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Carol Tabor See Nec er UM lle Navigate Workbook Van <2 Carol Tabor Series Adviser Catherine Walter Navigate Workbook with key Elementary ~~" OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Contents PRO) ia a @ present simple to be 5. ‘®@ possessive determiners 6 ‘possessive ‘s 7 oe = family 6 regular and irregular plurals 8 @ vocabulary review 8 coe asking for personal information and ae oon ’ wate @ a personal profile 9 ia nse ean omy eae 2 cabeiay ‘© daily activities n ‘i telling the time 12 @ vocabulary review: 4 lg (= making suggestions and arrangements 15 aie a ® Listening for pleasure ome icoe ‘i Review: Units 1 and 2 7 aunesn ™ yes/no questions 9 @ Wh- questions 21 ae ‘im jobs 18 oo 3 Ses 2 ®@ vocabulary review 22 cali ae 7 wus opening and closing an email 23 z Or Oxford 3000™ Navigate has been based on the Oxford 3000 to ensure that leamers are only covering the most relevant vocabulary, Creek 0 Grammar f= there is/there are 25 © articles a/an, the, — 2 Vocabulary 1 places in towns and cities 24 |= rooms and furniture, prepositions of place 26 = opposite adjectives 28 '= vocabulary review 28 Speaking l= asking for and giving directions 29 writing © imperatives 29 Reading for pleasure '= The museums of Manhattan 30 Review: Units 3 and 4 a Een Grammar 15 can/can‘t/couldicouldn’t 33 1 present continuous 34 l= present continuous or present simple 35 Vocabulary = shopping 2 '= clothes and accessories 34 adjectives and adverbs 36 '= vocabulary review 36 speaking = inashop a writing © a product review 7 Cars Grammar f= was and were 38 '= past simple regular verbs 40 Vocabulary & time expressions 39 '= common regular verb collocations a1 l= adverbs of degree 42 '= vocabulary review 42 speaking '= showing interest as a listener 43 writing 1S write a tweet or a text message 43 Listening for pleasure |= A guided tour of Stratford-upon-avon, 44 Review: Units § and 6 45 Porn Grammar © past simple irregular verbs a7 = past simple negative 43 Vocabulary = ahealthy lifestyle 46 '= sports and fitness 43 ‘= easily confused words 50 ‘= vocabulary review 50 Speaking © opinions, agreeing and disagreeing 51 writing © post a website comment st PErineieenrs Grammar '= past simple questions 53 '= have to/don’t have to/should/shouldn’t 54 Vocabulary ‘= holidays 52 f= transport 54 |= expressions with get, take and have 56 '= vocabulary review 56 Speaking © at the train station 7 writing = an email: a perfect holiday 7 Reading for pleasure = An extract from The silent Brothers 58 Review: Units 7 and 8 9 EXer E Grammar "= countable and uncountable nouns 60 = much/many and quantifiers 62 Vocabulary '= food and drink 60 1 in the kitchen 63 = say numbers 64 "= vocabulary review 64 speaking © ina restaurant 65 writing '= asking about and recommending a place to eat 65 GORD ee Grammar = comparative adjectives 7 m superlatives o@ Vocabulary f= the weather 66 '= nature and geography 68 '= collocations 70 '= vocabulary review 70 speaking © reasons and preferences n writing = describe a place n Listening for pleasure = ATV cookery programme 72 Review: Units 9 and 10 B Eas fea Grammar © going to for plans and intentions 78 © infinitive of purpose 7” Vocabulary ' verb + noun collocations m™ l= technology 7% 1m making adjectives stronger 2 '= vocabulary review 2 speaking © offering to do something 79 writing = anotice 79 Pee Grammar © present perfect simple © present perfect simple and past simple Vocabulary '= verb and noun phrases, films = past participles '= vocabulary review ‘Speaking = on the phone writing = areview Reading for pleasure = An extract from Les Misérables Review: Units 11 and 12 ‘Audioscripts ‘Answer key a1 82 85 85 86 page 88 page 96 3 Your world 11 Multicultural cities (SELENE countries, nationalities and word stress languages 3a, Putte languages from exer columns. 1a Look atthe map. Match the numbers to the countries in the box, then write the nationality. 9 English b 12i)Listen and check. © 12) Listen again and repeat. 4 Complete the texts about Hong Kong, Senegal and Jamaica using words from the boxes. There is one word in each box the UK China France Greece italy Mexico that you do not need to use. Pakistan Poland Turkey the UAE thetlsA Vietnam 1 the USA= American 7 2 8 a 9 4 0 5 uM ____ hina Chinese (x2) England English 6 2 Hoong Kongisa city in *_Chixa_. The people from Hong b 1a{)Listen and check. Kong are? and the main languages in the city are? andé © 121Listen again. Pause the listening and repeat after each word. Copy the word stress. Africa French Senegal Senegalese 2 Lookat the countries on the map in exercise a, What is The main cityin®_is Dakar and the m: Innguags in esch county? languagein the citys ® People from Senegal the USA — Englicle 7 8 - city country language nationality village sa Jamaican and their main" isJamaican English. 4) Orr oxford 3000" a present simple to be 8 8 Make positive () and negative () sentences. 1 ()They aren? students, 2 IL ‘Moroccan. 3. (Jorge's wife teacher. 4 ()Saraand Mahmud ourneighbours. 5 (Henry happy in his job. 6 (4) Themain language in Brazil Portuguese. 7 (We from Genoa, in Italy. 8 QYou in my class. Make questions and short answers. you / from Thailand? ¥ Are you from Thailand? Yes, Lam. Mary /a student? x Lily and Sergei / married? ¥ yourhouse / neara supermarket? 7 the children / at school? x you and Tony / Irish? x Naila’s husband / from Iraq? wwe /late?¥ you / ournew teacher? x 8 9 7a Complete the conversation between Josh (J) popes popopeee and Amelie A) with the questions in the list. + Are youa teacher? + Ave you French? + Are you married? + Are your nelghbours French-Canadian? + Whots your-name? + What's your nationality? + Whereis your home? i 1 Whats you nante? Amelie ‘That's French name.? ‘No, I'm not French. 1'm from Quebec, in Canada. The main language in Quebec isn’t English, it’s French, so I'm French-Canadian. ‘My home is in Montreal - it's big city in Quebee. ‘Match the photos to the nationalities and ‘complete the sentences. German italian Japanese Pakisteni South Korean Spanish 4 Thecar is 5 Thetood No they aren't French-Canadian. My neighbours are from the USA. Yes, fam. My husband's teacherat the university. No, Tm nota teacher, ma doctor a the hospital b sai) Listen and check. 6 Thephones Jean... very well Que well_ More practice talk about counties, nationalities ad onguages. Oo oO oO describe people using the ver be oO Oo oO 6 1.2 Family possessive determiners 1a Match the words in column 1 to the words in column 2. at your 2 you b its 3 he their 4 she dour 5 it e my 6 we f her 7 they g his bb 414i) Cover exercise 1a. Listen to the subject pronoun and say the possessive pronoun, Then listen and check. 2 Choose the correct options. 1 1/(S49busband and 1/ my have a new house. 2 We/ Ouroffice is near the train station, 3 Latifand Rana are from Turkey. They/ Their are our neighbours. 4. A Excuse me, are you your Samir? B Yes, lam. What's you /yourname? 5 Werefromasmall own in Greece. i's / ts names Nafplio, 1's /tsavery nice town, 6 She/ Heris Amy's teacher. She / Her husbands my doctor 7 Gino's carisa Fiat, bu his / he's wife has Toyota 3 Complete the text. Use the words in the box. her his its my our their your Atypical family What's typical family in*_your country? In the UK, atypical family isa mother, a fatherand two children - plusa dog ‘ora cat! We'ee atypical family froma villagein the west of England, There's me and? husband - a name's David - and “ two children. § names are Rosemary and Harry. We also have a cat —* name is Ezzie. David's mum lives inthe village, (00 ~ 7 house is across the road, family 4 Read about two family businesses and underline the family words. ® iis FAMILY BUSINESSES 1 Laura Biagioni and her Italian husband, Carlo, havea fish and chip restaurant. Their daughter, Sonia, and Jaw, Adam, work in the restanrant. Fish and chips are popular with the Biagioni family ~Sonials ‘grandfather, Joc, was the owner ofa fish and chip shop and her cousin, Andrew, and his wife, Abbie, also have Aafish and chip shop. 2 AllCargo isa multinational transport company. Is, ‘main office is in Mumbai, India, but it has 200 offices In ninety countries. All Cargo is Shashi Kiran Shetty's ‘company and it's family company. Mr Shetty's wife, Arathi, his brother, Umesh, and his brother-in-law, Adarsh, also have jobs with All Cargo. 5a Put the family words from exercise 4 in the correct column, Male Female ‘Male or female husband Or oxford 3000 Add the following words to the table in exercise Sa: ‘aunt child father granddaughter grandfather ‘grandmother grandparent grandson half-brother mother nephew niece patent son step-father uncle © Add other family words that you know to the table. Use your dictionary to check the spelling. 6 Read the texts in exercise 4b again. Whatis the relationship between Laura and Andrew? _awoié and neple Laura and Carlo? Sonta and Joe? Carlo and Andrew? Carlo and Sonia? Shashi and Umesh? Arathi ane Umesh? possessive 5 7 Lookat the ‘sin each sentence. Write P next to the sentences with a possessive s. Carlo’s restaurant isin Alnwick, _?- Margot’sa teacher. _ ‘Our daughter's name is Miriam, —_ His wife's from Jamaica. —_ ‘This book's my English dictionary. ‘The parkis near my uncle's house. —_ Where's your friend from? Ym Emily’s grandmother. —_ 8 Lookarthe photo and complete the sentences about Sancho and his family 1 Alfredo and Maria are_Sanch's_parents 2 Anais Alfredo and daughter- in-law. 3 Manuelis___brother. 4 Maria's name is Sancho. 5 Isabel and Manuel's nameis Alfredo, 6 Manuel’s name is Ana. 7. Isabel and Manuel are Ana and ¢ children. Lean... grandfather same or similar sounding words? Complete the sentences. Use the words in the box. ‘are he's his our 's(x2) their they're your you're 1 Mywifeand1_are_ from Egypt. first language is Arabic. 2. Ourneighbours are very nice. from India, names are Sanjay and Mira, 3 Jean-Paul is from France. restaurant owner. wife, Annie, isa teacher. 4 Hi, the new student, What's 5 Angela parents are doctors. Angela ‘adactor, too. 4.51) Listen, Pause the listening and repeat after each sentence. Pay attention to the pronunciation ofthe words ineach ofthe gaps. 10a 1.6) Listen and look atthe bold words/phrases in each pair of sentences. Which two words/phrases do not have the same pronunciation? —_ 1 They're Greek. Their car is German. Henry's at home. Henry's wife is at work. Weare late, Our train is at nine o'clock. He's married. His wife's name is Eleanor. 2 3 4 5. You're late. Where's your homework? 4.6) Listen again and repeat Very well Quite well More practice talk about my family Use possessive ‘Sand possessive determiners. oO oO 9 oO Oo oO 1.3 Vocabulary development regular and irregular plurals 1. Write the plural form of each word. dictionaries 1 2. bookshelf 3 boxof chocolates 4 brush 5 football pitch - 6 bus 2 Complete the facts about the USA with the plural form of a verb from the box. ‘adult beby car child eity class man neighbour person president road woman * x * * * FACTS ABOUT THE USA 1. Washington D.C. and New York are cities _on the east coast of America 2 The White House, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, ‘Washington D.C. 20500, isthe home of America’s 3 The USAhas two and Mexico in the south 4. Over million Americans have foreign language Canada in the north 5 There are 317 million people in the USA. 6.4% are under the age of five. 13.7% are aged over sixty-five 6 Around 4 million are born every year. 7 ‘The most popular names for are James and John. For , they are Mary and Patricia 8 The main language is English, but 66.75% of ‘in Miami, Florida speak Spanish as their firstlanguage. 9 There are 254.4 million on American, Orr oxford 3000™ Cee ae 3. Find the countries in the box and write them in the table. ‘Then write a nationality and a language. ‘American Arabic teUK fetish china chinese (2) Emirati English English France French (x2) German (x2) Germany Italy Italian (2) Mexican Mexico Pakistan Pakistani Poland Polish (<2) Spanish Turkey Turkish (x2) the UAE Urdu the USA Vietnam Vietnamese (x2) country Nationality Language the UK British English 4 Complete the table. fother granddaughter grandfather half-brother niece sister sisterin-law son step-brother uncle wife Female male mother 1 father 2 husband grandmother ‘ grandson daughter 5 o brother aunt 7 half sister ” step-sister 1 © stuoy TIP wnen you earn new vocabulary, think about extra words you ned to know For example whch ater courtiers mportartto yout Fine ia tonary ad wt the engl name and pronunclaton your notebook 1314 1.4 Speaking and writing asking for personal information and checking you understand 1 17/)Listen to the conversation between a woman and the receptionist of language college. Circlethe correct answers. 1 ‘The woman isat the college for a French / a Japanese / ‘The woman’s nameis Jackie / Jenny / Julie Nlamilla ‘The woman spells her first name / nationality { surname. She's English / Irish / Australian, She's a receptionist / teacher / student. Her email address is | | 7 The receptionist asks her to repeat her name / nationality | ‘email address. 2a Put the words in order to make questions. a personal profile 1 '3/your/What / name? Whats your name? 2 your /spell / you / do / How / surname? 4a Correct eight mistakes with capital letters in this profile. 3 What/nationality/your/'S? My Name is maria Martinez. my Parents are Mexican, but iam american, I'm fluent in spanish and Boo ela ee English. | ive in Los angeles. 5 your/'s / What / address / em: 6 repeat / can / your / first name, / you / please / Sorry, ? 18 Listen and repeat the questions from exercise 2a, Notice which words and parts of words are stressed. Putin the missing first etter ofthe words Some are capital letters. 3. Read answers a-fand match them to questions 1-6 in exercise 2a, a IsMichael Hodges. 1. am a _tudent at the b Imthe ownerofa website business, —_ 2_niversity of California, 3__n © _ 4—ridays, | §__ork at an 6__tallan d_ Hodges is H-0-D-G-E'S, restaurant called Arrivederci Yes, ofcourse. Its Michael. £ ImCanadian, tean Very well Quite well More practice use regular and irregular plurals, oO 0 9 ask for personal information, oO Oo 9 wre a personal profi io O O ° My day 2.1 Aday in the life of a scientist present simple and adverbs 1 of frequency Choose the correct form to complete the article. A DAY IN inl =e vary wok we “Gad / speaks to someone with an Interesting job This week its 5 enr-old Lisa Tucker, atherpeologt in Florida, USA. Herpetologlts are scientists and they ? study / studies snakes. There 2s/ arefity diferent types of snakes in Forde, Lisa and her husband, Curtis, #fve / ivesin a house in the Florida Everglades. A typical day for them 8 tart / starts at 7 a.m. when Lisa® get up / gets up and 7 make / makes breakfast for her ten snakes. Lisa ® write / writes articles for newspapers and magazines. She also 9 visit / visits schools with her snakes to talk tothe students, “You "meet / meets lots of interesting people in this job. Some people" shink | thinks my job is very ‘unusual, but 1 Jove / loves my life! says Lisa. 1 go / .g9es to interesting places and Curtis and 1" have / has: lots of fiends? Orr oxford 3000™ 3a Complete the sentences with the correct form of one of the verbs in (brackets) 1 Lisa_loves_herjob as.aherpetologist. (listen to /love) 2 Jacob to work every day. (play / drive) 3 Wwonne English inthe evenings (study / play) 4 Miyuki maths atthe university. (getup /teach) 5 Myhusband inalab, (have / work) 6 Sven after work. (relax /see) 7 Sally sometimes emails to her sister (vist / write) third person -(e)s 2a) Listen and repeat the sentences from exercise 2 2a) Listen again and pay attention tothe pronunciation of'sat the end of each verb. Write the verbsin the correct columns. i tal hal 22i) Listen, check and repeat. Pur the words in the right order to make sentences, 1 early always / morning /in / Dr Abacha / the / gets / up _Dr Abacha always gees up early in the morning, 2 hospital / drives / to / She / the / usually. 