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Dear Participants,

This questionnaire aims at gathering primary information towards the completion of a research paper,

which is a requirement for the completion of the Occupational Health and Safety Diploma Program at

the University of Guyana, IDCE

The topic: ‘The Importance of office Ergonomics on Employees' Performance in the Accounts

Department at the Geology and Mines Commission’.

Your cooperation in providing honest and prompt responses to this questionnaire would be appreciated.

Your privacy and strict confidentiality of your response is assured.

Thank you very much.

I. London


1. Sex

Male Female

2. Age

20- 29 years 30- 39 years 40- 49years above 50

3. How long have you been working in the Accounts Department.?

0-1 year 2-5 years 6-10 years more than 10 years.

4. Designation

Junior staff Supervisor Manager

5. Did you receive induction training before working in the Account Department?

Yes No

6. How many ergonomics training were you involved in since you have been employed
at GGMC?

0 to 1 2 to 3

7. What is your level of satisfaction with your office environment?

Satisfied Very Satisfied Unsatisfied Very unsatisfied

8. Do you find your office to be safe and healthy?

Yes No

9. Does your office have enough space for movement and performing task?

Yes No

10. Have you felt stressed by your office environment (décor and equipment)?

Yes No
11. Have you felt that your office environment (chair, desk and computers) has affected your safety

and health in anyway?

Yes No

12. Have you suffered any musculoskeletal disorder syndrome injuries/ illnesses because to your

work station?

Yes No

13. If the answer is yes what part of your body was affected by musculoskeletal disorder?

Eyes and Neck Wrist and Arms Feet and Knees

14. To what extent did the disorder/illness affect your performance?

Very Seriously Seriously Mildly Not at all

15. Please select the option below that best describe your office environment.

Motivational Impressive Unimpressive Highly motivational

16. Is your office environment a source of motivation to your job performance?

Yes No

17. Is your furniture comfortable, flexible to adjust, rearrange or reorganize to offer your support

and functionality?

Very comfortable Fairly comfortable Uncomfortable

Very uncomfortable

18. Is your office room temperature conducive enough for productive work?

Always Often Sometimes Not at all

19. Is your office room well illuminated for productive work?

Highly illuminated Illuminated Fairly illuminated

Poorly illuminated
21. To what extent does the work place element affect your job performance (temperature, noise,

computer desk?

22. Does your workplace environment require improvement?

Yes No

If yes, give one recommendation.







Thank you very much for your patience and participation.