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1º BACHILLERATO 4th week: Tuesday 14th- Saturday 18th April

2020 BY: Daniel González Delgado 1ºHUD

Hi. I hope you had a relaxing time last week!

This activity is in your dossier but I´ve prepared all the exercises in this document-word so that you can
do it here. I send to you the original (coloured pages) just in case you don´t have the dossier with you at
home, and study the vocabulary and phrases on it. I also attach the video-session to watch and do the
second part (page 30 in your dossier). The deadline for these exercises is Saturday 18 th.

First part: ( page 29 ) Language extension
1.- Which geographical features can you see in the photos? Which place would you prefer to visit and
-In the picture "A", I can see a mountain / a park.
-In the picture "B", I can see a a beach / the ocean / the sea.
-In the picture "C", I can se a waterfall / a lake.
I would prefer to visit a mountain because because I like dry and I don't like the water like the beach or
the waterfall.
2.- Categorize the adjectives from the Phrase bank:
Places weather
a waterfall / a lake hot and humid
a mountain / a park cold, wet and windy
green spaces a hot, tropical country
countryside charming
a beach / the ocean / the sea
stunning / beautiful landscape
spectacular views
rolling green hills
a suburb / a small town
truly magnificent
rural / urban
4.- Complete the sentences with geography words from the Phrase bank:
1. Although Scotland has lots of green hills, the highest moutain is only 1344 m.
2. Axbridge in Somerset is peaceful and quiet. However, it can be boring for young people.
3. My flights to Jamaica were expensive but it was worth it because the landscape was truly charming
and the people were great.
4.Although it was a little cold, we went swimming outside in the beach.
5.My dad has seen many great places but he thinks Machu Picchu is the most beautiful. It´s a very
ancient countrysite in Peru.
6. There aren´t many spectacular views in my town. However, there is a small park near our house.
5.- Write sentences about where you live using: although, and, but, however.
I live in Tenerife that is a quiet place and also it has green places.
Where I'm live is a little boring, but you can enjoy the spectacular views. Althought is so crowded
Second part: Video-session
Before watching:
1.- Match the photos to the places:
New Zealand b- London a India c Hawaii d Venice f Hong Kong h Peru e
Watch the video:
2.- Underline the correct alternatives. Who said each sentence?
1. I live in a suburb in North London and the thing I don´t like about it / the thing I like about it is that
all the houses look the same. Katie
2.I like really the fact that/ I really like the fact that it´s peaceful, quiet, tranquil. Matthew
3.However / Although, it can get a little bit boring sometimes. Matthew
4.The amazing thing most about / The most amazing thing about Victoria Falls is the size of the
waterfall, the sound and the spray that comes off the water. Becky
5.I went to Poland once and I very much didn´t like it / I didn´t like it very much. The weather was cold,
wet and windy. Matthew
6.I don´t like big cities because I don´t like crowded places. I much prefer / prefer a lot the countryside
because it´s quiet and peaceful. Cameron

3.- Which places does each speaker mention?

New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, etc,
4.- Complete the speakers´ reasons for visiting different places.
1. The most beautiful place I´ve ever been is the Lake District because it has such a wide variety of
2.I´d love to travel to Indonesia and South-East because it seems like a completely a completely
different culture to Europe.
3. I´d really love to travel to Hawaii because I think it´s got the most beautiful beaches and it seems like
like a really magical place.
4.I´d love to travel to India because the culture seems fascinating and the people also seem friendly and
5.It seems like a fascinating country with amazing natural beauty.
6. I would like to live somewhere rutal with the ocean nearby, here in Britain probably, somewhere like
Somerset or Devon.
5.- Pronunciation: Unvoiced letters: We don´t pronounce the letter ‘s’ in the word ‘island’. Which letter
is unvoiced in the following words? Underline them!
building – foreign – wrong- autumn – listen – answer
6.-Let´s write!!! (Let´s talk) write an essay of about 120 words on the following topic:
Choose two cities or countries that you would like to visit. List the reasons why you want to visit each
place and explain what you hope to do and see there. Would you like to live in either place? Why?/ Why
Use the language in the Phrase banks to explain your destination choices.
I would like to visit France, because I love pasta and pizza, and it has many emblematic places like the
Eiffel Tower or the Tower of Pisa. Another reason why I would like to go to France is because I want to
strengthen my French, since I left French years ago and I have it a bit rusty.
I would also like to visit Madrid, as it is a very emblematic city and the capital of Spain. I would also like
to visit Madrid to see some television sets. I would also like to visit this city because it is the home of the
Santiago Bernabeu State, where the Real Madrid football team plays. And if it could be, I would like to
see a live match in this stadium.