3. works / She / weekend / the / sometimes /at 4 has meetings / often / doctors / other / with / She. 5. 7pm, /before finishes / hardly ever / work / She. 6 never / goes / She / beach / the /10 in / evening / the / tired / She / always /i 5 Rewrite the sentences. Replace the words in bold with an adverb of 7 Complete the text with daily activities from frequency from the box. exercise 6. You may need to change the form, always hardly ever Rever never often sometimes usually 1 You're 0% ofthe time late for work. my rypicae vat Yuire never late for work 2. Manuel 75% of the time cooks dinner for his family Iwork ina hospital lab and my days are very busy -I1_ge¢ up at 5.45 every morning and I? in the bathroom. Then my wife a forme and our two kids - I usually have fruit juice and ‘yogurt, sometimes toast. After that, I 4 inmy car~ Toften> onthe car radio because i's relaxing, 3. Nurses 0% ofthe time relax at work 4. 15 100% of the time very hot in summer in Dubat 5 180% /90% of the time isten to music inthe car 6 Ivan 10% ofthe ime writes emails to his friends. 7 We50% of the time see seals on the beach near our house Iwork from 7 a.m. till 3.30 p.m, Attwelve o'clock, Istop and 16 agent ~a sandwich and an apple, usually. At (EEETENY daily activities aaspm, 17 On Fridays, my wife and Ilike to go out and 6 Lookat the illustrations. Complete the daily activities. z wwe often® ~it’snice « §@ to see people at the end ofthe week, but during the week we stay at home inthe 6 evening. After dinner, like to relax. often . “with the children on my laptop computer and my wife yo « ora magzzine. We sometimes itthere isaninteresting programme of. 'm usually tired at 11 p.m, so that's when I © STUDY TIP Make tue sentences about your le to precise new vocabulary, ef aay et up a ha past seven never ply computer ames. le te new vocabulary and your Sentences in your noteook a make breakfast 8 home b ashower h up c tobed i music d lunch j friends e Tv k towork f book 1 video games Lean .. Very well Quite well More practice se the present simple positive to talk about my day. oO 0 9 talk about everyday actions, Oo 9 n R 2.2 Spending time telling the time 1. Match the times and the clocks. * five past eight tento two * five to ten twelve o'clock + aiepast nine twenty past seven + quarter past one * quarter to eleven + ten past six twenty to three twenty-five past four twenty-five to five 1 half past nine 7 2 a 3 9 4 10 5 n 6 2 Orr Oxford 3000” 2 Write the times. 1 _twenty to five 5 2 6 a 7 4 8 saying the time 3a 23} Listen toa shop assistant talk about his day. Underline the correct ime. 1 Igetupatiento fen past seven, 2 1 goto workat five past / twenty-five past eight 3 Theshop opens at quarter to nine {nine o'clock. 4. Ihave coffee at fen past / twenty past ten. Minish work at quarter past half past four: 6 arrivehome at halfpast/ ten pastive, 7 Weusually have dinner at sever o'clock / half past seven. 8 Inever goto bed before twelve o'clock eleven otlock. b 2apLis ‘again, Pause the listening and repeat after each EMME present simple negative 4 Complete the sentences with don't or doesn't 1 1 done drive to work, Itake the underground. 2. Mikki goes to classes during the week, but she {g0 10 classes at weekends. 3. Paola and her husband ownacar. They use public transport. 4 We live in a city, We live near the beach, 5 Idrink coffee because I liketea. 6 You always listen to Jim, but you listen tome! 7 Phillip’sa maths teacher, buthe like his job. 8 The museum opens on Saturday, butit open, on Sunday. 22) 23 24 Make negative sentences. Use the words in (brackets). Wevworkinan office. (we / factory) ‘You know Sanjay. (you /is iste) Bo speaks Chinese. (he / Thai) Thave a cat. (I/ dog) My children study science. (they / languages) The bus goes to York. (it/ Leeds) Rim gets up at 7am, (she / a.m) In the holidays we go to Mexico, (we / stay at home) work in a factory. Read the information and look atthe table below. Complete the sentences about life on the RV Atlantis. Véronique Robigou isa scientist at the University of Washington. She studies volcanoes under the sea. Sometimes she does research on the RV Atlantis, a research boat for scientists. yes | No The boat 11 spend a lot of time in the USA ¢ 2 have six labs ‘ ‘The scientists 3 cOok their own meals ’ 4. have alot of free time ‘ 5_use the labs on the boat “ Véronique 6 meet scientists from other countries ‘ 7. sometimes feel seasick 4 8 study sea animals v t_docantt spend a lot of time in the USA 1 ‘They ‘They ‘They She She She Lean... Very well Quite well More practice ‘ell the time. oO oO 9 use the present simple negative, Oo 9 B 1“ 2.3 Vocabulary development verb + preposition phrases 1 a Mateh 1-100 2-j, 1 Samalways pays a 2 Mychildren like \ looking \ b with me about their clothes. about what you eat 3 Jaime doesnt talk ¢ at funny films. 4 People usually laugh \ d_ atmy old school photos. 5 Thatelistening \\¢ forhelp with your work 5 Wedon'tusually arrive “f _forthings with his 7 You hardly ever ask 8 Idon'tlike waiting 8 9 Wsagoodideatothink —h_ atworkbefore8.30, 10. Mychildren never 1 topop music. i agree to his family every day. Look at exercise 1, Write the prepositions for each of the verbs below. 1 agree _with 6 look 2 arrive 7 pay 3 ask 8 talk 4 laugh 9 think 5 listen 10 wait Complete the text with a verb + preposition from exercise 2. Sleep problems? When we don't get enough slep, we fee! tred during the day and we find it difficult to work o study. Sometimes we don't sleep because we goto bed and fink. abaut ‘our problems. Sometimes there's another reason, There are sleep lbs where doctors study sleep problems and you can spend a night at one ofthe centres. What happens there? Well, you? the centre in the. evening and a nurse meets you and akes your personal details, then you? doctor to arrive. You ‘ the doctor about yourhealth and about your sleep problems. After that, the nurse takes you to your room, People often watch TV or music in their room until they want to go tosleep. When you're asleep, computer studies how you sleep and records the information.After your night at the sleep centre, doctors {your seep information on the computer ‘Do you have problems with your sleep? You can contact asleep centreand? tmore information, Some centres your time when you do a sleep study. Or Oxford 3000™ Cee ae 4 Write the phrases. getup gohome gotobed go towork/college havea shower have lunch/dinner listen to music make breakfast play video games read a book see friends watch TV/a fim 1 Stop sleepingand leave yourbed. _get up 2. Prepare a morning meal, 3. Takea carr a bus, or walk to the place where you work orstudy. 4. Bata meal during the day/in the evening, 5. Spend time with people you know and like. 6 Return to the place where you live after work orsome other activity. 7 Something you do at the end ofthe day when you want tosleep. 8 Lookata programme on a TV orsee something at the 9 Afun activity you do on a phone or computer. 10 Stand under the water and wash your body. 11. Anaetivity that you can do with a CD player oran MP3 player, 12. Anactivity you da when you study or relax. 5 Putthe times in order from early to late five past one five to two half past one ene-sieloek quarter past one quarter to two ten past one ten to two twenty past one twenty to two twenty-five past one twenty-five to two two o'clock 1 ane tlock_ 6 n 2 % 2 8 8 13 4 9 5 © STUDY TiP Look uo new verbs in your itonary and see they go with a preposton. write te vero and Ue prepostion inyour notebook 222 GB @® 2s 2.4 making suggestions and arrangements 1 Rearrange the words to make sentences. 1 you /out / dinner /togo / Would /like /for/ tonight? Wl you like to g0 out for diner tonighe? 1m / busy / sorry, /but/ this evening 3. tomorrow / you / Are / free? 4 Td/t0/ love / Yes, 5 the/ meet/at Let's /trainstation. 6 that new restaurant / Do / want / you / near the park / tony? 7 shall / meet / we / Where? B nice / Yes, / sounds / that 9 teat / What / do you / time / want? 10. but /plans / Thanks, / Ihave /'m afraid / tonight. 2a Write the sentences from exercise 1 under the correct heading, Making ‘suggestions/ arrangements, ‘Accepting, Refusing Would you like 2 40 out for dinner tonight? b_249)Listen, check and repeat the sentences. Copy the pronunciation Speaking and writing 3a Complete the conversation with sentences from exercise a, 1_Would you like t0 go out for dinner tonight? Vmsorry, but I'm busy this evening Yes, Tam. Yes, I'd love co. ‘Well, [usually have dinner at around eight oclock. OK, let's meet at quarter to eight. 5 purer epar ee OK. See you tomorrow at the train station, b 25p)Listen and check ©. Practise saying both parts of the conversation, (ENG describe where you live 4 Choose the correct options to complete the text Tove livingin Bristol ‘Gecaus®/ but itis exciting and thas many things to do. [visa big city, 2but / or lean walkto the shops and / but don't needa car. usually 0 out for dinner for/ because watch a film with friends on Friday 5 Complete the text with and, but, or or because. Atthe weekend, my husband likes getting up late, 1 my favourite thing to dois to get up ‘early and go to the beach. Ilike going out on our boat 2 itis very quiet and I can relax. [sometimes have breakfast in a beach café read a book. ‘Then at halfpastten4 ‘eleven o'clock go home. Lean... Very well Quite well More practice use verb + preposition phrases. oO 0 9 make suggestions and arrangements, oO Oo 9 use linkers in writing oO O O = 2.5 Listening for pleasure eM 1 Match the phrases in the box to the photos. Then use them to complete the paragraph, ‘getarqualfcation learn a new skill make new friends Re? 1 _get.a qualification IT Alot of colleges in Ireland have courses for adults who ‘want to learn new things. Adult learning courses are often in the evening so people who work can go to them. Some people go to =a piece of paper that shows how well they do something, and heips them with their work. Some people want to like dancing or how to speak a new language and some just want to meet people and 6 2 Match the photos to the classes. a jewellery-making class a language class an exercise class 3a 26)Listen to an extract from radio phone-in programme about adult education classes in Ireland. b_ Complete the introduction with the words from the box. future foreign guitar know listeners schools. write Our next topic is adult learning. les *_ aucune now and many adult education classes are starting, Did you? that there are over 5,700 classes at 3 and colleges here in Ireland? There are lots of different courses to choose from ~ you can learn to # a book, play the ® ‘or speak a language. Today, we want you to tell other? about your courses. © 27{)Listen and check. 4 27{)Lookat the words from exercise 3b. Listen to the presenter’ introduction again and Gircl@the letter in each word which is not pronounced, 1 autumi) 5 guitar 2 know 6 foreign 3. schools 7 listeners 4 write Review: Units 1 and 2 1 Correct the sentences. Add one ofthe words orlettersin (brackets) in the correct place. 1 Angela from Greece -she's lian, (arent isn) cla io from Greece = shes len 2 What's your daughtername? (1s) 3 Firstlanguage is Turkish. (my/1) 4 I'min my office on Monday morning, (always / work) 5 We drive to work because we don'thaveacar, {are / never) 6 Sanjay and parents are from India. (he /his) 7 Youa student? (are /is) 8 Danand Emma are Jane and yon children. (s/s) 2 Complete the article with the present simple form of the verbs from the box. Use contractions where possible. close go have not ike notlive phone study teach travel werk Nine five Nancy and her husband, Jeff, © two children, Adam and Amy. They with thelr parents. Adam? Spanish ata university in Canada and Amy sa student - she ® Inthe USA. Nancy and jeff? their children every week, and Adam and Amy always to Jamaica in the holidays. Seer Choose the correct options to complete the sentences. 1 Mat'sAmericam/ Australian. He's from the USA. Polish isa language and a country /nationaiy Your brother is your mums father / son. Paris and Berlin are capital ties citys. ‘Teresa is my step-daughter, Her motheris my wife / sister-in-law 6 Peoplein Pakistan speak Pakistani / Urdu 7 Yourcousins are yourauntand uncle's childs / children 8 Rimand Nailaare from the UAE / Grek Match the beginnings and enclings of the sentences. 1 My daughter never. a. breakfast forthe kids. ™ agrees with anything Isay. 2 Isometimes see up and go to work. 3. Youwaithere 4. pastfive every day. 4. Myhusband makes © forthe bus into town, 5 There’satraintoYork —f_olclock. atsix @ about work when I'm 6 Ws6.30am.Timetoget athe, 7 Isometimes think bh my friends after work. 8 The shop closes at half Complete the telephone conversation with the words from thebox. address e's love repeat see sorry want would A 1 Mould youlike o go out forlunch tomorrow? B Im? ; but 'm busy tomorrow. I'm free on. Saturday. A. Great. There's a good Greek restaurant in town. Do you. 2 touryit B Yes,ld* to. A OKS ‘meet at the restaurant at eight o'clock. B Whar'sthe® ofthe restaurant? A. Itscalled The Olive Tree and it's at 10 Tower Street. B Sorry,can you” that? A. The Olive Tree, 10 Tower Street. B OK,thanks.* ‘you on Saturday at the restaurant, ay The world of work 3.1 Jobs Vocabulary Bian 2a 34f)Listen to the jobs from exercise 1 and write them in the correct column. 1. Look at the illustrations. Write the jobs in the grid. What is ‘number 12? Stress on first syllable _| Stress on second syllable re cleaner mechanic 3 a2 f)Listen and repeat the jobs from exercise 1. Pay & attention tothe stress in each word. 3 Complete the job descriptions. Use the words/phrases in 6 the box. badly paid computer hands inside outside wellpaid 1 Myjobisvery well paid —Tearn good salary, but work very long hours. Ihave my own computer a company and Ioften have to travel. Fr 2. Well, Lwork My job isin a hospital and 1 look after children. I sometimes work nights. Itisn'tan easy job, but love it. 3 Iworkwith my I fix people's cars for them. t's an interesting job, Llave cars and I meet lots of interesting people when I'm at work, 4 Ido some of my work at home, but usually fam ‘with my camera. take photos for magazines. I's a great job. 5. T'mastudent and Ihave an evening job - Iclean offices in the city centre. I don’t really ike my job. Itisn’t interesting and I thinkit's ~Idon't earn alot of money. 