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Task 7: Online resources for children to explore

Based on my experiences and observations, online teaching requires students-centered

and independent learning. Therefore, it is important to develop students' independent
learning skills and this could be through implementing the inquiry based learning
approach. The idea of this approach is engaging students by allowing them to explore
the new concepts or topics by themselves, which leads to motivate their initiative and
self-direction (Guido, 2017). However, in this task, I included some links that consist
of relevant content and tasks to grade six curriculum in which teachers can use them
to enhance students' independent learning by allowing them to explore them by
themselves. Additionally, I provided a brief description of each link to give a
guidance for the teacher who is going to use these links.

The first resource

Bridge to success curriculum part three for grade six students contains a grammar
lesson, which about the modal verbs (have to, must, should). The website of this link
consist of a video and a written explanation of the use of each of three modal verbs
clearly with some examples. Teachers can use this link to allow their students to
explore the use of the modal verbs by themselves because the content is written in
simple language, which is appropriate foe grade six students.

The link:


The second resource

The second resource is a website that teachers might use with their students to assess
their understanding of the content of the previous website (the use of modal verbs).
This website consist of a short quiz, which is suitable to grade six students about the
use of the three modal verbs.

The link:

The third resource

Bridge to success curriculum for grade six students contains a whole lesson about Al
Ain zoo. This website is about Al Ain zoo and it contains all animals with their
pictures. In addition, when you click on the animals pictures, some information about
each animal appear. I believe students would love this website; there are many
interesting pictures and information written in a simple language, which makes this
website appropriate for grade students to explore by themselves.

The link:

The fourth resource

The last website is a grammar leaning game. Grade six students need to understand
the simple past of the regular and irregular verbs, which a lesson included in their
curriculum. However, teachers can use this website to assess their students
understanding of the past tense and entertain them at the same time. Students play and
receive a score based on the correct answers they record in this game. It can be used
as a quiz as well.

The link: