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01 – “The Forgotten Dream”

Materials needed: Small box with rock inside (Make sure the children do not
look in the box ahead of time!) / small bag with wood, metal and stone inside.
Coloring Page Activity: Encourage the children to color this page before the
meeting starts and to write their memory verse on the lines at the bottom of the
Welcome: Good evening, children! I’m so glad to see you tonight! Welcome
to our program! My name is ______ and I __________________. (Introduce
yourself and tell a little bit about yourself.) How many of you are excited for
our program tonight! (Raise your hand.) I am! What is the title of our story
tonight? Let’s read it all together: “The Forgotten Dream.” Before we go on
with our program, let’s do a fun activity together!
Something in the Box: It’s called “Something in the Box!” I have something
in my box and I want you to guess what is inside. If you think you know what
it is, raise your hand and I will call on you. (Let a few children guess what’s
inside.) All right, I’m going to give you some clues to help you know what is
inside my box.

(CLICK) It can be almost any color. /(CLICK) Beaches have it on them. /

(CLICK) Children play with it. Any ideas what my thing might be? (Even if
the children already know what it is, finish the rest of the clues.)

(CLICK) It can break things. / (CLICK) It is very hard. / (CLICK)

Mountains are made from it. So what is in my box? Yes, a rock! (Have the
child who guessed the object come up front, open the box, take out the object
and show it to the rest of the children.)

Rocks are very strong and hard, aren’t they? If you throw a rock into a
window, what will happen? The window will break! That is not something you
should do! Today in our story, we’re going to learn about a rock that hit
something and broke it to pieces. Are you excited for our story today? First,
let’s sing together!

Song Service: Tonight we’re going to learn wonderful things from a

wonderful book – the most wonderful book in all the world! Who can tell me
what the most wonderful book in all the world is? Yes, it’s the Bible! Why is
this book so special? Because the words in this book are Jesus’ words to us.
Every word that Jesus says is always true. I can believe every word that I read
in my Bible. (CLICK to make the music start.) Song: Thy Word is truth…

The Bible is like a lamp to us. Without the Bible we can’t know Jesus very
well. The Bible is like a lamp because it helps us to see Jesus more clearly and
get to know Him better. Let’s sing about the Bible being a lamp. (CLICK)
Song: Thy Word is a lamp…
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01 – “The Forgotten Dream”
Only Jesus knows what will happen tomorrow, or next week, or next year.
Those things are called God’s “secrets”. When Jesus wants us to know what
will happen next year or in many years, He tells that secret to His special
helpers called prophets. The prophets then tell us what God showed them.
Let’s sing the song that tells us this. (CLICK) Song: Surely the Lord God…
Tonight we are going to learn about a stone that smashed this image. The
stone then became a mountain and filled the whole earth. Let’s sing about this
stone. (CLICK) Song: The Stone that hit the image…

In the Bible we have this wonderful promise! Jesus said, “I will come again.”
Our friend Jesus lives in heaven now, but He has promised that He will come
back to this earth again, and then He will take us to live with Him where He is.
Let’s sing this promise. (CLICK) Song: I will come again…

Jesus, the God in heaven is a mighty God who can do anything! With Him
nothing is impossible! (CLICK) Song: For with God…

Announcements: Every night, we will have announcements during this time.

During our program, we have 4 rules. What are they? Let’s read them together:
Stay in the room. Do not go out. Why? Because if you go out during the
story, you will miss some important part of what Jesus is trying to teach you.
So stay in here during the story.

If you need to use the CR, kindly do so before the program starts or after the
story is finished. What is the next one? Be quiet. Listen attentively. Do not
talk to your seatmate while the teacher is speaking.

If you are noisy and not listening to the teacher during the story, what will
happen? Let’s read it together: Your ID will be removed. If your ID is
removed, then what? No ID = No Craft. Any child who does not have an ID
will be allowed to do a craft at the end of the story. So if you want to do a
craft, be sure to listen quietly during the story!

One more thing. You will really enjoy our program, so be sure to bring your
friends tomorrow night! And lastly, stay in your assigned group. If you are
assigned in the “apple” (or whatever fruit group you have) group, be sure to
stay there and not roam around to other groups. (Add any other announcements
you wish.)
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01 – “The Forgotten Dream”

Our next story will be: Something from Nothing! Can you make something
from nothing? No, we can’t! Only Jesus can do that! Come back tomorrow
night, and we’ll find out how Jesus made things from nothing! And bring your
friends with you!

Prayer Song: Every night, before we pray, we will sing this song. (CLICK)
Song: Lord, teach us to pray…

How do we pray, boys and girls? We fold our hands, close our eyes and be
very quiet. No talking to each other. (Do not pray until the children are quiet.
If you go ahead and pray, you are teaching the children disrespect for prayer.)