6 T'mnota businesswoman, but [know a lot about business. [write articles for business magazines and for newspapers. [work with my ‘every day - i's important in my job. Tuse it to write my articles and to send emails. b_ Match the descriptions in exercise 3a to job from exercise 1. 1 _businesewantan. 4 a 5 3 6 8B | Orr oxford 3000™ GD) 32 33 3435 (EME yes/no questions 4 Complete the questions with are, is, do or does. Are you in the wrong job? Ask yourse 2 you bored at work? a ‘all your work days the same? 4 your favourite time of day the time when you finish work? If the answer to these questions is yes, it's time to think about changing jobs. . you enjoy helping people? ‘ you speak a foreign language? 7 your friends think that you're calm and organized? * ‘a job in education interest you? If the answer to these questions is yes, it's time to think about a career in language teaching. 5 Make questions with is/are or do/does. Use the words in (brackets). 1 Youwalka lot. (you) Do you walk aloe? 2. Moscow is very cold in winter. (Moscow) Iz Mascon very cold in winter? 3. The boss wants o speak to me. (the boss) 4. Doyourneighbours havea dog? 5 Doyou and John read newspapers? 6 Does her brother like being alone? do and does 3.) Listen to the questions and answers from exercise 6. ‘Ave do and does stressed in the questions or the short answers? 3,3 ))Listen again, Pause thelistening and repeat after each question and answer. Read the article about Nancy Rica Schiff and write short answers to the questions. Nancy Rica Schiff: An interesting job 'Naney Rica Schiff’s job isn't unusual - she's a photographer who takes lots of photos of different people, old and young. Naney spends her time travelling around America with her camera and taking photographs of people at work. Some of her photos are in her two books: Odd jobs and Odder Jobs.'Odd! means unusual, and the people that Nancy photographs have very unusual jobs. They include a horse dentist and someone who turns the pages for a piano player. 4 Tmlate again. () 5 Itrainsalot in Ireland. (i) 6 Ineed to finish this work today. (1) 6 Match the questions and answers. \No-tdon't: No, it doesn’t. No, they don't. Yes,he does. Yes, she does. Yes, we do. 1 Doyou get up early in the morning? Na, I dont 2 Does this phone have a camera? 3. Does his daughter play a musical instrument? 1 Does Naney work from home? No, she doesnt, 2 Isherjob unusual? 3. Does Nancy use a camera at work? 4 Does her job include alot of travel? 5 Areall of her photos in her two books? 6 Dothe people in Nancy’s photos have normal jobs? 7 Dosome of the people work with animals? Lean... Very well Quite well More practice ‘talk about jobs. oO 0 9 ask yes/no questions, oO Oo 9 9 3.2 What do you do? SSETE work 11 Putthe words/phrases in the correct place. company/no company hours money nojob people places places factory, office, home, hospital unemployed, retired boss, manager, colleagues 1 2 3 4 full-time, part-time, long hours 5 6 :salary, earn ‘work freelance, work fora company, ‘work fora magazine 2 Complete the blogs. Use the words and phrases from exercise 1 ‘Ym Darren and Ive in Cape Town. m South Ada Atican. 'm the 7 ofa computer ys company Its not my company the owe, my «lives in Johannesburg. I work in ~ abig? with twenty other people. ts a good job and 110 alot of money. My dad works inacar the work is dificult and the hours are ® buthis salary isn't very good. My name's Ada. I'm forty-five years old and ” eye Darren {im rom Reykjavik in leland. I'm a software engineer =1"work fora contpany- that ‘makes software for mobile phones. !have a J HiMy name is Elizabeth and ive in Alice Springs 2 | work thirty-eight hours in Australia with my husband, Mike. Mike doesn't 4 week, but enjoy itl eam a good work now —he's sixty-five and he's 3 and my 4 are rice ~ rma journalist | work = don't wo sometimes go out for meals together. do rogular hours and | dont have boss. | write {'m matted to Edvard, Hes a businessman, articles for the local newspaper and | sometimes Wie have two children, agit and a boy. Our co usually work from "8, = son hasn't got ajob — he's > {pave an office in the house. | also have a Our daughter is a nurse - she works in a : i? Job at the local college - | teach in Reykjavik Elizabeth English ten hours a week there. Orr oxford 3000™ (EMME Wh- questions 3 Match the question words and the answers. 1 how often s a reason 2 what \ b aplace 3. where © atime 4 when/what time 4 athing 5 who © aperson 6 why f frequency Read the interview with a police officer. Complete the questions with one question word from exercise 3. You can use the words more than once. +_What_do you do? Y'ma police officer. 2 do you work? work in St, Leonards Police Station in Edinburgh. 3 do you like your jab? Us interesting. My days are never the same. ‘ do you work with? Iwork with lots of different people - police officers, peoplein the city, school children... As do you start work? B_ Well sometimes I start at 7 a.m. and work until 5 p.m. or sometimes I work nights ~ that means I work from 10 pam, an as do you have meetings? B Oh, we have meetings every day, when we arriveat the station, a? do you do after work? B Well, I walk lot. often go to Portobello Beach with my son - it's really nice there in winter and in summer. as do you usualy goto bed? B I'm usually tired after work, so I always go to bed early. 24) Listen and check 5. Tick (¥) or correct the questions. 1 Where do he work? Where dees he work? 2 When do they finish work? 7 3. Whoisyouwork with? 4 How often she uses English at work? 5 What time closes the shop? 6 What do usually have they for lunch? Where do Igo for the meeting? 8 Why does he wants to learn Chinese? 9 When you are have lunch? 10 Who lives in this house? b 35{)Listenand check. EMMI Wwh- questions 62. 3 f)Listento the questions from exercise Sa again. Does the intonation go up or down at the end of a question? bb asi)Listen again and repeat the questions. Copy the intonation © STUDY TIP Look up new words your dctonary to find out hhow to pronounce them. A good dictionary shows you how to say 2 new word and which syllable(s) is/are stressed. You can hear how to pronounce a word with some online dictionaries, Lean... Very well Quite well More practice talk about work, oO 0 9 ‘ask Wh- questions. Oo 9 2 3.3 Vocabulary development Vocabulary ragetiins 3 Choose the correct word to complete the sentence, badly paid computers hands inside outside 41 Make-er nouns from the verbs to name the people and, well paid things in the photos. 1 Hairdressers don’t work with _contpucers They usually bake build compute cook dance heat paint sing erate win - 2. Isometimes work but don't enjoy iton cold days. 3. Mybrotherworks -He has ajob in a big, office in London. 4 Pingllikes her job, but itis sand she doesn't have alotof money. 5. Malcolm earns alot of money. His job is 4 Putthe words/phrases in the correct place. colleagues full-time home longhours @magazine anoffice asalary employed 1 be_unemployed _, be retired 2 earn money, earn 3. haveaboss, have a manager, have 4 work work part-time, work . work freelance 5. workina factory, workin , workin a hospital 6 work from 7 workfor a company, work for 5 Write the verb form for each of the -er nouns, 22| Or Oxford 3000~ 31_32_ (3) Ga 3.4 Speaking and writing SLM making requests a 2a Make requests with can/could for each situation. 1 You and your wife are atthe cinema - you want two tickets to see Batman, Could we _have two tickets to see Batman, please ? 2 You're in your English class - you want your teacher to spell ‘author. Could you 3 You're at the library - you want to join. cant —__#i 4 You are at work - you want to use your colleague's pencil. cant 2 5 You and your family are in a new town - you want, someone to tell you where the station is. Could you 2 6 You're ina restaurant - you want to pay for your meal with your credit card. Cold 46) Listen, check and repeat. Copy the intonation. Look at the responses to requests. Are they positive (P) or negative (N)? 1 Yes, ofcourse. P 2 Tmatraidnot. 3. No,'msorry, but... 4 Sure, 5 Yes that'sfine, —_ 27) Listen and repeat the responses. Copy the intonation, Read the requests. Where are the people? athome atwerk in acafé/restaurant ina car park ina school ina shop 1 Excuse me, could I start worka litle late tomorrow? cat work 2 Pete, can you lend me 50 euros? I want to buy this book, 3. Dad, can I borrow your phone? 4 Excuse me, Can [leave my car here? b Match the responses (a-f) to the requests (1-6) 5 Excuse me, can you help me with this exercise, please? 6 Canwehavetwo, please? exercise a. a Ofcourse! What's the problem? 5 Yes, that’s fine. I’s on the table. _ ¢.Timsorry, that isn't possible, Tom. There's an important ‘meeting in the morning. Sure. Here youare, __ €. T'mafraid not. This ear parkis for company staffonly. £ Yes, ofcourse. Anything to eat? © Practise saying both parts ofthe conversation. opening and closing an email 4 Complete the two emails using the correct word in each pair. 1 Dear / Hello 6 Could you let me know / 2 Canwe/Cant Howare you 3. See you /I'm free 7 CanI/Could you 4 Best wishes /love 8 Love/ Yours sincerely 5 Dear/ Hi a 1 Dear ‘Thank you for your email.2 2 Inthe aftemoon. Marion, mest on Tuesday? Paul ‘Sarah ‘7 Lhave a quick question. min London for ‘a meeting on Tuesday afternoon, 7 your house?’ ‘stay at . Marion Lean... Very well Quite well More practice use -er suffixes. oO 0 9 make requests. oO Oo 9 ‘write an email oO oO 9 23 24 Places and things 4.1 Underground towns (EEENEWY places in towns and cities 1 Replace the phrases in bold with a word from the box. acinema ahospital a library the museum railway station the roads seheel shops ‘swimming poo! the tourist information centre 10 2 Lookat the map of Lightning Ridge. Name the places. a theatre f b 8 © b 4 i e word stress 32441) Listento the words from exercise 2, Which syllable b 42{)Listen and repeat the words. Copy the stress. Stress on second syllable LIGHTNING RIDGE POPULATION 4,500 ‘The Australian town of Lightning Ridge is 1,200 km away from the underground town of Coober Pedy. Its also an ‘opal mining town, Four thousand five hundred people live in the town ~ 400 of them are students at Lightning Ridge Central *place for children to learn, Lightning Ridge isa great place to live. It has everything you need. There's2a place with doctors and nurses and there are good * places to buy things, including a chemist and a hairdressers. There are also nice restaurants and ‘4a place to borrow books. There isnt $a place to watch films, but the town has a theatre and a great ¢place to do, sport in water. ‘There isn't 7a place for trains to arrive and leave near Lightning Ridge, but there's an airport and *the things for cars and buses to drive on are good. Alot of people visit the town and one place they visit is "the place for visitors to get a town map. Tourists usually want to see the opal mines and ®the place to learn about the history of the town. ‘Om oxford 3000 Ga) 42 43 44 4s there is/there are 4 Match the begi 1 2 3 6 Belchite isa small village in the north of Spain. Look at the information about the village and make sentences using there is/there are. ings and endings of the sentences, ‘Thereares__ aight marketin Hong Kong, ‘There’san +b 91 universities in England, ‘There'sa € cities in Scotland. ‘There d_12countriesin South America, ‘Thereare seven e are 1,250 million people in India. ‘Thereare £ underground town in Australia, 2a railway station, ‘a museum v restaurants ¥ ites) ‘a supermarket v any big hotels a hospital old buildings v ‘many people 5 ‘2 tourist information centre Excuse me:(eher@) There’ a tourist information centre in the town? = Yes, there is/ there's I's just near the railway station, Isthere / Are therea cinema in the town centre? No, I'm sorry, there isn't / there aren't. But there's a theatre, 3. A Arethere/ Isthereany nice restaurants near here? Yes, there are there're. There's the Lanterna Restaurant in Queen Street and Nico's in Westgate. 4A Isthere/ Is therea campsite near the beach? B Yes, there is / there's. The Sunny Days Campsite is nearthe beach. [A Are there a / any bookshops in the village? B No, 'matraid there aren't there are no. 6 A Arethere many tring / things to seein the town? B Yes, are there / there are. There are lots of things to see and do here. a> = 43})Listen and check 1 There ime a railway station 2 ‘STUDY TIP When you learn new grammar, write an example 3 sentence in English and translate it into your language. Look 1 for things that are the same and things that are different. For ‘example, do the sentences have the same number of words? 5 Are the words (subject, noun, ver) in the same order? 6 8 9 Lean... Very well Quite well More practice ‘talk about places in towns and cities, oO 0 9 use there isithere are. oO Oo 9 = 4.2 Where I live (2EEMEN rooms and furniture, prepositions * Complete the prepositions of place i ' - 5 41a Label the diagrams using words from the box. bathroom bedroom adining room aflat a garage house akitchen alivingroom anoffice atolet 6 Tu a0 a haus 9 _______4_ Choose the correct preposition to complete the text. 1 2 3 4 b ise cet andepen houseboat © fT iscildenavalog tele Las hel load in Amsterdam 2 The inthe kitchen is old, We need a new one. ene et a eels Ia lore (wilet / cooker) ‘boat - it’s one of 2,500 houseboats in Amsterdam. 3 Putthe food inthe (fridge / washing machine) Ithasa small kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and 4 The inthe bedroom is blue. (carpet / dishwasher) ‘bedroom, We sleepin the bedroom and we have 5 Yourdinnerison the inthe dining room. ‘place? in / under the bed for our clothes. There's (cooker / table) ‘window behind / under the bed so we can look 6 Wedon'thavea we take our clothes to the ‘utat the river, The bathroom is “between / inthe: launderett. (dishwasher / washing machine) bedroom and the livingroom. Ithasa toilet and 7A Where's the French dictionary? ea see net bare gia eae Ley B Itsonthe inmy office, (sink /shelf) table god rem armichalsin the living mom and 8 They don'thave a dishwasher. They wash the dishes in the kitchen «(Sink shower) 9. Inthe evening, John likes tositin the big inthe living room and watch television. (desk / armch: d 26) Or Oxford 3000~ a1 (2) 43 articles a/an, the, ~ 5 Rewrite the sentences with aor an, 1 Mumbat is interesting city to visit. Muuntbai is an interesting city to visit 2. Isthere levator in your building? 3. My parents have house near the beach. 4 Thave big sofa in my living room, 5 You can visit opal mine in Austral 6 Isthere metto station near here? 7 There isn'tairport in my town, 8. There's parkin the town centre. 6 Read the sentences. Cross out one the in each sentence, 1. The Nile River is in the Africa. 2 There are lots ofthe flats in the building. 3. The capital of Thailand is the Bangkok. 4 The Prado Museum is in the centre ofthe Madrid, 5 We go tothe cinema on the Saturdays. 7 Complete the web page about Amsterdam. Writea, an, the or (inthe gaps. the schwa /a/ sound ine the 82 459 Listen othe sentences/questions. Unde schva sounds. 1 My house is nextto the park There'sa supermarket opposite the cinema. Dou have a map ofthe city? Isthere an airport nearyourtown? ‘The students ate ina classroom onthe second floor. b 4s#)Listen again and writethe stressed words. 