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Amie Luczkowski-Gibson

Age: ​There is no information regarding her age, however she is a virgo.

Place of birth: ​Australia

What inspires the artist: ​Amie took Aboriginal culture as inspiration for her artwork and creative
ways. She endured many struggles during her life, however, was able to use that in her work. Her
artwork was a message to embrace pain and difficulty by turning it into inspiration. She has stated that
her inspiration also comes from people and animals. Amie includes the organic features of nature and
embraces her passion and love.

What artform the artist works in: ​Amie is a ceramicist artist. She specialises with clay.

Interesting facts about the artist and career: ​Amie harnessed her social media presence to sell her
pieces and began to share her own experience with anxiety and depression with her followers. She
really hopes to remove the stigma around mental illness, especially anxiety and depression. Despite
her deep struggles with mental illness, she is not afraid to express her experiences and teach others the
way she copes.

Big advancements that the artist has made to the world of art in the time of their career: ​Amie
has inspired otherts to be open about their mental illness, and that it cannot stop you from pursuing
your dreams.
1. For Cacti’s and third eyes, clay is used. The clay pot plants on the right do not have a name.
Both pot plants are roughly the same size. The one on the left has green clay pointed up. It has
‘branches’ hanging out, and contains a lot of details. You can see that is has ears as well. The
eyes are not symmetrical, which reflects the artist’s intentions. The pot plant on the right has a
more negative expression. The ‘grass is hanging low and is a lot messier than the other pot
plants. This may be because Amie wanted the grass to correspond with the facial expression.
The eyes are also more slanted, and look meaner. The plant on the right has been carved in a
way to look like branches. The left plant carvings look as if there are many eyes. Amie
manipulates proportion as nothing is done to scale. None of her pot plants design look the
same. She has not used specific measurements. For example, the eyes are not the same size or
symmetrical. People may interpret this style as messy, however Amie has been very creative
and unique. She produces clay designs in a way that does not look chaotic.
Amie has used the art element ‘line’ as her clay creations have a lot of details. You can easily
identify the line details on the faces. In the first photograph (on the left), she has carved tree
roots. In the second photograph, Amie has carved more eyes. The shape of the creations on
the left are similar. They have an oval structure and flat surface. The shape is meant to be like
a face and head formation. The space between the carvings on the clay pots are significant.
This is because Amie has found ways to create different faces by using spacing between the
eyes, nose and mouth. All the clay pot plants have a similar form as they are structured the
same way. They are not symmetrical.

Title: ​Third Eyed Darkness

Materials: ​Purple, white and blue paint, black ink, canvas, pencil
Artists inspired: ​Amie Luczowski-Gibson
Aspects of artist adapted in your own work: ​The use of a third eye and great detail in the two
regular eyes are inspired by Amie.
Other inspirations:​ The use of disproportion is inspired by Picasso’s artwork.
Most successful: ​The most successful part is the detail around the eyes. It is very symmetrical and has
particular line detail. Despite using dark purples and blues in the background, I was able to lighten it
up using white paint. The background ended up being light enough for the black ink to show.
Challenging: ​It was challenging having control of the brush. This is because it wa sa very thin brush
and is difficult to use.
Manipulated and distorted proportions in resolution:

Shelby McQuilkin

Name: ​Shelby McQuilkin

Place of birth: ​Brooklyn, NY, United States
What inspires the artist: ​Shelby McQuilkin’s surroundings inspires the backdrops of her oil pastel
paintings. She also uses inspiration from her favourite films and actors/actresses. Albert Einstein’s
quote ​‘True art is characterised by an irresistible urge in the creative artist’​ has also inspired Shelby
What artform the artist works in:​ photography and oil painting
Interesting facts about the artist and career: ​Shelby McQuilkin is interested in all fields of art. She
also produces short films, dances and does theatre and cinema performances.
Big advancements that the artist has made to the world of art in the time of their career: ​Shelby
McQuilkin has displayed many ways to use oil pastels. She has demonstrated mixed media on wooden
panels, and demonstrated the use of abstract when painting film characters. Shelby McQuilkin showed
to the world of art that using abstract in art can help express any emotions and thoughts.