Dear Sir,

It will be a great pleasure for us to serve your esteemed organisation in IPR

related works. We are doing these activities for many national/ international
clients for the last 8 years.

We have our in-house team of investigators who are always ready to take up the
assignments and to deliver the results at the earliest possible.

Below mentioned is our fee schedule for the investigation and enforcement
execution related assignments:

Fee Schedule for Investigation and Enforcement Execution

Description Fee in INR

Our professional fee for conducting online 15,000/-

investigation up to 5 different online portals;

Our professional fee for conducting on-ground 25,000/-

investigation against one entity in Delhi;

For any subsequent related entity in Delhi – INR

15,000 per entity.
Our professional fee for conducting on-ground 35,000/-

investigation against one entity outside Delhi;

For any subsequent related entity Outside Delhi –

INR 20,000 per entity.

Fee for conducting the criminal enforcement Will be decided before

action cannot be pre-determined as the same will commencing any action

differ in each case owing to the geography of the and will be documented.

target location.

All out of pocket expenses such as traveling On actuals

charges (in Delhi and outside Delhi), lodging &

boarding expenses, sample purchases, courier
charges etc. will be charged separately.

1. Any government related fees/charges would be paid to service provider

based on original receipt/challan from Government agencies.
2. Payment of government related fees/charges would be done based on
actual supporting from service provider
3. Service Provider will ensure to submit all the supporting & underlining
documents with Invoices
4. Invoice rates should align with the rates in the agreement or written Rate
5. Invoices would have detailed line items with respect to services provided
by Service provider as per agreement
6. Invoice related to any services outside contract would require addendum
of the existing agreement or prior written confirmation from Company.
In case of any query/clarification kindly do not hesitate to contact us on the e-
mail id mentioned above.

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