1 _hawse, next. park. 4 2 5 3 © As{)Listen again. Pause the listening and repeat after each sentence. Lean... WHAT 10 DO IN AMSTERDAM eens city of _the Netherlands, is? ‘great place to spend time, Its easy totravel to? city because it has “ big railway station and’ airport — and it hotel. ‘There's lotto see and do here. There are 7 shops for people who enjoy shopping and® ‘restaurants with typical Dutch food, like stamppot or poffertes. Or you can go to one of? ‘museums, such as * ‘Van Gogh Museum. The best way to travel around " ‘Amsterdam is on a bike - there are 747,000 people here and over 600,000 bikes! After a busy day, alot of visitors like torelax on ® boat tour of city at night or they enjoy cup of coffee at one of Amsterdam's many koffiehuizen (coffee houses). very well More practice Quite wet {alk about rooms and furniture. oO 0 oO Use prepositions of place oO Oo Oo Use articles oO O O S 28 opposite adjectives 1 Greoxhe correct description. 4 atidy desk/a messy desk 5 abig dog /asmall dog 6 anewcar/an old car 2 anoisy child /a quiet child 3. aheavy box/a light box Choose the correct adjective to complete the sentences. 1 Mandy, put those(irt)/ clean clothes in the washing machine! 2A Your babyis beautiful / ugly. B Thankyou. 3. The journey from the north to the south of Africa is very long / short. 4A Did you enjoy the play? B Yes, the actors were terrible / fantasti! 5 Wecan'tgoto the beach ifthe weather is bad / good. 6 My motheris very old-fashioned / modern. She doesn't use a computer. 7 A Canyou do this exercise? B No, it’ easy/ difficult Cee me 3 Usea dictionary to translate the places into your language. 1 airport 9 museum 2 campsite 10 railway station 3. chemist 11 restaurant 4 cinema 12 road 5 hairdresser's 13. shop 6 hospital M_ swimming pool 7 hotel 15 theatre 8 library 16 tourist information centre Orr oxford 3000™ 4.3 Vocabulary development 4. Write the words in the correct column, ‘armehalt bathroom bed bedroom ‘carpet cooker dining room dishwasher flat fridge garage house kitchen livingroom office shelf sink table tollet_ washing machine Places to | Places in live ‘the home Furniture armchair 5 Write the opposite adjectives. Choose the words from the box. ‘cheap dirty easy fantastic good light modern new noisy short small dy ugly messy tidy 1 2 dean 3 long 4 expensive 5 quiet 6 difficult 7 bad 8 beautiful 9 old 10 heavy 11 big 12 terrible 13 old-lashioned © STUDY TP whenyouleern anew adjective, lookup na good dlesonary to See Rha an oppost. write both words n Your notebook and lean tem together 4.4 Speaking and writing SESS asking for and giving directions ‘1a Complete the directions. Use the words in the box. corner end first left past straight take turn 1 onthe left 5 ight 2 atthe ofthe road 6 go on 3 takethe left 7 ____ the second left 4 onthe 8 go the cinema bb 46f)Listen and repeat the phrases. 2a Find the tourist information centre on the map of Lightning Ridge. Read the conversations at the tourist information centre and follow the directions on the map. Complete each conversation with a place from the box. ‘an art galery the caravan park a hairdresser’s the hospital ‘the Opal Centre the school the theatre 1 A Excuseme, how do we get to 1 B Go out ofthe main door and turn right. Go straight on, past the theatre. It's on the left, 2 A Excuse me, could you give us some directions, please? B Yes, of course. How can Ihelp you? A Thanks. We want to get to B OK, well go out of the tourist information centre and turn right. Take the second road on the right. Turn left at the end of the road into Harlequin Street. Go straight ahead for ten minutes. Take the third turning on the right. I's on Opal Street on the let. 3. A Excuse me, where's ? B Gooutofthe main door and turn right. Take the first road on the left, ‘then turn right into Kaolin Street. Go straight on for ten minutes. I's fn the corner of Kaolin Street and Opal Street. a1 42 (43) Ga) as b 47 Listen and check. imperatives ‘Complete the house rules with the verbs inthe box. clean don't forget don't leave don'tuse take wash House rules 1 the washing machine after 9 p.m. Ie very noisy! Please? ___yaur dishes, 3 your dirty cups and plates in the sink, There is no dishwasher! Please *__ the shower after you use it and 5 your clothes to your bedroom, 4 Five other people live here! Thanks, John very well Qute wel More practice use opposite adjectives oO o oO ask for and give dretons Oo oO O ‘Sethe imperative to ive instructions (o} O O 2 4.5 Reading for pleasure Gone eee 41 Match the words in the box to the photos. Check any new words in your dictionary. ‘areitist anexhibition apainting astatue a theatre 1 _anartist 2 2 Read the extract from Factfiles: New York. It describes five 3 Complete the notes with the answers from the box. ‘musetums and art galleries in Manhattan, an area of New York. moderr-art Museum of Modern Art ‘There are more than sixty museums in Manhactan, Some stay DAs HTL hey of New oni stapes es ‘open late one or rwo evenings in the week, and some are fre. 1 Youcansee modern art_at the Guggenheim “The Metropolitan Museum of Art 5,000 years of art ~is Museum. ‘New York's biggest museum, and ison Fifth 2. The Metropolitan Museum has thousands of Avenue, Ithas three floors with thousands of paintings and there are painsngs, stares and other things. Titian, El outside in the museum garden: Greco, Monet, Cezanne, and Rousseau are just 3. Gotothe tolearn about some ofthe names in the Metropolitan Museum, ‘New York from the pastto the present. There i a garden of statues, too 4. One of Mone’s most famous paintings is atthe Pethaps you are interested in American arts At the Whitney Museum of American Art at 945, 5 TheWhitney Museum isa good placeto see Madison Avenue you can se pictures by Edward jatar barat rem Hopper, Georgin O*Keete, Jasper Johns, Willem de Kooning and many more American artists. 4 Answer the questions. The Museum of Modem Art (MoMA) is at 11 West S3rd 1 Which Manhattan museum would you like to visit? Street. Ithas the world’s biggest collection of modern art, There are six floors of pictures, photographs and statues, Two of the ‘most famous pictures are Moner’s Water Lilies and Picasso's Les Demoiseltes d’Avignon. 2. What famous museums and art galleries are there ‘The Museum of the City of New York on Fifth Avenue, at in your country? 103ed Street, tells the story of New York from its beginning. ‘Watch the Timescapes movie, and visit the exhibition Perform about the New York theatre. ‘The Guggenheim Museum is also on Fifth Avenue, at 88th Street. The museum opened in 1959. You can see the work of Picasso, Kandinsky, Modigliani and other modern artists in this strange but wonderful museum, 3. What sort of things can you seein them? "ent ett Wom Ovevd BOOROTTS BETIS NEW VOR 4142 43 44 45 Review: Units 3 and 4 a Gina CITE ‘1 Match questions (1-8) to answers (a-h). 3 Complete the words in the text. 1 Amato 2 See sas jens tava yavanna thy ie Ma. See Barcelona, I's a3full-t job- Iwork forty hoursa ee week and I travel alot, but Ilike it. The job is ¢well p_ 5. Istherea supermarket nearhere? —_ and myScollea are very friendly. We workin an 6 Does Kerry like her job at the hospital? _ Soff. near the centre of the city and we often go out 7 Whousuallytakesyourchildrentoschoof — | togetherafter work, Maraisa doctor at thehosp. . 8 When does thelibrary open? — She works long hours, but she eas a good al and shelovesher work a. No, they don't . ee oes 4 Girelbthe word thatmaichesthe definition a ae eee eet ee eee Maine pecau way Batic factory a manager | freelance | an office Ce mors Pea oa lacs fo oot ise ele AN ah a | fe, Mal pein eee Sa earmechanic. a bathroom / a toilet / a garage | a kitchen 2 Gielbrhe correct words to complete te text. 4. Usthe opposite ofon | Where I live ts difficult for young people to buy *@) an hhouse inthe / -south of England because houses are very expensive, We're very lucky Senn because we have ?the / an old house in *the / between / under / next to/ behind It’s something you often see in the bathroom. ‘cooker / a dishwasher / a shower | a desk acentre of a /-nice village, but the average | 5 Complete the conversations with the phrases from the box. price of -/ a small house in our village is £250,000. atthe end of canyou could! gette gopast nearhere that’sfine the right turn right where's, The village is small -7 there are / there isone fortwo small shops, but 8there aren't / there are 1A Excuse me, how doI get ¢0_ the tourist information centre? any restaurants and 9 here aren't / there isn'ta B Go straight on ~it's'__theroad. ay station here. Fortunately, we are near zat havea day offon Friday, please? big town called Basingstoke. Basingstoke has Be Let me make a note in my diary to a shopping centre with lots of ® he /- shops remind me. and restaurants. Opposite the shopping centre BeAtrecencys feepeliceetiont M there’ there area railway station with fast Bis oni Laddon Rosd gabe a Aieelsirend| | trains to the/-London. 5 the theatre. The police station —_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—" isoné . 4ar lend mea pencil, please? B Sure, there's one on my desk. Jus ake it 5 A Excuseme,isthereabank® 7 B Yes, there's one on West Street, Go to the end of this street and ‘The bankis on the left. a1 Clothes and shopping 5.1 Shopping shopping 1 Complete the crossword. aoa : Across > fa Pelelalp 1 You getitatthe bakers. 4. You buy things ata shopping é CI 5 You do this with money. eTT} 7 Ontheinternet. LI || || 8 Money: - i 9. You buy one atthe newsagent’. l Down ¥ | 2 Youcanusually something you don'tlike toashop. POODLE 3. The butcher's sells thi - 5 Atime when shops sell things at low prices. 6 There's 20% ‘on everything today. 2 Choose the correct options to complete the article, ‘A few years ago you could dive fo the cenre of an American town, ook «at what was inthe shops, get help from a shop assistant, and poy for things with *(ash)/ sales. Today there ore small food shops in some town centres, but most people don't buy their meat from « local 2newsagent’s / buicher’s, ther daily newspaper from the local Snewsagent’s / discount or their bread from the local “baker's / shopping centre. They prefer to Sspend / cash their monay in big supermarkets or Sales / shopping centres, or they shop from home. Now people do more and more shopping 7cenires / online. in 2012, it wos 22% of food shopping and 37% of shopping for clothes, but every year ifs more, Around 71% of American men and 66% of ‘American women shop on the internet. I's very easy to find big "cash / discounts and save money. You don't need to stand outside ond wait for shops fo open inthe ?saes / discounts, and you can return / spend things that you don't ike 32| Or Oxford 3000 Ba) 52 53 54 can/can't/could/couldn't 3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of can/could and the verb in (brackets). 1. People cauldi’e pay_(not pay) for things with credit cards before 1958, but they cauld pay (pay) with cash Today you (buy) things with cash or credit cards in most shops, but you (not use) cash to pay for things online. 2 Now you (get) money from cash ‘machines around the world or you (@0) Into a bank. Before 1967, you (get) money from your ‘bank but you {not take) money from a cash machine. 3. Before 1994, you (get) a computer and Use the internet, but you {not shop) ontine Today there are some things that you {(n0t do) ontine ~ have a haircut, for ‘example - but you (find) most things that you need. 4 You (have) a colour TV in 1953, but you —___ {not watch) a TV programme in colour The first colour TV programme was in 1954! Today we {enjoy) thousands of colour TV programmes from around the world. Most of today's young people {not remember) black and white Tv, 5 Before 1994 people. (eat) a meal in an English restaurant on Sundays, but they {0ot buy) food from an English supermarket Today most supermarkets in the United Kingdom ‘open seven days a week and they offer onine shopping, When you {@ot go) to the supermarket, you (vst) ther onine store. Rewrite the sentences as questions using can/could, Then complete the answers. 1 You could get cash from machines in the 1980s. Cauld you get casi fons machines in the 19804? Yer, you could 6a 2. Hecan visit the museum on Sunday. phe 3 Iean book the plane tickets online. it 4. Wecan't park in the centre ofthe town, 5 People couldn't shop online in the 1980s. they 6 Children could play outside in the past. they Correct the sentences. 1 Canyou buys bread at the newsagent’? Can, yo buy bread at the nensagent’? 2. Could people spending euros in 1995? 3. A Canyoudothis exercise? B Yes, can do. a B 4 You can’t use the internet in 1975. 5 You can’t to swim in the sea - it’s dangerous. 6 People could buy most things online now. can 511) Listen tothe sentences. Look a the words in bold. Are they stressed (S) or unstressed (U)? 1A Canwebook he theatre tickets online? A B No, but we can book them by phone, __ 2. A Canhe playa musical instrument? B Yes,heean. 3. A Lean'tpay with my creditcard, —_ B That’sOK, youean pay with cash, —_ A No,Tean't. thaven'tgotany cash. —_ 51 )Listen again. Pause the listening and repeat after each tem. Copy the tres. Jean... very well Qute wel More practice talk abou hopping Oo oO O use can and ould 0 talk about possbity and ably O Oo oO 5.2 Whatis he wearing? WEEETTES clothes and accessories b S2{)Listen, check and repeat. 1a Match the clothes and accessories to the pictures. 2 Choose the correct word. scot ans wut 1 Israining -takea scarf (Ga sures jewelery ts, «= —S 2 Martha wears lot of gold jeans /jowellery scarves. + gasses + sa stop a I need glasses / tes / trainers for reading 2 gloves + shoes + trainers : : 28 shoes pens 4 Fenny searng be sock/ hand store + hoodie + skirt Tshirt ___{itervigwrt che ban ° jpoet * os imorea 5 A Myhands are really cold, B Wear your Tshirt / coat / gloves. 6 Youweara scarf round your hands / fet / neck. 7 She spends alot of money on designer hats / shoes / tops, but she can’t walk in them, 8 Wear your coat / glasses / shorts ~ (GENIE present continuous 3 Complete the sentences. Use the present continuous form ofa verb from the box. (5 cold outside, buy dive have make rain swim wear work 1 Deidre and Mickare ina shop. Theyre buying anew white carpet for their bedroom, 2. Jim isn’t atthe office today. He from home. 3. like the yellowhat your mum. inyour wedding photos. 4A What are you doing? BL ‘pizza for dinner. 5 A Arethekids upstairs? B No, they inthe pool, 6 A Isthis room free? B No,I'msorry it isn't. We ‘a meeting here, 7. Please slow down. You very fast. 8 Wecan'tgo to the beach today -it Orr oxford 3000™ 4 Makenegative (-) sentences and questions (2). Use the present continuous. 1 ()where / Allen and Daria / go ere Daria ging? 2 (you /drinkmy coffee 3. he /listen to the teacher 4. Ellie / do her homework 5 (JI /enjoy this film 6 ()it/snow today / burit's cold 7 @why those people /stand there 8 (we / work today present continuous or present simple 5 Complete the sentences. Put one ofthe verbs in (brackets) in the present continuous and one of the verbs in the present simple. 