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In humans and certain other animals, we are interested in what genetic traits their ancestors had. A
diagram showing our ancestral lines is called a pedigree or family tree.

In such a diagram, males are represented by squares and females by circles. A square and a circle joined by
a horizontal line represents a marriage (or in animals, a mating). Squares and circles connected to this line
represent offspring.

The squares and circles can be labeled with the names of the people if so desired. There are several
methods that can be used to indicate what trait each person has. If you are doing phenotypes, you can fill
in the shapes with different colors. If you are doing genotypes, clear can be pure (homozygous) recessive,
colored in can be pure (homozygous) dominant and half colored in can be heterozygous dominant. With
genotypes, it is often easier to just write the letters inside the shape. That is what you will do.

If a person's trait in the pedigree is not known, a question mark is usually written inside the shape.

Here is a sample pedigree showing 3 generations:

What are the relationships between…

1 and 5: Mother (1) and Son (5) 1 and 2______________________

1 and 10 _____________________ 4 and 5 ______________________

3 and 5 ______________________ 5 and 8 _____________________

8 and 10 ___________________ __1 and 3 ______________________

Now that you have had a chance to familiarize yourself with a pedigree chart, you will now apply what you
have learned about genetics in the construction of a pedigree for the characters in the “Harry Potter”

Assume that magical ability (m) is a recessive to non-magical ability (M). A person without any magical
abilities is also known as a Muggle. Based on the key and character information please complete the
following problems…
1. If Mr. and Mrs. Weasley are respectively a wizard and a witch (have the magical ability what are their
genotypes? _____________

What are the genotypes of their children? (Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny)____________

Draw a pedigree for the WHOLE Weasley family.

2. Now let’s look at Hermione Granger’s family. Hermione is a witch but her parents are both
muggles. What are the genotypes for the three member of the Granger family?

Mom _______________ Dad____________ Hermione_______

Draw a pedigree for the Granger family.

3. Finally draw a family pedigree of three generations of Harry Potter’s family. Harry is a wizard, his
father, James, was a wizard and his mother, Lily, was a witch. Both of Harry’s dad’s parents had
magical abilities, however, Harry’s mother’s parents did not nor does her sister, Harry’s Aunt,
Petunia. Petunia is married to Vernon Dursley and they have a son, Dudley. None of the Dursleys
have magical powers. Please write the known genotypes below the corresponding individual. For
those who only one allele is known, write the known allele and a question mark.