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Name: Jesus Daniel Rodriguez Lara 1. This is my mteorh, Sandra. Mother
NRC: 640141 2. Alex is Sandra’s habsnud. Husband
3. They have three children, all dretgsahu.
Grammar daughter

1. Add the correct form of live, work or

have to the gaps.  work in, work for
Example: My sister lives in Canada.
Add work for or work in to the gaps.
1. I live in London and I lives a
flat in Paris. Example: I work in a supermarket.
2. Alice is a doctor. She work or in a
hospital. 1. I work in a school.
3. I go to Spain every year. My brother 2. I work in an office.
and his children lives there. 3. I work in Air France.
4. My mother have two jobs – teacher 4. I work in a hotel.
5. I work for Microsoft.
and wife!
5. All my friends work or in London for a
big company.
 Places of work
6. James have in a big house by the
sea. Write the names of the places.
7. He have three sisters.
8. Karen and Mandy haves in a big office.
9. My parents live in a small apartment
in Paris.
10. My friend and I have new cars.

 Numbers 11–20

1. Add the missing number to the gaps. (3 1. An office 2. a hotel

marks) Example: ten eleven twelve
ten eleven twelve
thirteen fourteen, fifteen
sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen
twenty. How old are you? Twenty-one

 Family

Write the family words correctly.

Example: My sno is four years old.

3. office 4. hotel
6. a television / My house / in every room. /
My house has a television in every room

5. hospital 6. Air France

 Have

Write the sentences correctly. (6 marks)


two cats / We / and a dog. / have

We have two cats and a dog.

1. three TVs / I / and two computers. / have

I have three TVs and two computers

2. and / has a / an MP3 player. / The child

/ bicycle
the child has a bicycle and a MP3 player

3. three children / and a dog. / have / My

my friend have three children and a dog

4. or more. / have / Many / five children /

many people have five children or more

5. have / mobile phones. / The boys / two

the boys have two mobile phones