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11 oxygenated biood

\ r-l deo~::yg9nated biooo

L...._ •.--""""--=--~---='

A + wmci
,. h point
','~' In L.~ediiagram (-
<,1, 2 or 3") IS...

~~.ox)'gen used up? f'

\ I )

... oxygen added to the blood? ........... \ . {! ) ,/


Cl The table below shows the amount of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in the blood entering and
• in the blood leaving the lungs,

I A.mouut of g2J~"in 100 cm} of blood!

I Gas i mood entering the hl]P4~S I Blood leavin the hlJL1.(OS

I_O_;xy_ge_n, __ j
I Carbon_D__io_~_,~_id_l.p_y~ 5_g__.0__c_rn_,_3 -L 5_0_._0_C_ID__!3 ~

[i) How many cm" of Oxygen are absorbed in the lungs by lQQ.s:m3 ()[blood?

Amount of Oxygen = ~CZo..__ crn3

/ i '"i.,

C,I )

3, People who are active in cold conditions need a lot of energy.


\-flAn' ~
, \.I~ ~ .
(ii) Complete the word equation for the process that releases energy.

oxygen ~ energy T carbon dioxide

Use words from the box to complete the table below.

The first one has been done for you.

i t;:!vE'ar"s bronchus

I trachea

Gas exchange in mammals takes place in the' lungs.

111e diagram lists features ill the lungs that help gas ex ehange.
It also lists explanations to describe how each feature helps.

Draw a line from each feature to the correct explanation,

,....----_.- .-----
I blood flow i11 capillaries
l _

·-- -----,
; .• -". ._ .~ ("' ::':\-,
~'_LcrC;:U(.,:::; Sw.f1dC.;; .. a.l e(~for
~ .• _,...--; p.. .,..,'_;.:,.. ~
I diffusion I

carries gases to and from

Bruce was having ? barbecue. He used
charcoal as a fuel. This is mostly made of
the element carbon. The tools that Bruce
was using were made of metal, with
wooden handles.

a Why are the handles of the barbecue tools made of wood and not metal?

[J mark}

b Bruce dropped one of the pieces of charcoal and it broke 'when it hit the
ground. What word describes things which shatter in this ,,\lay?

[J mark}

2 For each of the following substances, write down whether they are elements,
mixtures or compounds. Write your answer in the box.
The first one has been done for you as an example.

Substance Element, mixture Of'

oxygen element
carbon dioxide ('A'o..
v ..1
~ .•
arr I.v\; 'l( \-v..K

[5 marks)


! l}eSCrlpt£on . Ihagrarn. ~etter '
an element
-_ .. _. __ ..
-_ __ .... _ ...__
... .-_._-
molecules of a compound
t-------- -------.---.Q.--. _..--_. -I
a mixture of different I
elements C I
3. mixture of elements and
I !



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