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Supplier: CWBD Audit Date: 19-21 Jun 2018

Lead Auditor: Neelakantan KS, QEHS Manager Audit Location: Gimhae
Audit Criteria: API Q1 9th Ed. & ISO 9001:2015 Audit Scope: QMS and Product Realization Processes


1. The work order is deficient to give the instructions for product control and acceptance criteria and they
are extremely operator dependent. The work orders primarily include the plate and final pipe dimensions
and they do not provide the control points or refer work instructions for each manufacturing operation.
The operators refer the work instruction at each work station for the selection of parameters.
2. Wrong submerged arc welding (SAW) wire used in the root welding. The WPS# CW-SA-081 requires KD-
60 (Kiswel 4.0mm), whereas actual root welding wire used was KD-50 (Kiswel 4.0mm). Evidenced
welder’s report for pipe number 18-2-F-004.
3. At welding stations, the SAW flux stored in the holding ovens did not identify the flux grades.
4. The SAW machine is not calibrated being used for seam welding. Evidenced the calibration of voltmeter
and ammeter, not the entire system for sl # 0196084968.
5. Preventive maintenance schedule of production equipment is not available and equipment are not
identifiable with unique numbers.
6. Validation of pipe forming process is not available.
7. The reference standard given in the API 5L specification for the Digital Radiography was not include in the
8. CWBD’s QC Inspectors are not qualified in NDT methods since it is outsourced for independence in
compliance with local regulation. Hence the review of NDT procedure, NDT reports, verifying the
calibration and witnessing of NDT method is lacking.
9. The UT calibration blocks conforming to the API 5L are not available at the CWBD facility to validate
the ultrasonic test method, and it was said that they are available with the NDE Vendor.
10. At final inspection, the measuring tapes are used for measurement the length, ovality and diameter.

1. Internal or external calibration of optical emission spectrometer is not available. CWBD is
recommended to establish a system for the calibration.
2. The pipe outside circumference (OD) measurement is taken with normal measuring tapes. It is
recommended to use the Pi-Tape gages.
3. The calibration certificate and label on pressure testing gauges shows on provide 12 months interval.
Tough it has been done every 4 months, the certificate and label shall show the actual frequencies.

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4. The master list of monitoring and measuring equipment calibration is not up to date. The actual
frequency for laser meter (Bosch sl.# 1712198132) stated in the master list as 1 year but actual
frequency noted in the instrument label was 2 years.
5. The UT calibration blocks were not traceable and the calibration and identification details are not

6. The calibration of the digital radiography system is not available. It is recommended to establish the
procedures for digital radiographic system calibration, frequencies, the training and certification of
personnel as recommended by the manufacturer.

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