1 Lusually_drive_to work, but today Tint taking thetrain. (drive / take) 2 Andrea in an office from Monday to Friday but today is Saturday and she at home. (work /relax) 3. Yanni any clothes to wear forhis job 6 Read the text and look atthe verbs in bold. Put six ofthe verbs into the present continuous. Ashna ‘lives in Mumbai with her parents and (7 her sisters, Meena and Lalita. Ashna gets married today. Meena and Lalita help their sister to get dressed for the wedding. In India, women usually wear a long dress called a sari for thelt wedding and they Spaint their hands with something red called “wumkuma’. Today Ashna ¢wears a ted sari and alot of gold jewellery. interviewsohe anew suit. (buy /nothave) ‘This morning, Ashna‘s mother “checks the food for 4 We_______ work now because it__half the party after the wedding. She *enjoys cooking, ‘baa five (bey/lenve) but today "Is a big day and she "needs help. A lot. 5 They. outside the shop - it__at ‘of people "come to the house and so Ashna’s aunts nine oflock. (wait / open) ‘2¢00k special food for them. 6 A. Why___you.___tothebanke B Reenisel vo gattine ony orth : cash machine. (go / want) 1 lives ¥ ______7 checks 7 Sandy intbe shopping cen. She Fete dati — 8 sien tomettouer toa chop beau she —— them. (return / not like) ower. 1 toate ban 5 pain 1 come wea 12 cook 1 FO, Lavaye numba ny bag. ine) Lean Vorywal__autewel_ wore ‘alk about clothes, eo O Oy se the present continuous to talk about actions at the moment, oO Oo 9 35 36 5.3. Vocabulary development (EEEMEDY adjectives and adverbs 1. Rewrite the sentences using the adverb form of the adjective in (brackets). 1 Tean'trun in these shoes. (ast) Lean? rin fact in teeve sheet 2. Sylvia can't see without her glasses. (clear) 3 Peter and Jan work every day. (hard) 4 Lalways drive. (careful) 5. Why do the trains always arrive? (late) 6 Please play: (quie) 7 Mysister cooks. (good) 2 Choose the correct options. ‘This is aGlow)/ slowly train. I don't speak French very good / well ‘What's the correct / correctly answer to question six? Children, please be quiet / quietly. Why are you walking quick / quickly? We have lots oftime. 7 Ally friends say that Ising really bad / badly! Orr oxford 3000™ Please don’t drive dangerous / dangerously in the rain. Cee ae 3 Match the words to the definitions. the baker's the butcher’s cash a discount thenewsagent’s enine return the sales shopping centre spend Away to shop from your own home. online You use it to pay for things. You do this with money and time. A place with lot of shops. A shop that sells bread. Ashop that sells newspapers. ‘Take back something you don't like toashop. 8 The time of year when shops sell things cheaply. 9 Ashop that sells meat. 10 Something you get when you buy something during the sales. 4 Write the words in the correct column, eoat dress glasses gloves hat hoodie jacket jeans jewellery scarf shoes skirt socks suit tie top trainers trousers T-shirt umbrella Clothes ‘Accessories cont glasses 5 Complete the table. Adjective | Adverb Adjective | Adverb TS lin, BBR 7! bad | ‘badly Boor 2 [carefully hare clear le . late “ dangerously quick 0 easly quiet fast le 2 |soury 51 53) (64) 55 5.4 Speaking and writing STG ina shop 1 Complete the conversation between a customer(C) and an assistant (A), Use the words in the boxes. credit card discount exewse help how much off take 1 Excuse met Yes? How can 1? you? a isthis scarf? Ws £9.99, Do you doa student 2 Yes, we do. You get 10% 5 witha student card, Ob, that’s good. Can I pay by ® 2 No, I'm afraid we only? cash. 1 parorare ‘ean changing rooms close just need ty *_Can_thelp you? No, thanks. I'm? Well ityou? anything, just What time do yous 2 Athalf past six. Canté ‘on this top, please? Yes, ofcourse. The” are on the lft, behind the jeans, looking. poraroe 2a Put the assistant’s phrases inthe correct place in the conversation. + And would you lke your receipt in the bag? + That's £4.50, please. + What kind do you want? * Would you like a bag? Do you sell batteries? Yes, we do.* Er... AAA, please ~ they're for my camera. aproduct review 3. Change this bad review into.a good review. Use the ‘words in the box. easy expensive great value Hecommende quickly tod: This is a great bike and 11'm very disappointed with it. I's only £180, but it looks @cheap. I's also very 2difficult to use. So overall it’s ¢not worth ‘the money. It arrived Stwo weeks late, to0, on the day after | ordered it. Lrecommona it 1 2 — 3 4 5 4 Put commas and and into these sentences. 1. She's wearing a scarfa hat gloves today. 2 Shopping online is easy cheap you can return things that you don't like. 3 Jake's a good driver: he drives slowly carefully not too fast. Can Thave two packets? ‘That's £9.00, Yes, please. Justa small one. orarararoe Yes, lease b_saf)Listen, check and repeat each line ofthe conversation, © STUDY TP practise isten-andrepet exercises several times wt the werds in fon of you, then try cover the words anc practng the exercise againto see how much you remember, Lean... se adverbs, buy things ina shop, Very well Quite well More practice oO 0 oO oO Oo Oo write a product review, oO O O S The past 6.1 Don’t give up! wasand were 1. Make positive (+) or negative (sentences, or questions () using the past form of be. 1 (4) the co-founders of Microsoft / Bill Gates and Paul Allen The co-fiunders of Microsoft were Bill Gates and Paul Allen, 2 (iherestaurant/ expensive 3. ()Harry's meal / very good. 4 (1/very tired last night 5 (where / you / yesterday 6 (e/a for wrk hismorning 7 why /Vincen van Gogh famous 8 ()1/bornin England 2. Choosethecorrect options to complete the ate 2 Readtheartlein exercise again, Complete thn qustions blow wih sor wae then wee showtanswes IKEA is born 1 _blg_IngvarKamprad born inSnedent? she Ingvar Kamprad \Wa3)/ were the founder of the a “ his parents rich? furniture company IKEA. He2 was / were bon in — 1926 in Sweden. His parents wasnt / werent A es rich — they 4was / were farmers and the family homes was/ were ear sinall lage in he south vngurineetedntainge of Sweden. Ingvar Swasn't / weren't interested in farming. He started IKEA in his uncles kitchen in 1943. His first products ? was / were pencils and ‘other small items. There # wasn't / weren't any IKEA stores before 1958 -it *was / were only possible to buy things from IKEA by mail. The first IKEA store the past of to be ‘was /were in Sweden, but now there are stores around the world. 5 IKEA furniture on sale in 1950? 43 Are the words in bold stressed (8) or unstressed (U)? Iwas tired last night. Was [tired last night? —_ Yes, Iwas. No, wasn't, ‘They were at home last night. Were they at home last night? __ Yes, they were. —_ No, they weren't 38) Onn Oxford 3000" 61) 62 63 64 65 b 619 Listen and check. © 649 Listen again. Pause the listening and repeat aftereach sentence. 59. 62{)Listen to the pronunciation of was/were, Write stressed (8) or unstressed (U). 1A Was Elvis Presley famous? UC B Yes, hewas, 2 A Whywasthe doctoratyourhouse? —_ B Myhusband was sick. —_ 3A Wherewere youyesterday? B Wewere at work. 4. A Were the teachers atyourfirst school nice? _ B Yes, they were. 5 A Whenwereyou born? B wasborn in 1992, b 62{)Listen again. Pause the listening and repeat after each sentence, (E=ENEDY time expressions 6 Putthe words in the right order to make sentences, 1 her / Jackie / in / hour / ago / was / office / an / half. i 1 office hal a 2 in/London Olympics / The / 2012 / were / ast. 4 year / Spain / We /in / were / last. 5. morning / was /tired /1/ this / very 6 Albert Finstein / nineteenth century / born / the / was 7 a/staffmeeting / few / There / days / was / ago /a 8 inhospital / She / wo / ago / was / months . Lookat the events in exercise 6, Put them in order, with the most recent event frst. Now Jackie was in her office half an hour ago. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Complete the text. Use the word/phrase/date in (brackets) and add in, last or ago. r 1 FAMILY HISTORY My fatherinaw, Glen, was a police officer but he retired 1_in_2006_ (2006).Now,he has more time and he enjoys researching his family history. Glen goes to family-history meetings every month and he visits museums all ver the country to find out more information about his own farily 2 (month) he was in York and ths week e's in Cambridge. 3____(two years), he was in Wales. He ‘was there because 4 (the 19th century) his grandparents were farmers in Wales. it was 5 (along time), but the far is there ‘today! 6_(year) he was in Canada — Glen’ aunt moved to Canada? (1935) and Glen has some cousins in Toronto, He was really happy to meet them wher he was there , (the summer), My husband and | were at Glens house * (ht) and he showed Us his photos of Wales and Canada = they were very interesting tean Very well Quite well More practice use wasfvere to talk about the past. O. Oo Oo use other time expressions. Oo Oo 9 39 6.2 Stories past simple regular verbs 41 Write the past simple for each ofthe verbs, 1 carry carried 7 look 2 close 8 love 3 collect 9 play 4 copy 10 relax 5 earn 1 return 6 enjoy 12 uy 2 Complete the article. Use the past simple ofthe verbs in (brackets). THE STORY OF THE CASHPOINT “There weren't any cash machines (sometimes called ‘cashpoints) until the 1960s. When people *_wavezed (vant) to take out money from their bank, they usually 2 (visit) the bank and? (wait) ina line to speak to one of the bank workers. Banks (open) during the week and on Saturday mornings. This was problem ifyouS (need) money at any other time, John Shepherd-Barron & (study) at the ‘University of Cambridge and he? (work) for De La Rue, company that made banknotes for different countries. One day, John # ___(arive) at his ‘bank, but it was closed and he couldnt get any money. He? (notice) the vending machines that people (use) to buy drinks and food and het (decide) that it was possible to have a'money vending machine: He ® (talk) to ‘Barclays ~a British bank ~and they "8 (like) hhisidea. That was in 1965. Today there are over two milion ‘cash machines around the world, Orr oxford 3000™ aG Choose one word to complete each sentence and write tin the past simple. 1 live /look / close 1 lived in Bangladesh when Iwas a child. 2 change / believe / prepare ‘The Lobi people of ancient Ghana snake ‘money helped them to stay safe. 3 wateh /listen / enjoy We to the radio when we were in the car, 4. start / practise / collect, Sally her new job last week. 5 copy /hurry carry sam. the shopping to his car. 6 retire /return /turn Dan doesn’t work now —he sixty-five, 7 use /turn / pay Inthe past, people when he was for things with salt. ed ending in past simple verbs othe verb which doesn't have the same -ed sound. id! changed / returned /Gtarted) WV called /looked /thanked ‘d/_ collected / finished / included i worked /liked / posted Ja believed / noticed / prepared ‘hd! wanted / needed / used 1) waited / received / moved Ad! responded / watched / shouted W noticed / practised / turned 63{)Listen and check. 63))Listen again and repeat. ‘STUDY TIP When you learn anew verb, write down in your ‘notebook if it's regular or ireguiar. For regular verbs, write down the pronunciation, using the symbols in exercise da, For irregular verbs, write down the past simple form, and try to learn itt the same time. common regular verb collocations 5 Match the begi ings and endings ofthe collocations. 1 preparea’ a foralongtime 2 receive an b competition 3 move © relative 4 posta house 5 shoutat email 6 visita F letter 7 entera \g meal 8 wait 1h someone 6 Compete the conversations with cllocatin from exercise. Use the : pastsimple form, v 1A Does Moll stil ivein Manchester? B No, she moved kkouse_lastyear. She lives in Birmingham now. ™ 2A You lateagan, Mary. B know: ms Thee ween bsesthismorning 1 rr , then I decided to walk. 7. 3 A Howwas your birthday? Pa B Great! We stayed at home and Daniel at . was very ne What did he cook? ' 4A Tony for anew carlastweek. A A B Really? I hope he wins! 5A How’sRim? wa B She's fine. from her yesterday. She's living oy in Saudi Arabia now. aii A Can you give me her new address so I can write to her? B Ofcourse, 6 A Iean't remember the last time 1 B can! It was a few weeks ago when Jamie showed you his pet snake. You were really angry. {A That's because Jamie knows that I don't like snakes. 7A Howlong does it take for a postcard to get from here to Austr B About seven days, Ithink. My cousin tome from Sydney last week and it arrived here yesterday 8A Whenwas the last time you B Two months ago -all of my family live in Poland and Ionly see them three or four times year. Lean... Very well Quite well More practice lise regular verbs to talk about what happened in the past, oO 0 9 use common collocations, oO Oo 9 a a2 6.3 Vocabulary development adverbs of degree 1 atthe adverbs of degree in (brackets) into the sentences. 1 There area lot of old buildings in the city. (very) There are a le of very ld buildings in the city. 2 Wscommonto see tourists in my town. (quite) 3. The palace that we visited was interesting, (really) 4 The tour guide's talk was boring, (a bit) 5 The people in the hotel were unfriendly. (very) 6 The seats on the bus were uncomfortable. (abit) 7 scold here in winter. (really) 8 I'sexpensiveto havea holiday in England. (quite) Choose the best options to complete the sentences. 1 ‘The museum was a bt / very boring, butitwas OK - I saw some interesting things there. 2 His French isa bit / quite good, but he doesn't understand everything. 3. Ithinktourism is really /@ bitimportant for our town. 4 Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple computers, was a bit / verysuccessful businessman, ‘The tickets for the art exhibition were abit / quite cheap. like my new boss. She's very / quite friendly. W's really /a bit hot today - the temperature is 39°C. ‘We were a bt / really late - we arrived five minutes after the start ofthe film, sentence stress 64 Listen tothe sentences, Underline the stressed words. 1 He's bituntriendly 2 Those bags are quite cheap. 3. She's really friendly 4. Thisis avery interesting article. 644) Listen again, Pause the listening and repeat after each sentence Orr Oxford 3000” Cee ae 4. Write the time expressions in the correct column. 1974 2011 longtime night theshtecnth-contury the summer three months twoweeks week year in last ago the sixteenthe century 5 Complete the collocations. Use words/phrases from the box. ‘e-competition anemall house aletter a long time meal arelative someone center _a competition. post prepare shout at visit 6 Putthe sentences in the correct order from strong to weak. tS abit cold. it’s quite hot. ts realy boring ts very expensive, 100% 1 2 3 0% 6162 (63) a) 65 6.4 SEIS showing interest as a listener 4 2a Read the sentences in each column. Write good news, bad news or interesting news atthe top ofeach column. 1 2 3 Thetrainislate I'm starting It's my daughter's, again salsa class wedding next My boss is really | morrow. weak, ‘angry with me. | Tom had an Emma passed her Mark's Interview driving test! ‘grandfather died Yesterday. It's stopped last week ‘There's a Turkish | raining ~ we can film on TV tonight. | goto the beacht Read the phrases, Are they responses to good news, responses to bad news or responses to interesting news? 1 That's awful! _bad news 2 Whata nightmare! 3 Really? 4 That's great! 5 That'stervible! 6 That'samazing! 7 Pooryout 8 That's brilliant! 9 Ohno! 45) Listen and say the phrases. Copy the intonation. Choose the best way to complete the conversations. 1 A Myinterview went really well. They offered me B That's great! / That's awfull 3. A Ournew neighbours moved into the house next door yesterday. B Really? / That'samazing! 4A I'vegotacold. B That's amazing! / Poor you! Speaking and writing 5 A The busislate again. B Ohno! Thar'sbrilliant! 6 A Ourholiday was terrible! The hotel was awful, the people were really unfriendly and it rained every day so we couldn't go to the beach, B What a nightmare! | Really? 7 A Mygrandiatheris 102 years old today. B That's terrible! / That'samazing! 8 A Kenisreally unhappy. The company he worked for closed last week and now he's unemployed. B That's brilliant! / That's awful! 66) Listento the first part ofthe conversation and say the response, then listen and check. (QT write a tweet ora text message 4a Putthe missing words in the tweets to make full sentences, 11 Il Want to go to istanbul in April. Anyone know a good hotel there? 2 Watching a great programme about famous singers. Anyone else watching i? 3 Just waited an hour for the bus! So boring! b Match replies a-cto tweets 1-8, Cross out the unnecessary words. 8 I Poor you! Are-yeu home now? Be-you want to meet for coffee later? (Foal? onty watched 5 minutes. i was awful © i Try Hotel Empress Zoe. | went there last year. It's really beautiful Tean... Very well Quite well More practice ‘show interest as a listener. o oO [e) write a tweet or a text message. oO 0 e use adverbs of degree. oO 0 9 43 4a 6.5 Listening for pleasure Ieee 1 Complete the text about William Shakespeare. 1616 fms plays town writer William Shakespeare was a famous English poet, | writer and actor who lived 400 years ago. During his life he wrote many 2 and they are still popular today —some of them are now? Shakespeare was born in the small English ¢ of Stratford ‘upon-Avon and he died there in§ i ‘when he was fifty-two years od. the School Hall's Orr oxford 3000™ Match the places in blue on the map to the definitions. Check any new wordsin your dictionary. 1. The place where Shakespeare was born, Shakespeare's birthplace 2. Aplace where you can watch a play. 3. Aplace where children go tolearn. 4. Aplace where you can sit outside and relax. 5. Aplace where visitors to Stratford- ‘upon-Avon can find information. 6 Ahouse where someone called Nash lived. 67} Listen to podcast deseribinga walk around the centre of Stratford-upon- Avon, Look at the map and complete the tour description with the names of the places. Wereally enjoyed our tour of Stratford-upon-Avon, We started at the fourist information centre and walked to? ___in Henley Street. Then we walked wo? onChapel Street. This was the home of Shakespeare's granddaughter. Our next stop was the ‘ fon Church, ‘Street. Shakespeare was a student here. After that we visited Hall’s Croft, which is on a street called Old Town, ‘Thisis the house that Shakespeare's daughter lived in, We then had a walk along the river and ournext stop was thes which is quite a modern building. The tour finishe twas lovely to ice cream. there and have an 6162 63 64 65 Review: Units 5 and 6 a [cram 41 Choose the correct form. 3 Complete the conversations with words from the box. 1 Martineis atthe newsagents She buys /(buyinga newspaper. = 2 Could / Can you drive when you were seventeen? 3. fmsorry coulda’ / can't phone you yesterday. have my phone, 4 Tims carisat the garage s he takes /'s taking the bus to int baker's bit blue discount glasses gloves money really return sales shoes top 1 A Howmuch eney do youspend on clothes? B Idon’t spend a ot - I usually buy my clothes in the 2A Thisred dressis 7 We don'tusually pay / ‘m not usually paying for things walkin them. a Wreos See eee peta emer See eee aie Se ee B Idon'tknow. I can't see what the sign says without ey Before the internet Ie’ difficult to believe that just over twenty years ago Choose the correct options. Did you post / enter my letter yesterday? the internet *_p/asnt_ (not be) here for us to use. See eee ceo When the internet started there? (note) 2 Did you walt the bus / wait forthe bus for along ime? ‘many people with home computers - most people 3. retired long ime ago (along time ago *. (use) internet cafés to go online and 4 The hotel is a bit nice / very nice. check their emails orto play games andthe cafés 5 Julia works very hard / hardly. 4. (be) quite expensive to use. 6 lan drives dangerous / dangerously. 7 8 ‘Today the internet plays an important partin our lives and we can't imagine life without it. We shop online, find information, chat and play games with Were you at university last / in 2005? people around the world. Life® (be) very Bra Ehret for our pets-Theye al no shops todo theirshopping, they? (look) 5 Complete the conversation with words from the box. {or information in books to find the answers to their questions, they ® (chat) to friends in the changing rooms Help looking need try street or on the phone and they * (play) {games at home with their families. ‘A CanI*_help_you? B No, thanks. Pm just? “* (be) things better in the past orare they A Wel, just askifyou? aa betlacaowt B Excuse me, CanI# suit on, please? A Yes, ofcourse. The are over there. 45 46 71 a healthy lifestyle 1 Choose the correct ver to complete the healthy living phrases. 1 Glee take seven to eight hours a night 2 put/ do physicaljobs around the house 2 ride drvea bicycle 4 have walkso work 5 go/ takethestairs, not the it 6 eat take lots of fruit and vegetables 7 do/ bean hour ofexerciseeach day 8 put/ drink eight glasses of water day 9 see /gotothegym 2 Match theillustrations to the phrases from exercise 1. Orr Oxford 3000” Health and fitness My health, my business 3 Complete the article with seven phrases from exercise I. Small changes for a healthier life FOOD ‘Try to eat more healthily, for example * cat lots of fruit and vegetables —doctors say that seven a day ia good number. And 2 = that’s about two litres aday. EXERCISE Itcan be expensive to ‘and sometimes it's difficult to go every day, but there are other types of exercise you can do. On ‘work days you can leave your ear at home and 4 ‘rr a bike ~ you save money and you feel good. When you arrive at the office ® to your floor, ‘Walking up and down stairs for an hour uses over '300 calories (that’s about the number of calories ina big hamburger!) After work, you can use ‘more calories when you arrive home - don't sit in front ofthe TV, ¢ or inthe garden. RELAXING ‘You don‘ feel healthy when you're tired. 7___-gotobed early and don't ‘eat a big meal late inthe evening. © STUDY TIP wnen you are eacngn Enis, look or groups ‘of words that are used together, for example ride a bike, do exercise, take the stars - these are collocations. Make a ‘ote of them in your notebook and learn them as phrases, ‘ot individual words, past simple irregular verbs 42 Complete the sentences. Use the past simple form of a verb from the box. borrow live pay play Fide sleep spend stop 1 We ride our bikes to school when we were children, 2 She ‘money from the bank for her university fees. 3. When my parents were young, they in South Africa. 4 Phil football with his friends on Saturday. 5 They for the meal with a credit card. 6 John work at half past five and went home. 7 Idon't know why you'e tired - you forten hours last night. 8 Idon'thave any money -I itall yesterday. b_ Lookat the verbs from exercise 4a. Do they have a regular past form or an irregular past form? 1 rode — irregular 5 2 6 3 7 4 8 5 Write the verbs and their past form in the correct column. ‘There are 12 regular verbs and 12 irregular verbs. ‘believe buy catch change come copy drink fly get hear leave ike look put reduce show sit study take tidy use want watch write Verbs with regular past simple forms Verbs with irregular past simple forms buy ~ boughe past simple irregular verbs 69. 741) Listen to the pronunciation of the groups of three past simple verbs (Circlothe verb with a different vowel sound. 1 taught /bought fede) 4 came / drank / sang 2 chose / put / wrote, 5. took/ flew / put 3 said /flt/ heard 6 made ate /eaught 720) Listen again and repeat. Complete the blog, Use the past simple form ofthe verbs in (brackets) ... fo this in nine weeks! aes ee My parents _Iuad_ (have) a house near the beach when | was 2 chile and my brother and I? (enim) every day. We also played tenis and we even 3 (win some tennis compettions. However, when I (eave) home, this all changed! Ijoined 2 gym to keep fit, but | never 5 ol. 6 (dive) everywhere and 17 (eat) alot ofthe wrong food. | was very unfit. My bestfriend, James, ® {tol me about a nine-wook running plan called Couch to 5K. He? (say) that the pln was the idea ofa runner called Josh Clark Josh. 0 (think) unning was a good way to help his mum. ” {find) more information about Couch to 5K on the internet and decided to ty it In the fist week | walked for five minutes, then | 1 (do) twenty minutes of walking and running. In week 9, 1 (oun) for thirty minutes without stopping three times a week and I eel) ‘great! Now I love running —last week | (doy ten- kilometre race! Read my blog to find out more! Lean... Very well Quite well More practice use colloations fora healthy Ifestye Oo 0 ° use past simple irregular verbs. oO Oo 9 7.2 Sporting heroes sports and fitness 41a Write the words inthe correct column. basketball cycle fishing football tothe gym jeg judo run ski swim tennis yoga verb Go+ Play + Do+ ing b 72))Listen, check and repeat. 1a? 3 Match the beginnings and endings ofthe sentences. 1 Evening classes area good ain idea if you want to learn 2. Forme, the best reason s todo sportisto have ‘eat 3. Wedon't play football for fun -we play to i" sas 4 Exercise is the best way 'd_ something new. 2 Which activities in photos 1-8 are mentioned in exercis tolose 5 Leycle cowork every day wi, tokeep wi 6 joined atennis club to make new f fun, past simple negative 4 GrelWthe correct answersa, bore. 1 Thetrain didn’t _on time this morning, a arrived btoarrive — ¢ @riv® 2 ‘They did play football last weekend ano b not © motto 3 Iewas cold here last week, butt a didn'trained b didnitrain © didn'ttorain 4. Nigel didn’t to workyesterday. a go b went © goes 5 We _ yoga yesterday. a didn't D diddonot —€ didn'tdo 6 1 Sammy atthe basketball game. a didn'tsee —b didnitsaw —€ sawnot 7 Youdidn't _ to the meeting this afternoon, 4 8 @ tocome b came © come 48) Onn Oxford 3000" 71_(@2) 7374 Make the sentences negative, 1 They went to Mexico. vy didist go ta Mexico, 2. Westayedin ahotel. 3. The weather was very good, 4. Hewon the competition. 5 You were late for work. 6 Iskied at the weekend. Complete the pairs of sentences. Use one positive form and one negative form, 1 buyahat 7 buy designer shoes X She bough a hat for the wedding, She didi? buy designer shoes for the wedding. 2 goshopping x gofishing ¥ Dan shopping. He fishing. 3 dojudo x dokarate 7 ‘They judo last night, ‘They karate. 4 takethebus ¥ take the train X we the bus to Manchester. We the train, 5 lend mes20 x lend me £10 ¥ You me £20, You me £10. 6 startathalfpasttwo X startattwo o'clock ¥ ‘The staff meeting u at two o'lock. athalf past two, 7 playbasketball ¥ play football X 7 Complete the article with the correct form af the verbs in (brackets). Tegla Loroupe Olympic runner ‘Tegla Loroupe was born in Kenya in 1973, She + started (start) school when she was seven. Her family? (not live) near the school, soTegla? (run) ten kilometres every ‘morning to get to the school. Tegla (want) to bea runner, but her father (not think) itwasa good thing fora git to do. Tegla (notageee) and she? (not stop) running, Tegla was very successful in races all around the world during the 1990s and she (begin) tobe very famous. In 2000, Tegla? (enter) the marathon atthe Sydney Olympics, but she wasn't ‘well the night before the race and she * (not win) a medal Tegla (not wand to be justa runner. She ® (decide) to help people in her part of Africa, In 2003, Tegla (star an organization called the Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation. She also # (open) a school (the Tegla Loroupe Peace Academy) and a home for children who" (not have) parents. Today she continues to work to help people around the ‘world to have betterlives. ‘They basketball ‘They football Jean Very well Quite well More practice ‘talk about sports and fitness, oO 0 9 use the past simple negative, oO Oo 9 49 7.3 Vocabulary development Cee ae 3 Complete the phrases about healthy living, (HEINE easily confused words 1 Which sentence is correct? Tick(Y) a orb. 1 @ Doyouenjoylooking at photos? do(x2) drink eat go ride sleep take walk b Do you enjoy watching photos? 2 a Wsraining. Bringan umbrella when you go out. 1 inl to work bb tsraining, Take an umbrella when you go out 2 the stair, not the ie 3. a Jeffwento bed early. He said that he was tired 3 bicycle bb Jef went to bed early He told that he was tired 4 amour of exercise each day 4. a Can you borrow me some money fra taxi? 5 seven to eight hours a night bb Canyoulend me some money ora taxi? 6 lots ofruitand vegetables 5. a Westayed athome and looked at TV ast night 7 ight glasses of watera day b Westayed athome and watched TV lastnight. 8 to the gymoran evening class 6 a Canyou take me that newspaper? 9 physical jobs around the house bb Canyou bringme that newspaper? 7a Welentmoney rom the bank uy ourhouse Ado play, oor) each group of aetivites b We borrowed money from the bank to buy our 2 testes foatball teat tours 2 athletics, judo, yoga 8 a Comeover here and look at this picture, a fishing, to the gym b Gooverhere and lookat this picture. 4 cycle, jog, run, sk, swim ® & Youdklat lla abadtyoccew at: Choose the correct verb to complete the phrases. b You didnt say me about your new job cody feep fn 10 'mgoing home-it'sfive o'clock. See you tomorrow. ai oe b mcominghome- it's five o'clock. See you tomorrow. Complete the sentences. Use one word from each pair of words in the box, borrowed /lent brought /took looked at / watched said-Hold went / came 1 Jack _fold_me that he didn't like his new boss, to meet / learn something new to lose / win weight to meet / win friends to win / havea competition ‘Match the pairs of easily confused words, then translate them into your language. g0 lend teke tell watch 2 We toThailand ast year, Wehad a great time there. 1 a bring 3 They didn’t have any money fr food so1 b take _ them $10. 2 a borrow: 4 She alot of clothes in the shop, but she b OC didnt buy anything 3 9 come 5. Mygrandehildren meto the theatre last » - week 4a lookat b any b Orr oxford 3000™ 74 SIN opinions, agreeing and disagreeing 1a. Complete the conversations. Use the phrases in the boxes. agree {don’t know about that | think |What'syouropinion Yes, but a At What's your opinion ofvideo exercise games? B They're OK. I've gota dance video that Iuse sometimes. A Mykids want one of those tennis games ~ they say the games are a good way to keep fit, but 2 ‘They can play tennis in the park, BS only in the summer! With a vvideo game you can exercise inside all year. A That's true, but children today spend a lot of time in front of computer and ‘TV screens and they need to do more things outside. ‘Things were different when we were kids. BS with you, But the world isa different place now. Iidon't agree Idon't know about that forme ‘That's right What do you think bat of this company in London? ‘They use mobile phone technology to check what their workers eat, when they exercise and how they sleep. And they also give them an exercise plan. Ithinkit’sa great idea. B? with you. ‘A Why not? B Well,? . people's health is their business. As - When people aren't healthy, they can’t work and companies lose money. BS , of course, But do people really want their bosses to tell them what to eat and when to exercise? 