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Day 3: olive oil tour

Mar Touma and beit zejd in akkar:

The Akkar olive oil trail begins in the small village of Mar Touma.
Drive along the main road from the town of Tripoli towards the
Akkar region. After about 28km you will reach the crossroad of
Berkayel. Continue for around 400m, then turn right at the signpost
for Mar Touma, just after a petrol station. , you will notice a sign
after 800m, indicating the village’s first modern olive oil press
completed in 2010. Here, you can stroll through the nearby olive

Return to the same road and take a right turn to the villages of Deir
Dalloum, Zouk el Moukashrine., you will come across a traditional
olive oil press on the right hand side of the road. Farmers from
across the country come to process their oil at this communal press.
A short walk from here, on the same side of the road, an old stone
wheel previously used for pressing, is on display.
Depart from Beirut hotel at 8:00am by bus 1h 30min about 45km

Arrival to mar touma at 9:45 am

 raditional breakfast upon arrival to the village. At 10:00 am

 Private tour of touma orchard and production facility 10:30 till

 Tour in haddara old olive oil pressing and the olive oil
pressing process 11:00 till 11:30
 Lunch at the proprietors house including homemade specialty
dishes from the village 11:30 till 12:00
 Tour to the wilderness of the olives trees for the harvest process, where you
will be participating in that experience. Once done and olives are collected, we
will head back on foot with the pickjed olives 12:15 to 12:45
 A unique personalized olive oil bottle upon departure from the
village and pictures
 Departe from touma after taking pictures at 1:00pm

Beit zejid
 zejd, (“oil” in ancient Phoenician), highlights the rich historical background of
the Lebanese oleic traditions related to its Phoenician origin
 olive oil tasting unveiling secrets of using olive oil and storing at 2:00 till 3:00
in village oldest shopes
 social gathering at 2:45 till 4:00 at zejid house cocktail with wine and specialty
tapas bites to create a communal ambiance, sharing stories and information
about food and social chitchat.
 Lunch in zejid house at 4:30 olive oil food and local cuisine , saj village food
 Souvenirs, olive oil and olive pack pack will be given upon finishing the tour
and pictures of various activities
 Departure from beit zejid at 5:00 after collecting the gifts and pictures
 Arrive to the hotel at 6:00 pm 1h drive (58km) clear road