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Instituto Tecnológico de Piedras Negras

Sergio Abraham Trejo Pérez
Carrera: Mecatrónica
Prof.: Diana Lizzette Rodriguez Romero
Hora 4:00 – 5:00
Trabajo: Actividad BOOK STORY
clase: ingles modulo 7


The main theme of this book is magic since the entire book revolves around magic.
Secondary themes can be courage, friendship, contempt, and the fight between good and

Harry Potter
Lord Voldemort

secondary characters:

Ronald Weasley
Hermione Granger
Albus Dumbledore

What Happen?

Harry Potter has been orphaned and lives in the home of his abominable uncles and the
unbearable cousin Dudley. Harry feels very sad and lonely, until one day he receives a
letter that will change his life forever. In it they tell him that he has been accepted as a
student at the Hogwarts School of Magic. From then on, Harry's luck takes a dramatic
turn. In that special school you will learn enchantments, fabulous tricks and defense
tactics against bad arts. He will become the school champion of Quidditch, a kind of aerial
football played on brooms, and he will make a handful of good friends ... but also some
fearsome enemies. But above all, you will know the secrets that will allow you to fulfill
your destiny. Well, although it may not seem at first glance, Harry is not an ordinary boy:
he is a true magician!

Where Happen? And When Happen?

1992 and 1991 London in fiction, Privet Drive, Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and Scotland
who was involved?
Harry Potter: He is the central character of the story. He had black hair, he was always
skinny and very short for his age, also, apparently smaller and thinner than he really was,
because all the clothes they had were clothes from Dudley his cousin. He lost his parents
and had to live with his evil uncles who for 11 years made him believe his parents died in a
car accident. He had a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. His uncles despised him for
being a wizard, which Harry didn't know until his 11th birthday where he was invited to
the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was creative, humble, a good
companion, respectful, friendly and brave.

Type of story-book

Children's literature

Story starters (Phrases)

Physical characteristics: Pale, thin black hair, has a lightning-like scar on the front. Psychological
Characteristics: Creative, humble, good companion, respectful and friendly. Lord Voldemort: He is
the murderer of Harry's parents. He studied at Hogwarts and belonged to the Slytherin house.

The play begins when Harry Potter as a baby is left at the door of his uncles' house by
three wizards, who comment that the darkest wizard had been defeated by Harry, who,
being just a baby, survived the curse of a powerful wizard who killed his parents. The story
continues when the boy turned ten and still did not know that he was a magician.
However strange things had happened to him, in the zoo he made a glass disappear and
his cousin fell, just thinking about it. Shortly before his birthday he receives a letter from
Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft and sorcery but his uncle does not allow him to see
them and they move to a house in the middle of nowhere so that they do not find Harry.
However this did not help them, on the day of his birthday a man appeared at the house
named Hagrid, who in addition to bringing him a cake informed him of the invitation of
the magic and wizardry college. I was completely amazed that Harry didn't know what a
wizard was and who his parents were. That same day Harry went with Hagrid to buy the
things he needed to start his magic studies and finds out that he had a great fortune that
his parents left him.

Then they go to camera 713 in the bank and Hagrid searches for a mysterious package that he
didn't want to talk to Harry about. When Harry was on the train to Hogwarts he met Ronald
Weasley, and they both stayed in the same house, Gryffindor, after being chosen by the sorting
hat. They even both beat a Troll who entered school and that's when they met Hermione Granger.

Days later, Harry and Ron accidentally came to the third-floor room that was banned and
found a three-headed dog. They were punished and consequently had to accompany
Hagrid to the Forbidden Forest. In that place they were obtained with unicorn blood.
Harry saw someone drinking blood and remembered that Hagrid told him that they took it
to continue living.

That subject attacked Harry but was saved by a Centaur, who told them that they were
hiding the Philosopher's Stone at school, which gave him eternal life. Ron, Harry and
Hermione concluded that the three-headed ones did take care of something and they
were sure it was that stone.

They returned to the third floor and managed to sleep the three-headed but; They
entered the place and encountered certain obstacles that were overcome. Harry met
Professor Quirrell who was the author of that. Seeing him in the mirror was the face of
Voldemort who tried to manipulate him to deliver the stone but failed. There was even a
fire and Harry managed to beat the dark lord.

Harry woke up unconscious in the infirmary. Subsequently, during the New Years Eve
celebration Slytherin had won. However adding the extra points to the students for their
merits resulted in Gryffindor having won the House Cup.