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EE 517 Power System Analysis and Design

Second Semester, AY 2019—2020

Name:_________________________ Score: _____

Section: _________ Date: _______

Solve the following problems completely and neatly. Write the problem and complete solution.
Rounding off should be done only on the final answer and accurate to three decimal places. Box
the final answer. No solution, incomplete solution, no units, or wrong solution means wrong
answer. Cheating in whatever form means a grade of zero in the examination.

1. Find the geometric mean radius of a conductor of in terms of the radius r of an individual
strand for a) seven equal strands

2. A three-phase transposed line is composed of one ACSR, 1,431,000-cmil, 47/7 Bobolink

conductor per phase with flat horizontal spacing of 11 m as shown in figure below. The
conductors have a diameter of 3.652 cm and a GMR of 1.439 cm.

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The line is to be replaced by a three-conductor bundle of ACSR, 477,000-cmil, 26/7 Hawk
conductor having the same cross-sectional area of aluminum as the single-conductor line. The
conductors have a diameter of 2.1739 cm and a GMR of 0.8839 cm. The new line will also have
a flat horizontal configuration, but it is to be operated at a higher voltage and therefore the phase
spacing is increased to 14 m as measured from the center of the bundles as shown in figure
below. The spacing between the conductors in the bundle is 45 cm.

(a) The percentage change in the inductance.
(b) The percentage change in the capacitance.

3. A transmission line cable consists of 19 strands of identical copper conductors each 1.3 mm
in diameter, the length of the cable is 2 km but, because of the twist of the strands, the actual
length of each conductor is increased by 5 %. What is the resistance of the cable? Take resistivity
of copper to be 1.72 x10-8 ohm.m.

4. A single phase, 10-km transmission line has 16.56 mH total inductance. If the distance
between the conductors is 1.0 m, what is the conductor diameter and the geometric mean
radius of the conductors?

5. A 69 kV, three-phase short transmission line is 16 km long. The line has a per phase series
impedance of 0.125 + j 0.4357 Ω per km. Determine the sending end voltage, voltage regulation,
the sending end power, and the transmission efficiency when the line delivers
(a) 70 MVA, 0.8 lagging power factor at 64 kV
(b) 120 MW, unity power factor at 64 kV.
C) The transmission line ABCD constants.


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