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Year B
Q 2 #19

The Children’s Daily

Bible Study Guide

A King’s Nightmare
SUNDAY him what he had dreamed, they were to help us, because He knows what
going to be in big trouble. Verse 5. we are thinking. Do you think Satan

I t wasn’t long after Daniel and his

friends were chosen to be among the
But if they would tell him the wants us to do that?
dream and its meaning, he would
wise men of Babylon that something
scary happened. One day, Arioch, the
give them rich rewards. Verse 6.
Satan probably would have told
captain of the king’s guard, came to
tell them that the king had ordered
all the wise men to be killed, and that
those heathen men the dream if he
could have. But he couldn’t. Do you K ing Nebuchadnezzar was talking
to some of his wise men, and they
know why? Satan can’t know what were afraid. They knew they couldn’t
he had come to get them, do what the king was asking.
along with all the others. Daniel 2:7, 8.
What had happened? The king was sure that
The captain told them the men were lying. Maybe
that King Nebuchadnez- he thought they were plan-
zar had dreamed a terrify- ning to just make up a mean-
ing dream. But he couldn’t ing of his dream, and he told
remember the dream nor them that he wasn’t going to
why it had made him so let them fool him. Verse 9.
frightened. He just knew Now the wise men knew
that it was an awful dream they were in trouble. Once
and that it must be very more they tried to tell the
important. Not one of the king that it was impossible
men who were supposed to to tell him what the dream
be so wise had been able to meant unless he told them
help him, and now he was what he had dreamed. They
so angry he had ordered said that none of their gods
that all the wise men be were powerful enough to
killed. help them do what he was
Here is what had hap- asking. Verses 10, 11.
pened: When the king That was true, wasn’t it?
woke up and couldn’t Their idols were worthless.
remember his dream, he But now the king was cer-
thought he knew just what tain that they were lying. In
to do. Daniel 2:1-3. we are thinking. Satan himself didn’t a rage, he ordered that all the wise
The wise men, of course, asked know what the king had dreamed. men be killed—not just those with
the king to tell them the dream. Think: Even though Satan can’t tell whom he was talking. That’s why
Verse 4. for sure what we are thinking, do Arioch had come to get Daniel and
But the king had already said that you think he can tell by the way we his three friends, who had not been
he wanted them to tell him what he act whether we are listening to him with the other wise men when they
had dreamed. They were supposed to or to God? Even when we can’t kneel talked with the king. Verses 12, 13.
be able to do magic things like that, down and pray, we can always talk Think: How would you have felt if
and he told them so. If they didn’t tell to God in our minds and ask Him you had been listening as the cap-
tain told Daniel and his friends The Bible doesn’t tell us how long
about the problem? Would you have they prayed, but we can be sure that
been scared? What would you have they prayed earnestly for help. They
done? knew that only God was able to tell
both the dream and what it meant.
TUESDAY Think: How had Daniel and his
friends already shown that they were

I t looked as if Daniel and his friends

might be killed together with all
the wise men. But did they panic? All
choosing to be loyal to God? Had God
already blessed them for their choice?
How? Do the things we do and say
the other wise men and their families show whether we are choosing to be
must have been terrified. like God and obey His Ten Com-
But Daniel and his friends mandments?
belonged to a God they could trust.
So Daniel, with much risk to him-
self, went to King Nebuchadnezzar to
WEDNESDAY The first thing Daniel did was to
ask for time so he could tell the king
his dream and its meaning. Daniel
D aniel and his three friends didn’t
have long to live unless God
helped them. And they were trusting
tell the king that the gods of the other
wise men really couldn’t tell him his
dream, but that there was a God who
Perhaps the king remembered that God to do what He knew was best. could. Verses 27, 28.
this fine young man standing in front God had already given Daniel a Then, Daniel reminded the king
of him was one of those four super- special gift for understanding impor- that before going to sleep the night he
bright students he had questioned. tant things about the future in dreams had the dream, he had been thinking
Perhaps he wondered if his God was and visions. Daniel 1:17. about what would happen to his king-
really stronger than gods of the other What happened that night after dom after he died. King Nebuchadne-
wise men. So he decided to wait and Daniel and his friends had prayed for zzar was proud of great Babylon. He
see. help? Daniel 2:19. wanted it to last forever. Verse 29.
Daniel hurried back to his friends Daniel’s prayer to thank God is Maybe the king nodded his head as
to tell them that the king had given beautiful. It shows that Daniel knew he listened. That was just what he had
them more time. And they all knew where all true wisdom comes from, been thinking. Now, what about the
that there was only one way that their and that no one should ever be proud dream? We’ll find out tomorrow.
lives could be saved. How thankful of being wise. They should only be Think: Satan can’t always tell what
they must have been that they had very thankful. Verses 20-23. we are thinking, but does God always
chosen to trust our great, powerful Now the time had come for all the know?
God. They knew that He could help wise men to be killed, unless Daniel’s
them if it was in His plan for them.
Verses 17, 18.
God could do something that the
gods of the other wise men couldn’t
do. Their gods hadn’t been able
to tell either the king’s dream or
what it meant. Would Daniel’s
B efore telling the king his dream
and what it meant, Daniel