Prayer: (Have the children follow after you.) Dear Father in heaven, we thank
you so much for bringing each of us here tonight to study from your Word.
Please be with us tonight and help us to understand. Thank you for hearing and
answering our prayer. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Now it’s time to begin our Bible story, and I will kindly request that everyone
be quiet! (Do not proceed to the story, until the children are quiet. Insist they

Bible story – Part I: Tonight we will have a very interesting story! It’s called,
“The Forgotten Dream.”

But first, I have some questions for you! Are you ready for my questions?
(Pause for a moment.)

How many of you slept last night? (Raise your hand.)

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01 – “The Forgotten Dream”

How many of you had a dream last night? (Raise your hand again.) And how
many of you can remember your dream?

How many of you have you ever had a dream that was so scary it woke you up
and you couldn’t sleep anymore?

Did you know that Jesus often uses a dream to tell us something important?
Of course, Jesus isn’t telling you something important every time you have a
dream. But He does use dreams to speak to people. Some of Jesus’ most
important messages have come to people in dreams!

The Bible tells us an interesting story about a King who had a very important
dream. King Nebuchadnezzar was the great king of Babylon. He was very,
very rich. He was also very powerful. He made the laws and rules and all the
people in the whole world had to obey the rules that King Nebuchadnezzar

There was a time when King Nebuchadnezzar was thinking thoughts like this,
“My kingdom is so powerful. I wish it would always rule the world! I wonder
if my kingdom of Babylon will rule the world forever?”

And during the time that he was thinking these thoughts, one night as he went
to bed and fell asleep, what do you think he had? Yes, he had a dream! Jesus
gave King Nebuchadnezzar this dream to tell him something important, but
the King didn’t know that!

The king’s dream was so startling that it woke him up and he couldn’t sleep
anymore. He knew he had just had a very important dream! He thought and
thought, but he just could not remember what he had dreamed! Has that ever
happened to you?

The dream was like a big secret! He wanted to know that secret!! How could
he find out what he had dreamed? Now he had a big problem!! What should
he do? Have you ever had a problem? What do you do when you have a
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01 – “The Forgotten Dream”
Whenever I have a problem, I take time to pray and talk to my friend, Jesus—
who lives in heaven. He always hears me and He always helps me! With Him
nothing is impossible. And boys and girls, you can do the same. Jesus loves to
have boys and girls talk to Him! He loves to help boys and girls with all their
problems – tiny, little problems, or great big problems!
But King Nebuchadnezzar didn’t know Jesus, and he didn’t know how to pray
to Jesus. He prayed to different gods – to idols. Illustration: I have a small
bag here with some things inside it that the idols were made of. I need a
volunteer. Who will come and help me? (Choose a child.) Don’t peek. Just
reach into my bag and pull out one thing. One thing only. What is it?

Yes, a stone! If you prayed to something made of a stone like this, could it hear
you? Could it help you? No, it couldn’t! I need another volunteer! (Choose
another child to come up front.) Come and pick out something else from my
bag. What is it?

Yes, wood! If you prayed to an idol made out of wood, could it hear you? No!
Could it help you? No! I have one more thing in my bag. Who else wants to
come and pick out an item? (Choose another child.) What is it?

Yes, metal! If you prayed to a god made out of metal (like the nails), could it
hear you? No! Could it help you? No!

And so it was impossible for the gods to whom the king was praying to tell
him his dream. How could he find out what he had dreamed?

Suddenly the king thought of something. “I know! I’ll call my wise men,” he
decided. “They’ve told me that their gods can tell me any secret I need to
know. I’m sure they can tell me what I dreamed!”

So the king called for his wise men, and soon they stood before him. “I’ve
dreamed a very important dream,” said the king, “but I can’t remember what I
dreamed. I want you wise men to tell me the dream, and then tell me what the
dream means.”
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01 – “The Forgotten Dream”
The wise men were very surprised. “O, king,” they said, “you’re asking us to
do something impossible. No one has ever asked us to tell them what they
dreamed. But please, o King, you tell us the dream and we’ll tell you what it
means.” “That’s impossible,” said the king. “I’ve forgotten my dream.
Besides, you told me that your gods could tell me any secret I needed to know.
Now I know you were lying to me!”
“You must tell me what I dreamed,” demanded the now angry king. However,
it was impossible for those men or their gods to tell the king his dream. Why
couldn’t the wise men tell the king what he had dreamed? Why couldn’t their
gods tell the king the dream?