7 7374 Speaking and writing 2 Putthe phrases in the box next to the correct heading. Use the conversations in exercise la to help you. Forme, .._|agree (with that). | don't know about that Ithink .. That's right. Whatde-yourthinkiot—? What's your opinion (of ..)? Yes, but 1 Askingforopinions: —_ What do you think (of)? 2. Giving opinions: 3 Agreeing: 4 Disagreeing: (EET post a website comment 3. Read the text and the comments. Choose the correct options. New research shows that people spend four hours ‘online ~ playing video games, using social media, texting and tweeting — and four hours thirly minutes ‘watching TV. Do we live in a virtual world? Do we talk less to real people? What do you think? RS, Wales think (grea. People don't tak to each other anymore. They work with computers and they 200 / also relax with them, ‘Agata, Poland You's right /agres. don't think we live in the real world, We look at computer soreens at work, then watch TVin the evening, too. We are too / also ‘always on our phones. But we don't talk on them - we play with them! Paolo, Italy | don't Sknow / agree about that. People ‘communicate in diferent ways! Some people chat online, ‘others chat on their phones. And sometimes we also have ‘conversations wit real people ©). 'm afraid | don't realy “think / agree with these opinions ‘A Maybe nat. Meg, Australia That's rue / agree, Paolo. What's the problem? For me, computers are fun, but | spend time b za})Listen and check, with friends, 800 / now. Lean... Very well Quite well More practice ask for and give opinions, oO 0 9 agree and disagree. oO Oo 9 post a comment on a website oO O O a I went to ... EINEM holidays Match the phrases in the box to the photos geemetour go sightseeing go swimming meetlocal people stayin a hotel trek in the mountains Visit a museum visit an art gallery 1 _g0.0n.4 tour 5 Choose the correct word/phrase to complete the text. Inthe 1970s, travel to other counties was ute expensive and itwas mare typical to “ayn your own goto another country for your holiday. My fami stayed in Wales. n summer, we dove to Tenby in South Wales fortwo weeks and we spent ‘very day onthe beac, wasn't alvays hot, so we didnt 2trek / ion the beach - we payed beac volyball with the ca kids and we ?had / went swimming inthe sea ‘The first time | went to “another / my own country was on ‘a school trip to Pars. | went Swith a group of friends / ‘on my own from my history class and we had a great time, ‘even withthe teachers! We went & sightseeing / a tour and we 7 trekked / visited lots of museums and art galleries. Now | lve ina small vilage, but | hardly ever Stay / go inthe ‘countryside for my holidays | like going on beach holidays / ‘my own in the summer and on cty breaks at other times of ‘the year. Last week | was in Prague. I rented “an apartment / 42 cheap hotel fora few days and looked "¥at / around the city. I didn't have a map with me and | 2 got / went lost once or twice, but had a good time. i) 82 83 34 past simple questions a Make past simple questions with the words in (brackets) ‘Use the same verb in Aand B. 1A Lwent to Venice last week. B (you/ on your own) —Did you go on. your own? 2. A They visited the National Art Gallery. B (they / the Natural History Museum) 3A She stayed near the centre of town, B (she /inan expensive hotel) 4A We ook photos ofthe sights. B (you / photos of the local people) 5 A Heboughta sandwich to eat on the beach. B (he /adrink) 6 A Wehadamap ofthe city. B (you/ a guidebook) 7 A Youpassed the English exam. B (I/the French exam) Tick (V)or correct the questions. 1 Did you went on holiday last year? Did you go on holiday last year? 2. Had your parents a good time in Budapest? 3. Why did Marcus get lost? 4 Howlong were you spend in Gambia? 5 Did she enjoy the tour of the city? 6 Did they booked the plane tickets online? 7 Whereabouts: Dubai they stayed? 8 Whoyou did go with? Complete the conversation between Jeff(J) and Anna (A) with the questions from the lst. + Did John go with you? + Did you have a good time in the USA? + id you stay in hotels + How far did you drive? + what did you do + winat was your favourite place + her cd yourget back rom your aay? J. Hi, Anna." When dil you get back from your holiday? A. Lastnight. Pm realy tired though - itwas along flight back 1 Ohdear.? A. Yes, did, thanks. Thad a fantastic time. ye A. No,he didn't, unfortunately. He had to work, so Lent ‘with Jenny ~ she's an old friend from university J. Oh right. So 2 A. Well, first we flew to Boston, then we rented a earand drove down the coast to Miami, 1. Really? ‘A. Itwasabout 1,300 miles, Ithink J Wow! Andé 2 A. Sometimes, but usually we went to campsites or small ‘guest houses, Itwas good because we met lots of people that way: i A It’sa bitdifficult to say because we had a great time ‘everywhere, but my favourite place was probably South Carolina - it was really beautiful and loved Charleston. 81 f)Listen and check. did + pronoun in questions £82{)Listen and choose the correct option. ‘Where in Morocco did they / you stay? Did they / he take lots of photosin Marrakech? What did she / you think ofthe local food? Did 1/ she leave the camera in the hotel? How many nights did she / we spend in Fez? How did she / he travel from Rabat to Casablanca? 82))Listen again, Pause the listening and repeat after each question. Pay attention tothe pronunciation of dl subject. Lean... Very well Quite well More practice ‘alk about holidays. Oo Oo Oo ask questions using the past simple. oO Oo 9 53 8.2 Journeys (SEEDY transport 1 Match each text 1-4 to two photos a-h. Mary | work in a café in the centre of York. but! lve fourteen miles away in Pocklington There's a bu hour, and when I first moved here | took the bus to ‘work. Last summer I decided to get fit so! bought @ bike. Now | cycle every day ~it takes about an hour and it saves money. Diana My parents live in York, but 'm at university in London, | usually go back to York once a month. | take the Underground to King’s Cross rallway station and get the train there. There are regular trains to York ~ one ‘every half-hour and the journey takes under two hours. E] Jacob | don’t often use public transport - it's quite expensive ‘and not very comfortable. York is a small city and | prefer to get around the city on foot. | like walking and. ithelps me to keep fit. | go out in the evening to a restaurant or to the theatre, | usually take a taxi home. Artur ''m from Poland and so is my girfriend, Maggie. We ‘work in York and only go back to Poland once or twice ‘year. We've got a car, but we don't drive to Poland ~ we go by plane. There's an airport near York and there «are flights to Poland three times a week. Orr oxford 3000™ (GeabAne correct answer(6) Sometimes two oF more 1 Tusually ake the (rain) b (bus) © publictransport 2 Jamie missedhis 10 Paris, a underground plane 3 Itsan hour from here to the own centre on. a bike b bus foot 4 They gota_to the station. a bike b taxi car 5 Steve never walks he goes everywhere by a car b bike © publictransport 6 Hurry up,wedon't wantio a gobyourtrain b miss the rain 7 You can travel around the city by a bus b plane underground 8 Idon' like public transport so Inever travel by towork. ¢ train fe getthe train a taxi b bike train 9 Wemissed the and arrived late for work. a taxi b bus © publictransport 10 Doyouwanttowalkto the theatre or _? @ goonfoot b missyourbus ¢ getthebus (GENE have to, don’t have to, should, shouldn't 3. Put the words in the right order to make sentences. Hong Kong bus travel 1 follow /thebus company / Passengers ules should “rg id fla he can 2 the bus driver /You /10/ rom buy /a/ have ticket. 3. your / You / an old person / offer / seat / should / to 4 have / seat / You / to / book / don't /a 5 t0/You / seat belts / have / the / use ceat or drink / bus / You / inside / the / shouldn't 81 8384 85 Pur the sentences from exercise 3 under the right heading. 1 I’sthe right thing to do ~a good idea. Pascenges should fallow the bus company rues, 8.2 Listen andGirebthe correct words YouGhoul shouldn’rbuy a travel card You have to / don't have to buy a ticket. You should /shouldn’twear your seatbelt You should /shouldn’rput your bag there. You have to / don't have to show your passport You should / shouldn't drive when you're tite. You have to / don’t have to pay to visit the museum, You have to / don't have to come with me. You should /shouldn’rtake a map with you 2. I’sthe wrong thing to do- a bad idea. 3 Wsnecessary to do this, 4. Wsnot necessary. 31) Listen again. Pause the listening and repeat after cach sentence Choose the correct forms to complete the web page. OCTOPUS CARDS (Octopus cards are travel cards which people buy and use to travelon puble transport in Hong Kong You *have to on'yhave pave one to travel around: however, they are very useful. You sould /showlda't think about buying acard when youarive. The sve time because you should’ dn’ have to stand in queues or find money to buy singe Journey tees. You can ute the ards on ll kinds of public transport. You can also te thera nore tax but you shuld / shouldnt always ak the taal dere wii youl ge late ax You Sshautt! Shoah aot the endof your journey. You *have dot have to show your card to anyone when you travel You ust7have fo sould hold your card nara machine called an Octopus reader atthe beginning and endof your journey ‘Octopus cards are popular with local people and visitors, and you can buy the cards at any train station, You ®don't have tof shouldn't lend your card to other people and you ¥should / shouldh' tell the Octopus ‘company if you lose your card Very well Quite well More practice Talk about transport. Use have toldon't have to/shouldishouldn’t 8.3 Vocabulary development expressions with get, take 56 and have 1 Tick(V) the correct phrases. Puta eross(X) next the incorrect phrases. 1 have 5 have a ataxt x a lunch/dinner b agoodtime ¥ b alongtime © something to eat 7 © asleep 2 get 6 take a abus a abus b ashower b photos © atextmessage © atextmessage 3 take 7 have a ataxi a alongtime b alongtime b fun e fun © ashower 4 get a asleep b emails © ataxi SE Meshesthenacetigia. 1 Wevsualy have inch (innavat seven lock, 2 There weren't any buses so we took a long time / a taxi iatteadiies 5 Nocmany people know my mobilephone number so dont gt many textmessages/ ema ‘Wevere hungry swe had a shower / something tocat Tanya should havea sleep /funtshe's ied Di youtgetne as mai ha Toone ot Wetooksome gout ote tsi with ou? new camer, ‘Thetainwas very slow andi tooka goad time Tong tet gets Mai 4: gna u/s erp woth every ey Cea 3 Complete the different kinds of holiday. ‘another country ebeach-heliday a city break the countryside a group of friends your family your own your own country 1 going on: a beach holiday 2 goingto: 3 going wit 4 staying in: . Orr Oxford 3000” Complete the phrases. Use the words in the box. around ie local est mountains ‘museums rent sea sightseeing stay tour 1 gett 2 goona 3 go 4 goswimmingin the 5 ‘ona beach 6 look thetown 7 meet people 8 ‘anapartment 9 inhotels 10 trekinthe 1 visit andartgalleries, ‘Complete the table with the words in the box. You can use some words more than once. bike bus car foot plane public transport taxi ‘rain underground ‘Make expressions using the words in the box. Put them under the correct heading. You can use words more than once. bus dinner emails fun agood time along time lunch photos ashower asleep ataxi atext message 1 get get a bus 2 have 3 take take a bu 1» @@ 8.4 Speaking and writing at the train station email: a perfect holiday 41 Use the words to complete the phrases. 3 comeback cost help next platform single take travel ‘When would you like to travel? ‘When's the train to Perth? How much does. sleeper 2 Would you likea ora return? ‘When would you like to 2 How long does it 2 Which does it leave from? How can you? 2a Complete the conversation between Adam (A) and a ticket seller (1S). {600 rand... OK. Which platform does the train leave from? Hello-twantto-gettoGapeTown- Justa singe, please. (OK, and how long does ittake? Right. How much is a sleeper ticket? ‘Thank you. Tomorrow, if possible. When's the next train? ‘TS Good morning. How can [help you? A 1 Hello, [want to get to Cape Tow, TS OK. When would you ike to travel? A? i ‘TS The next one leaves the day after tomorrow, on Tuesday at 13.09. Aa ‘TS About twenty-six hours. Itarrives at 15.30 on Wednesday. aé 1s A Ts ‘Would you like a single or a return? (OK, then tourist-class tickets cost 600 rand. There aren't any first-class sleepers on the train, Aé ‘TS_Itgoes from that platform over there. A? b gaijListen and check. © R4{)Listen again. Pause the listening and try to say Adam's part of. the conversation. Then listen to check. Complete the emails with so or because. ‘Thanks for your email. 'm in Buenos Aires at the moment. I's fantastic! Today | looked around la Boca, where tango dancing started and went on a cycle tour ofthe sights. I's really interesting * ook lots of photos. We decided to stay here another week 2 there is so much to see and do. We arrived in Machu Picchu in Peru yesterday. | was tred after the journey 3 it 100k five days to walk there, Lucian wasn't very wel we took a bus on the last day. It's amazing to think people buit tis, 6,000 years ago! ‘Match beginnings 1-4 to the endings of the sentences a-d, 1 Iewas very expensive 2 Weate outalot 3. The beaches are amazing _ 4. Wegot ost a because we didn’t take a map. b sowewent swimming every day. © sowe didn't buy it. because the local food was so good. ‘STUDY TIP Use ilustrations and photos in your Course book or Workbook to see how well you remember vocabulary from your course. Go back to early units in your Coursebook or Workbook. Look atthe pictures in each unit and try ta remember the Important words or phrases, Lean... Very well Quite well More practice use expressions with get, take and have, oO 0 9 ‘ask for information at the train station, oO Oo 9 ‘write an email about your perfect holiday 0 o Oo 37 8.5 Reading for pleasure fos 1 Complete the sentences with words from the box. Check any new words in your dictionary. marry quarrel silent will 4 When two people are in love, they sometimes b_ When someone dies, they leave their money to someone in their © Youcan'thear anything when everythings d_ When people are very angry with each other, they often Look at this picture, Do you think the two men like each, other? Read an extract from The Silent Brothers, one of the stories in Stories from the Five Towns by English author Arnold Bennet. itisabout two brothers, John and Robert. They live in the same house but they have not said a single word to each other for ten years. Then thei friend, MeLiversage, borings letier from their sister Mary, who died three months before. 