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Select a service organization of your choice or the one you patronize and write a detailed case
on that service organization / or a particular service product. You may include

 A brief history, when was it founded , a little about the founders.

 Vision and mission of the service organization
 Its present market share, growth and brand valuation
 Different service products offered by the organization
 Choose a service product and discuss the competitive strategic decisions taken by the
organizations around its 7 p’s
 Discuss the chosen target market. Draw and explain the perceptual map showing the
competitive position of the service product of your choice vis -a -vis the competitors in
that industry.
 Draw the servsuction model
 Identify the core product and its supplementary services. Compare it with the competing
service companies/ products.
 Prepare the blueprint
 Analyse the design dimensions of service and suggest changes if required to better
design and manage the services
 Discuss the key measures used for monitoring service quality, productivity and
 Suggestions and recommendation for future growth of the firm.
For students with an entrepreneurial bent an alternative to writing a short case could be the
preparation of a proposed design for a new service.
 Environmental Analysis
 Identify the target market and positioning
 Discuss each element in the service concept.
 Prepare a blue print of your service process
 Articulate a competitive strategy.
 Prepare a financial pro-forma statement.


Identify services that have been negatively affected due to C0VID19. Conduct a qualitative
survey capturing the perceptions of such service providers from a specific industry. Capture
how new technologies/digital tools/social media are being used by them to adapt their business
models. Analyse the data collected and provide recommendations and implications of your
 Introduction
 Identify the objective
 Why qualitative study
 Interview guidelines
 Data analysis…themes and codes.
 Interpretation
 Annexure 1: Audio files of the interviews(conduct 5 minimum)
 Annexure 2: Audio files transcribed into word file ad-verbatim