Because the gods the wise men prayed to were idols made of wood, or stone or
metal. It was impossible for those gods to tell the wise men what the king
had dreamed. Who only could tell the king his dream? Only Jesus, the God in
heaven could. To whom does Jesus tell His secrets? To his servants the
prophets! The king needed a prophet of God to help him. Was there a prophet
of God in Babylon, who could tell King Nebuchadnezzar what he had
Before we find that out, let’s stand and sing together the Bible verse that talks
about Jesus telling his secret to the prophets. (CLICK) Song: Surely the Lord

Let’s continue with the story, but I will kindly request that everyone be quiet!
(Do not go on until the children are quiet.)

Because the wise men couldn’t tell King Nebuchadnezzar his dream, he was
now very angry with them. He commanded his soldiers to gather all the wise
men from Babylon, and put them to death.

Daniel and his three friends, who prayed to the true God in heaven, were also
wise men living in Babylon. Daniel hadn’t heard about the king’s dream and
so he was very surprised when the King’s captain, Captain Arioch, came to his
house with this message, “The King has given orders that you and all the wise
men in Babylon must be put to death.”

“Why?” asked Daniel. “What is the problem?” Captain Arioch then told
Daniel the story of the king’s perplexing dream and how his wise men in
whom he had trusted couldn’t tell him his dream.
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01 – “The Forgotten Dream”

Right then God gave Daniel a brave idea. God gave Daniel courage to go to
King Nebuchadnezzar. “King Nebuchadnezzar,” begged Daniel, “before you
put the wise men to death, please give me a little bit of time that I might ask
my God, the God in heaven, to show me what you dreamed.”

The king agreed to give Daniel a little bit of time. That was very brave of
Daniel, wasn’t it? Would you have been as brave as Daniel was? We can be
as brave as Daniel was when we pray to Daniel’s God! Who is that God?

It is our friend, Jesus, the God in heaven. He is the one who made our world,
and who loves and cares for you and me.

Daniel called his three friends and together they prayed. They asked Jesus to
show them what the king had dreamed. Did Jesus hear their prayer? Did He
answer their prayer? Oh, yes!

That night, while Daniel was sleeping, what do you think he had? He had a
dream! Jesus showed Daniel what King Nebuchadnezzar had dreamed and
what the dream meant!

The first thing Daniel did the next morning was to say “thank you” to Jesus for
answering his prayer. And boys and girls, Jesus will also answer your prayers
just like He answered Daniel’s prayer!

Next Daniel found Captain Arioch and said, “Please take me to the king. I want
to tell him what he dreamed.” King Nebuchadnezzar asked Daniel, “Can you
tell me what I dreamed?” Daniel answered, “Oh, king, no man can tell you what
you dreamed. The wise men can’t tell you what you dreamed. I can’t tell you
your dream. I don’t have that wisdom.” Who only can tell dreams or secrets?

Let’s read it all together: “There is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets.”
Daniel 2:28 Daniel said, “Only Jesus, the God in heaven can tell secrets, and
He showed me what you dreamed.”
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01 – “The Forgotten Dream”

So what did the king dream? How many of you would like to know what the
king dreamed? (Raise your hand.) Alright, let’s find out! This is what Daniel
began telling King Nebuchadnezzar:

(The video will start automatically. Time your narration to coincide with the
video images.) “You, O King, saw a great image. The head of the image was
of gold . . .the chest and arms were of silver. . . the belly and thighs were of
brass . . . the legs were of iron . . . And the toes were of iron mixed with clay.
A large stone struck the image on the feet and broke it into pieces. The stone
then grew bigger and bigger until it became a great mountain and filled the
whole earth.”
What an amazing dream! Let’s stand and sing together our song about the
image. (CLICK) Song: The stone that hit the image…

Quiz time: Now it’s time for a quiz!

Here are the different metals of the image. There are only a few and I think
you can learn them very quickly! I will give you 30 seconds to learn the
different metals and then I’ll see if you can remember which metal each piece
was made of. (Allow 30 seconds to go by.) Ok, time is up! Are you ready?

What metal is this? Yes, it’s gold!

What metal is this? Good, it’s silver!

What metal is this? You’re right! Brass! (Continue on with rest of the quiz.)
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01 – “The Forgotten Dream”

Memory Verse: When you see this picture every night, it means that it’s time
to learn a verse from the Bible. We call this a memory verse.

Let’s say it together: “Thy word is truth.” John 17:17.

The Bible says, “Thy Word is” what? I will read these words and stop when I
come to a blank. I want you to tell me the word that should be in this blank.
“Thy Word is________ (truth).” We can have confidence, because if God says
it, we know it is true. Say this verse again with me: “Thy Word is truth.”
John 17:17.

Now what is truth? Yes, “Thy _____ (Word) is truth.” Where do we find
God’s words? In the Bible! The Bible is the only Book that is totally true,
because God is the author. Say this verse again with me: “Thy Word is
truth.” John 17:17.

Now all of the words are missing and let’s see if we can say it now: “Thy
Word is truth.” John 17:17. (Repeat as needed.)