God be more powerful? Would

He be able to do both? M emory V erse
Yes. God had told Daniel both “Surely the Lord
the dream and its meaning. And
now Daniel told Arioch that he God does nothing,
was ready to tell the king. Verse unless He reveals
Arioch must have been excited His secret to
as he quickly took Daniel to the His servants the
king. Verse 25.
Now the king was excited. prophets.”
Would Daniel really be able to Amos 3:7
help him? Verse 26.
reminded him that God knew his Each part of that amazing image, one, strong kingdom like the
thoughts and had sent him a dream starting at the head, represented others had been.
that would tell what would happen the kingdoms that would be in Then Daniel explained
in the future—all the way from right our world from the time of that the stone that smashed
then until Jesus comes back. God Babylon until Jesus comes back the image to dust repre-
was letting the king know about the the second time. sented God’s kingdom that
only true God, and He wanted him King Nebuchadnezzar must will begin when Jesus
to think about the choices he was have smiled when Daniel comes. It won’t be
making. Daniel 2:29, 30. told him that he was like the other
Then Daniel told the king his that head of gold. But kingdoms. It
dream. As Daniel talked, maybe the then, as Daniel went will be perfect,
king leaned forward, almost hold- on, the king knew and it will last
ing his breath. What was the dream? that the powerful, forever. Verses
Verses 31-35. wonderful king- 44, 45.
How exciting! The dream all came dom of Babylon The king was
back to the king. Everything Daniel wasn’t going to last learning that the God
said was exactly what he had seen, forever. And neither were of heaven was the only
and now he remembered every bit of any of the other kingdoms. true God. What did
it. Of course, he was eager to know Verses 37-43. he say about that after
what it meant. The chest and arms of Daniel finished tell-
But before telling the meaning, silver represented Medo- ing the dream and its
Daniel again reminded the king that it
Persia. The belly and meaning? Verses 46,
is the God of heaven who gives power thighs of bronze repre- 47.
to kings. He had made Nebuchadnez- sented Greece. And the Now that Daniel
zar the head of the most important legs of iron represented had told the dream
kingdom in the world at that time. the Roman Empire. and its meaning, the
Verses 37, 38. After the Roman king didn’t kill the
Think: That dream and its mean- Empire, there would be wise men who hadn’t
ing is very important for us to know several different nations. been able to tell the
about, too. And we need to under- They are represented by dream. And he made
stand even more about it than the the feet of iron and clay. Daniel and his three
king did. Isn’t that exciting? That means that some of friends important offi-
them would be strong like cers in his kingdom.
FRIDAY iron, and some would be
weak like clay. No one
Verses 48, 49.
Think: We are living in

A fter telling the king his dream, would ever be able to

Daniel explained its meaning. make them become
the time of the iron and
clay feet, which means
that it’s almost time for
Jesus to come. Does the meaning of
the king’s dream help you want to be
ready every minute for Jesus’ coming?
That will be like the stone that hit the
feet of the image, and it will end all
the wicked kingdoms in this world.

Further Study
Daniel 2; Prophets and Kings,
ch. 40; The Bible Story, vol. 6,
pp. 15-32.

Two Johns Change Their Minds

Adapted by Amy Sherrard

I t had rained all night;

but as it began to get
light the next morning,
the work he was doing
for Jesus.
Then John, Mary’s
the weather became cold husband, stood up.
again. Then a snowstorm “I’m going to put my
started that lasted more tools away and never
than a week. Finally the use them again to earn
snow stopped falling. But money. From now on I
then it started to rain will work for God only,”
again. “We must go on he promised. The Holy
anyway,” Ellen told the Spirit was there, and
drivers. Jesus gave Ellen some
“Will we be able to cross?” they asked the people visions to encourage them. Before James and Ellen
they met as they drove toward the Mississippi River. left, the believers in Waukon were once again a happy
“No.” “You can’t make it.” “Some people have family of God’s people.
broken through the ice.” “I’d never try it.” Those were John Loughborough kept his promise. He went
the kind of answers they got. back with James and Ellen and worked faithfully for
At the river, the water on top of the ice was a foot Jesus the rest of his life.
deep. “Do we go on to Iowa, or back to Illinois?” the God helped John Andrews get well, and he went
driver asked. back to work, too. The two Johns were faithful, hard
“Go on.” James and Ellen told them. And they workers as long as they lived.
did. Annie Smith and her younger brother, Uriah, were
Carefully the horses went down the bank and onto two more workers for Jesus. Annie was a good writer
the ice under the foot-deep water. Everyone in the and also a poet. She died while she was still young;
sleigh was praying. At every step it seemed that the but before that, she wrote some beautiful hymns that
horses would surely break through the ice. If that would we still sing today. (See our church hymnal.)
happen, they might all drown in the icy water. Uriah was a good worker, too. He wrote several
People on the other side of the river were watch- books that have helped people understand and love
ing; and when at last the horses pulled the sleigh up the Bible. Like the two Johns, he also worked for Jesus
onto the river bank, they all crowded around them. as long as he lived.
They told of other people whose horses and sleighs Did Jesus have many other workers besides James
had broken through the ice. and Ellen White? Oh, yes. We have met only a few
It was Friday, so the tired travelers stayed in a hotel of them.
over Sabbath. By Sunday, the weather had changed By now, Jesus has thousands of helpers. He uses
back to freezing. As they rode along in the sleigh, they everyone who loves Him and wants to be a helper. Do
warned each other about ears, cheeks, and noses that you want to be one of His helpers, too?
were turning white and starting to freeze. (Concluded)
Finally they arrived at Waukon. At first, it seemed
that the believers there were not happy that they had
come. But before long, as James and Ellen spoke at
My Bible First! Copyright © 2007
special meetings with them, their feelings changed. Phone: (877) 242-5317
At one of those meetings, Mary Loughborough Web: • E-mail:
Felt scene p. 4 Little Folk Visuals. Used by permission.
stood up and said, “I was wrong. I have sinned.” And Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture quotations are from the NKJV.
she asked to be forgiven for wanting John to leave