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ME 421; Heat Transfer Summer 2010

Homework 1

Due June 28, 2010 Dr. Raed Bourisli




Instructions: (100 points)

please show all your work. All class assignments and other announcements will be posted on the class website.

Assignments should be neatly-written, well-organized, correct and concise. To receive full credit

) 1. Answer each of the following questions:


What is the law the governs heat transfer is solids? Write it mathematically, explaining what each term means and its units.


What do you have if you have convection without advection?


What is the difference between surface radiation and irradiation?


What is the fundamental difference between the disciplines of heat transfer and thermodynamics?

2. A temperature difference of 100 C is applied across a 6 cm thick corkboard with thermal conductivity 0.05 W/m-K. Determine the heat transfer rate across a 3-m 2 area in Joules per hour.

3. Your thin computer chip has a power rating of 50 W. It is 5 cm × 5 cm. If heat is removed from the top surface by a flow of air at 30 with a heat transfer coefficient 25 W/m 2 -K, and the bottom can be assumed insulated, what is the temperature of the top surface? At this temperature, is radiation losses significant? Compute the loss of heat by radiation assuming ϵ = 0.7 and T sur = 30 C.

(15 pts ) 4. A glass window of width W = 1 m and height H = 2 m is 5 mm thick and has a thermal conductivity of k g = 1.4 W/m·K. If the inner and outer surface temperatures of the glass are 15 C and 20 C, respectively, on a cold winter day, what is the rate of heat loss through the glass? To reduce heat loss through the window, it is customary to use a double pane construction in which adjoining panes are separated by an air space, If the spacing is 10 mm and the glass surfaces in contact with the air have temperatures of 10 C and 15 C, what is the rate of heat loss from a 1 m × 2 m window? The thermal conductivity of air is k g = 0.024 W/m·K.

(15 pts ) 5. On a very cold day, you decide to go fishing with your friends. As the boat is traveling at 10 knots (5 m/s), you expose your hand to the cold air at 8 C (h = 50 W/m 2 ·K). You feel a little chilly and remember that the gulf water temperature is warmer, namely, 23 C (h = 280 W/m 2 ·K). Assuming your hand surface temperature is 32 C, which would feel colder, the cold stream of air or the warmer gulf water?

6. You are laying on the beach on a hot summer day. The temperature of the surroundings is 50 C. A

fan right on top of you blows cool air at a temperature of 40 C over your body, which has a surface temperature of 42 C. Assume the following:



pts )

pts )


pts )


Your rectangular body has dimensions 175 × 40 × 15 cm.


The sand underneath you at 50 C, which covers your back completely, conducts heat at a rate of 20


c) The heat transfer coefficient is the minimum common value!

d) Your skin has an emissivity of 0.3.

e) Your body generates about 500 W/m 3 from internal metabolic processes.

f) The effects of perspiration can be neglected.

Is your body gaining or losing heat while you’re laying there? Justify your answer and obtain the exact