Now let’s say it without any help: “Thy Word is truth.” John 17:17. (Repeat
as needed.)

Now let’s sing our memory verse! (CLICK) Song: Thy Word is truth…

We will continue with the story, but I will kindly request that everyone be
quiet! (Do not go on with your story until the children are quiet.)
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01 – “The Forgotten Dream”

Bible Story – Part II: After describing the dream to the king, Daniel said with
confidence, (emphasize this) “This is the dream!” The king now remembered
his dream. Every detail came back to his mind and he knew that what Daniel
was telling him was right. But the question is, “What does the dream mean?”

What do each of these metals mean? And what does the rock that came and
smashed the image on the feet mean? Would you like to know what this
dream means? Since Jesus gave the dream, He’s the one that can tell us what
it means. This is what Jesus in the Bible says:

Let’s read this all together: “You are this head of gold!” Daniel 2:38. Jesus
said that King Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom of Babylon was this head of gold!

Each metal piece in this image means one kingdom that ruled the whole world.
What does each metal mean? One kingdom that ruled the whole world. In this
dream Jesus was showing King Nebuchadnezzar that his kingdom would not
rule the world forever!

Jesus said the kingdom of Babylon would be the (CLICK) 1st kingdom that
would rule the whole world. Then a 2nd kingdom (CLICK) would rule the
whole world. Next a 3rd kingdom (CLICK) would rule the whole world, and
finally a 4th kingdom (CLICK) would rule the whole world.

Would you like to know the names of these four kingdoms? Here they are. The
first kingdom of gold was called Babylon.

The 2nd kingdom of silver was called Medo-Persia.

The 3rd kingdom of brass was called Greece.

Page 11
01 – “The Forgotten Dream”

The 4th kingdom of iron was called Rome. What happened after the 4th
kingdom of Rome ruled the world for many years? Did a 5th kingdom next
rule the world?

This is what Jesus tells us happened next. Let’s read it all together: “The
kingdom shall be divided.” Daniel 2:41.

The 4th kingdom, this iron kingdom of Rome was divided into many
kingdoms. But into how many kingdoms was it divided?

That’s what these toes tell us. Let’s count the toes and see how many there
are. (Count them with the children.) There are 10 toes. So Rome was divided
into 10 different kingdoms. These 10 toe kingdoms are still in our world today.
We are living in this time! But will these 10 toe kingdoms always be here in
the world? No! When will they no longer be here?

They will be no more when the rock comes! But who is that rock and what
does that rock mean? This is what the Bible tells us:

Let’s read it all together: “That rock was Christ.” 1 Corinthians 10:4.
Christ in the Bible is another name for Jesus. So who is this rock? This rock
is Jesus, the mighty God in heaven!

Now, during the time these toe kingdoms are here on this earth is when the
rock – Jesus, the God in heaven, will come back and set up His kingdom.
Someday, Jesus’ kingdom will rule this whole earth—not just for a few short
years, but forever and ever!

Appeal: (Be sure to memorize this part.) In Jesus’ kingdom no one will ever be
sad. No one will ever cry. No one will ever be hungry. No one will ever be
sick and no one will ever die. Instead all will be happiness and peace forever.
I want to be part of Jesus’ kingdom that will rule forever, don’t you? How
many of you want to be part of Jesus’ kingdom? (Raise your hand.) Good!
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01 – “The Forgotten Dream”

Jesus promised us, “I will come again.” He will soon come in the clouds of
heaven, and then we can live with Him forever. Let’s sing this promise.
(CLICK) Song: I will come again…

Prayer: Let’s pray together. (Have the children follow after you.) Dear
Heavenly Father, thank you for the promise that Jesus is coming soon. Please
help us to be ready. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Craft – Cover: Each night you come here, you will be receiving a craft and
soon will have enough pages to make a book – your book of crafts. This is the
cover page and all the other pages you will get will go behind this page. Color
the picture nicely. (CLICK) Paste the Bible there on the right-hand corner on
the bench. (CLICK) Paste the heart in the middle of the window on the door.
(CLICK) Paste Jesus beside the door, since He’s is knocking at the door.
(CLICK) The two strings are to be tied at the top two holes to hold all the next
pages. (CLICK)

Craft – Daniel 2: Tonight you have 2 crafts! This is the one for the topic we
did tonight. Color the page nicely. (CLICK) Then paste the head of gold here.
(CLICK) Paste the chest of silver here. (CLICK) Paste the midsection of brass
here. (CLICK) Paste the legs of iron here. (CLICK) Paste the feet of iron and
clay here. (CLICK) Then tie this page into your cover book. Remember to
always trust the Bible!
Good night, children! Thank you for coming! See you tomorrow along with
your friends! God bless and keep you! 