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‫شـــــــركـة مصــــــر للصيانــــــــــــة‬

‫إحدى شركات قطاع البترول‬

Egyptian Maintenance Co.

Fuel Oil Chiller operation
- Introduction
The fuel tank capacity is 15000 Liter and is used for 8 hour rated continues operation

The fuel oil temperature shouldn’t be high To Avoid Excessive Heat during Compression inside the

So we use Oil Chiller to cool down the Fuel Oil to reach to max 30˚C

Construction of Chiller

- Compressor 15HP used for R-407 Refrigerant compression ( Main Compressor )

- Two cooling Fan On Condenser 750 W Each
- Evaporator as plate Exchanger to Exchange Temperature Between Inlet Fuel Temp and Outlet
- Control Panel and Instrumentation

Main Idea
The Compressor Begin To Compress the R-407 and transferred as Vapor State To condenser Which
transfer Vapor To Liquid State then to the Plate Exchanger To Exchange Temp from High to Lower
temperature from Inlet to outlet fuel oil
‫شـــــــركـة مصــــــر للصيانــــــــــــة‬
‫إحدى شركات قطاع البترول‬
Egyptian Maintenance Co.

Control Panel Operation Philosophy

A- The Panel Can Be Operate in Auto or Manual Mode through Selector Auto Manual

Auto Mode

The Operation Is Depend on the outlet Temperature ETC 2 If Greater Than 30˚C it Will Operate
automatically after 10 Sec and Stop Only When the outlet temperature less than 30

Manual Operation

Doesn’t depend On the Temp controller as Selector on Manual only

Normal and Healthy Observation

1- Relay CR1 energized (if Not check PB1 pushbutton) as this is Run Relay and the Indicator not shown
any indication

2- Relay CR2 Energized Trip Relay (No any one of following)

- No Trip as OC on Compressor 51CM

- No Trip as OC on any Fan 51CF1,51CF2
- No Over Temperature on Compressor MP10 ( Reset from Compressor Side inside Automatically )
- NO HP1 Trip from Pressure Switch on Compressor 26 Bar or Greater HP1( Reset from Compressor
Side Manually ) Check Gauge HPG ( HVAC Team To Check may Be problem in Solenoid Valve or
….ETC )

3- Timer T1 is Energized and output activated 60 Sec LP in line at least 2or less bar on return Line
Check gauge LPG

4- ETC1, 2 on and Observed Temp inlet and outlet

5- Power Lamp ON WL

6- Buzzer Switch ON and No Buzzer

7- Alarm Lamp OFF

Finally Any Trip Should Be Checked to be one of above and Can be Investigated

Notice There is One Contact is to be reversed on Scheme to Be NO instead of NC for CR2