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The universe is a huge space filled with Stars and Planets. The Path in which planets revolve around the
sun is divided into 12 parts taking the sun as the center. Each part is termed as Rasi or Zodiac sign in
Vedic Astrology. A circle is normally divided into 360 degrees for the purpose of ease of calculation. Each
Rasi is therefore equal to 30 degrees.

The 12 zodiac signs are 1. Mesha or Aries 2. Rishaba or Taurus 3. Mithuna or Gemini 4. Kataka or Cancer
5. Simha or Leo 6. Kanya or Virgo 7. Thula or Libra 8. Vruchika or Scorpio 9. Dhanur or Sagittarius 1o.
Makara or Capricorn 11. Kumba or Aquarius 12. Meena or Pisces.

Even though Sun is a star, for the ease of calculation Sun is treated like a planet and the earth”s
revolution around the sun is treated as sun’s travel around the earth. The moon is only a satellite planet.
But because of its proximity to earth and its magnetic effect on earthly object and living beings, Moon is
also treated as a planet in Vedic astrology.

The symbol allotted to each Zodiac sign or Rasi also has reasons. Each Zodiac sign has certain characters
or qualities and control certain functions. The characters of the natives born when the moon is in a
certain Zodiac sign or Rasi are connected with the Character or qualities attributable to that Zodiac.
Illuminating celestial bodies in sky which are stationary are called as constellations. If they are mobile
they are called planets. Constellations are clusters of stars. Stars continue to blink whereas the glow of
planets is constant. Stars illuminate with their own light. Planets illuminate with the light of sun.

In Indian vedic astrology importance has been given to 9 planets. 1. Sun or Surya 2. Moon or Chandra 3.
Mars or Mangal 4. Mercury or Budha 5. Jupiter or Guru 6. Venus or Sukra 7. Saturn or San 8. Dragon’s
head or Rahu 9. Dragon’s tail or Ketu.

Sun or Surya Moon or Chandra Mars or Mangal Mercury or Budh

Jupiter or Guru Venus or Shukra Saturn or Shani Solar System

The twelve zodiac signs are ruled by the planets in the following manner:

• Sun governs zodiac Leo

• Gemini or Virgo which are governed by Mercury
• Taurus & Libra are governed by Venus
• Cancer is governed by Moon
• Mars governs zodiac Aries and Scorpio (Element water)
• Sagittarius Element fire is governed by Jupiter
• Saturn governs zodiac Capricorn and Aquarius.

Rahu and Ketu do not represent any particular sign. According to astrologers, Rahu rules Aquarius and
Ketu recommendations Scorpio. Rahu is categorized a affiliate of Saturn while Ketu is known as a
negotiator of Mars. In other conditions it can be said that these shadow planets provide outcome
comparable to that of the planets of which they are the representatives.
What are Rahu and Ketu?
In Indian vedic astrology Rahu & Ketu have been considered as planets but they do not have any physical
existence. They are imaginary planets (Chaayaa Graha) They are always considered to be retrograde that
is moving in anti-clockwise direction and always combust. Moon always revolves around the earth and
the earth along with the moon revolve around the sun. Moon while revolving around the earth intersects
earth’s circumference on two points. That is the orbit of earth and moon intersects each other on two
points. One point is called Rahu and the other is called Ketu. Rahu’s motion is seen going from bottom to
top and is called Ascending Node. Ketu is seen going from top to bottom and is the descending node.

Remember the earth is not part of the nine planets. But the orbit of earth is recognized as the orbit of Sun
(from the point of view of relative motion) This is called the Ecliptic. Moon while revolving around the sun
intersects the ecliptic at two points making an angle of 5 degrees. This is termed as celestial Latitude.

There is a famous mythological concept in Hinduism. While churning the divine see (Ksheera sagara) a
demon secretly drank the elixir (amirtha) and became immortal. Indra the head of the Devas became
angry and cut the demon” s head off his body. But the demon was already immortal. The body was termed
as Ketu and the head as Rahu. Rahu and Ketu are always running after the Sun and Moon because the Sun
and the Moon revealed to Indra, the fact that the demon drank the elixir.


Certain temples in India are dedicated to different planets and people worship the Lords of these planets
for getting remedies from various difficulties in life. Some people consider that it is unnecessary because
many unscrupulous people are taking advantage of innocent public, and these temples have been made
famous by some unscrupulous astrologers and news media. Their contention is that worshipping Lord Siva
or Narayana is enough and there is no need to worship the planets which are all under the power of Lord
Shiva or Lord Narayana. My argument is that Hinduism is the only religion that allows you to worship the
almighty in any form or shape. This makes it easier for people to come nearer to God. If you have a
problem with your water meter you will only approach the water department officer and not the Prime
Minister of the country. Just because there are some unscrupulous Godmen, you can not say the whole
religion is bad. If we exercise proper care no one can cheat us. If it gives us solace, there is nothing wrong
in worshipping any form of power. To be Continued in Lesson 3