4 Complete the phrases with the names of characters from the story. ‘Annie John Liversage Mary Robert had alot of money. and ‘were in love with Annie, isa businesswoman, asks not to say anything, thinks the brothers are stupid, knew about the will before the brothers read i What happens next? Read the sentences and match them to the pictures, Then put them in the right order. 1 ‘MrHessiant’ she cried. 2 ‘There. That'sall!’ __ 3 ‘Tdon’twant the money, dear’ said Annie. “They can keep their twelve thousand, a ae a Answer the questions. 1 Will Annie marry one of the two brothers? Why (not)? 2 Who do you think will get Mary's money? 3. Will the two brothers start speaking to each other again? You are Got very stupid, John and Robert, and I've often said so. Nobody understands why you quarrelled ‘ike tat aBout Annie Emery. Your Gfe is difficult, But ‘you've also been very unkind to Annie. She's waited ten dears already, So, John, if you marry Annie Emery, 1 ‘hall give all my money to you. And Robert, if you marry fer, I shall give it all to you. And you must be married in twelve months’ time. And if neither of you marry her, then I give all my money to Miss Annie Emery, businesswoman, of Duck Bank, Bursley. ‘Mary Ann Bott, widow “There. That's al? Liversage finished. “Let me sec; said John. Liversage gave him the will and he looked at it carefully Robert walked around the table and looked at the paper in, his brother's hand. Orr Oxford 3000” All three men were silent for a few minutes. Each was afraid to speak, and even afraid t0 look at the others “Well, I must go, said Liversage, standing up. ‘Tsay said Robert. You won't say anything about this to Annie, will you?" “will say nothing agreed Liversage. (But it ‘was wrong of him to say this, because Annie already knew) TThe two brothers sat and thought for a long time, ‘Ten years before, when Annie was a woman of twenty- three, without family, she started a business for herself, which ‘was a bookshop. John was in love with her, but so was Robert. And the two men quarrelled, ry | Be Fat Fe OPO BOOLN SOTES POM Te FE TOUTS Review: Units 7 and 8 1 Make the sentences negative. 1 Iwenton holiday with my friends. didite g4 on baliday with m 2 The train left at half past six. iene, 3. They tooka taxito the airport. 4) Wehad an In :n meal last night. 5. Sally got lost in Berlin. 6 Yousent mean email yesterday. 8 Sandro and Max flew to Mumbai, 2 Choose the correct word/phrase to complete the conversation ‘Where “did you decidley you decided to go on holiday? ‘To India. I bought the plane ticket last week, 2 You bought / Did you but online? Yes, 9did buyit/ did twas cheaperandt 4 didn't have 10 / shouldn't go othe British Airways office - it's always busy. How Sid / were you pay forit? \With my credit card. Now there's just one thing do - [shave to / should geta new passport. How long des it take to get one? {A I don't know. You ?should shouldn't phone the passportoftice. B Teando that now. Theboss isnt here. ‘A Well do it quickly. You shouldn't/don’thave to use the office phone. 3 Complete the words in the text. peep =e Newspaper and mage tobe healthy, but some of th don'thave to goto the2g___toget fit-you can exercise for free. You can doy athome or4) in the park, Cycling is good for you, too -b ‘bike from a friend ifyou don'thave one. wearticles "te 1 ushow ideas are expensive, You Doing physical § way to use calories. round the houseis also a great Do you know that you can even save money when you exercise? For example, stop taking the7b___ to work, getup early and goon*{___. Youcan take %{____and vegetables to work forlunch and. not spend money on expensive sandwiches. And don't forget tod _ lots of water it's free! 4 Complete the information with the verbs in the box. You ean use some verbs more than once. go have meet stay take visit Doyouwantto*_have_fun and learn to salsa? Tey a dance holiday in Cuba. You? ina hotel in Havana and have dance lessons every day. It doesn’t a longtime to learn your first dance. In the afternoon, there's time to sightseeing. Youcan’ onan island tour, & a museum or an art gallery -or just? ataxito the beach. In the evening you dinner with the other students and we take you to salsa club where you? local people and dance all night 5 Complete the conversation with the phrases in the boxes. agree Idon't know think yes, but yourepinion A What's your opinion ofthe new teacher? B she gives the children too much homework, Aa about that. Schoolworkis important. BA my children don'thaveany time to do sport. I want them to do well at school and be healthy. AS ‘with you. Maybe we can do some sport at the weekend. 59 60 91 Food and drink food and drink 1. Putthellettersin the right order to make the food and drink words in the photos. ; anne : : “ eB 3 mhyoe 4 2 «spun sie g , 4 BD af w % ‘same AL aatsp a 12 spare 13 kicenhe Mi rosecentw 15 loonsed 16 meolns Orr Oxford 3000” Cooking and eating Match the definitions toa word from exercise 1. 1 Asmall fruit that is black or green. You ‘can eat them or make oil with them to use in salads orto fry food in. Atype of red meat, ‘Accold drink you ean buy ina shop or café. Ayellow vegetable, You use it to make toast. ‘An animal and a type of meat. A popular type of food from Italy. Atype of food made from milk. Itoften contains fruit 9 It'smade from sugarand fruit and you eat iton bread or toast. 10 Atype of fruit that can be green, yellow orred. 11 Small vegetables that are usually brown, orwhite. 12 Apopular type of food that grows in India ‘and China, countable and uncountable nouns 3 Are the nouns countable (C) or uncountable (U)? 1 yoghurt Kk 2 alemon 3 toast — 4 pears 5 food — 8 honey — 7 sweeteom 8 pasta — 9 avegetable 10 olives 11 anegg — 12. bread _ 13. beef 14 drinks — 15 mushrooms SA) 92 93 94 4 Complete the text with a/an or (3. (Ona typical working day I'm usually in a hurry and there's only time for *_—_ coffee and? yoghurt at home. I'm trying to eat more? fruit, so take apple or, cat in the car. pearto work ina busy newspaper office and there isn't time fora longlunch. 1 get sandwich and 7 bottle of water from the staff canteen and have them at my desk. try not to eat between meals, but people often brings cakes to work when it’s their birthday, so sometimes Ihave? cake and cup of coffee. Dinner is my main meal of the day. That's usually something like" chicken with ® salad or ® vegetables, Idon't eat after dinner, but I do occasionally have glass ‘of milk before I go to bed because I think it helps me tosleep. 5 Complete the conversation between Elizabeth (E) and the assistant (A) with some or any. Hi, two chicken sandwiches on brown bread, please. Sorry, we don'thave "avy chicken today. Doyouhave? beet? Letme check... Yes, there's ‘would you like with it? Vallike# salad, please. But please don't put 5 tomatoes or onions in the sandwiches. Anything else? Yes, can [have Ofcourse. And would you like? ‘Two bottles of Coke, please. T'm sorry, we haven't got® cola just water or lemonade. pmen beef. What ‘mushroom soup? drinks? pmeme 6 Putthe words in the right order to make sentences. Each, sentence has one extra word that you don't need. 1 like / I'd / please / some / sandwich, /a Id like 4 sandwich, please, 2 some / there / Are / noodles / any ? 3 an/ don't / eggs / We / any / have 4 bottles of water / some / They // need. 5 yesterday / Mark / any / made / cakes / some. 6 there /Is/pasta/a/any? 7 didn't/1/ some / this morning / have / breakfast / any. weak sounds in some and any 7a_94\)Listen and put the sentences in each group in order (1-4). 1 @ __ Isthere any rice inthe cupboard? b L Thereisntany rice in the cupboard. __ Can Ihave some rice from the cupboard? There's some rice in the cupboard Isthere any milk in the fridge? __ ‘There isn’t any milkin the fridge. Can Thave some milk from the fridge? 4-1 There's some milkin the fridge. k bb 92) Listen again, Pause the listening and repeat after each sentence. E Two bottles of lemonade then. Lean... Very well Quite well More practice ‘talk about food and drink. oO 0 9 use countable/uncountable nouns with somelany. oO Oo 9 a 62 9.2 In the kitchen (GEE much/many and quantifiers 1 Make present simple questions with how much/how many. 1 time / you / spend cooking How much time de you spend cooking? 2 fruit /you /eat 3 eggs /you / buy each week 4 fruit juice / you / drink 5 timesa week / you / have takeaway food 6 calories / be / there in a pizza 7 salt / you / put on your food 8 milk/ be /there in the fridge Order the amounts from small to big. alotof mene notmany not much quite alot of some 1 2 3 4 5 Choose the correct answer to each question. 1A How much fruit do you buy each week? Oh, we buy a lot Ja lot of fruit every week. How many eggs are there in the cupboard? None / Not much - I forgot to buy them. How many potatoes do we need for the soup? Not many { Nota lot of- just three or four. How much money do you spend in the supermarket? We spend quite a lot / much - food is very expensive, How many recipe books do you have? Some / Alot of, but not many - I don't like cooking. How much salt did you put in this soup? Not many / Not much. Inever use a lot / alot ofsalt. ep eb ee ee ee ee Orr oxford 3000™ 4 Choose the correct word or phrase to complete the article. How ‘many/much)money does it cost to stay healthy? Food! prices today mean that some / much people in the UK are finding it dificult to buy food. The British Heart Foundation (BHF) wants people in the UK to be healthy They asked 2,444 people about the food ‘they bought, and they found that 3 quite a lot of them | none (42%) didn't have the money they needed to eat healthily Docoors sy that people need to est “nat many/ alot of fruit and vegetables everyday to stay heathy. The BHE spoke to adults who earn under £10,000 to find out Show many {how much of them eat fruit and vegetables regularly The answer is a lot of them not mang, because fresh fruit and vegetables are expensive Good food i important for good health and the BHE has some not many ideas for people who don't have * much some money to spend on food, or for people wo just want to eat well and save money. There's a ‘meal plan to show how two people can eat healthily. for under £50 a week. You don’t have to be a great cook there are lot of a lo of simple recipes on the website to try. 419A lot of | None of the recipes use expensive ingredients and they don’t take " much / many time to ‘make, You can visit the BHF website and see people trying ® some / none ofthe recipes in their own homes, VETTES in the kitchen 5 ‘Match items (ah) in the illustration to words 1-11. Put across (X) next othe three things which aren't in the illustration 1 abow! <7 amicrowave 2 afood-processor 8 anoven 3 afork 9 aplate 4 afryingpan 10 asaucepan 5 akettle 11 aspoon 6 aknife { mL T t ag cr @ clothe correct word: a, bore. 1 Chop the vegetables with a sharp a oven b nile © bowl 2 Here'sa__toeatyoursoup. spoon fork © kettle 3 Putthe food onthe and take them tothe table. a saucepans kettles. plates 4 Boil some waterin the a kettle b frying pan forthe soup? € food-processor 5. Where arethe plates b forks © bowls 6 Food cooks very quickly ina a kettle b microwave © spoon 7 Pucthe vegetables in the and mix them, @ food-processor b microwave ¢ oven 8 Youeat with aknifeand a bowl b fork € plate 9 Fry the eggsin that frying @ oven b bow! © pan © STUDY TIP sake labels to pu on items around yourhomey office. write the name of the item in English. Each time you see the item, look at the label and practise saying the word. This 's a good way to help you remember the names of things that you See or use every dy, Girel8 the incorrect phrase. roast potatoes roast chicken Goast jai) chop carrots chop rice chop onions frylemonade frymushrooms. fry eggs bakepies bake yoghurt bake cakes mixfoodin abow! mixfood in a food-processor mix food ina fork 6 oil water boil butter boil milk Oo. 2 Lean... Very well Quite well More practice talk about cooking, oO 0 9 ‘talk about quantifiers. Oo 9 63 9.3. Vocabulary development say numbers 1a Write the numbers and dates next to the words. 1 five million 5,000,000 three quarters the fourteenth of July nineteen sixty-seven three point nine eighteen per cent seventy-three degrees Celsius bb 92i)Listen and repeat the numbers and dates. 2a Lookat the facts and figures about Brazil, Write how we say the numbers and dates in bold. Facts and figures about Brazil Brazil is the world’s °6th largast country. IR covers nearly a PY of South ‘America, and the coast of Brazil is €7,491 km long! More than 200,000,000 people live in Brazil and ®87% of them live in towns and cities. The capital city 1s Brasilia, which is home to around 2,700,000 people. Brazi's main language is Portuguese, but Brazil became an independent country in £1822. People celebrate Independence Day on 6" September, which is a national holiday. "| Brazil is a popular place for foreign tourists. According to the World Tourism Organization, the number of Visitors in !20%2 was around 8.7 million, Many people {g0 to Rio de Janeiro on the east coast. One of Rio's ‘most famous sights is the statue, Cristo Redentor, which is €30 m high, at the top of the Corcovado mountain. You can walk to the statue, but be careful in summer when Rio's average temperature is between 25°C and, 'g0%! croc ee 9ai)Listen and say the numbers and dates from the text. Orr oxford 3000™ Cee ae 3 Complete the food words by adding the missing letter, 1 beet 9 noodl_s 2 bead 10 oli_es 3. ch_cken 1 pas_a 4 hon_y 12 p_ars 5 ja 13 ie 6 bottleoflemona_e 4 sal_d 7 _emons 15. swe__teorn, 8 m_shrooms 16 yoghur_ Write the words in the correct column, bake boil bewls chop food-processor fork fry fryingpan kettle knife microwave mix oven plates roast saucepan spoon Kitchen equipment and utensils | Cooking verbs bowls Put the numbers with the correct heading, bilion afifth fortymetres ahalf_ milion ‘minus ten degrees Celsius nine point seven hnought/zero degrees a quarter sixcentimetres a third thirty-two per cent thousand the-twelfth-of May 4 height and length: 5 5 large numbers: . 6 percentage: 7 temperature: : 9.4 EE ina restaurant 1 gaipListen tothe conversation ina restaurant.Girel8 the correct answers. 1 ‘They're in an talian / Chinese / Mexican restaurant. 2. They are having breakfast / lunch / dinnerin the restaurant 3 Tack orders fish / salad / soup fr his starter. Anna orders salad / pasta / ish for her main course. 5 They order a starter and a main course a starteranda dessert / amain course and a dessert. 6 Jack orders one / wo / threeside dishes with his main 7 They drink fruit juice / coffee / water with their meal. 2a 95i)Listen and complete the questions from the restaurant, 1 Would you like to orderlunch now? 2 astarter? 3 have the soup ofthe day, please? 4 havea mixed salad, please? 5 have the pasta with mushroom any side dishes with that? 7 _ have some rice and some steamed vegetables? 8 something to drink? 9 havea bottle of water, please? b_95i)Listen again and repeat the questions. Lean... 192 (3) (ba Speaking and writing asking about and recommending aplace to eat 3 Choose the correct options. Hi Julia, How are you? Everything's good with me. I'm going to Bath on Sunday with James. | know you lived there ‘and | Yfop8)/ want you can help me with something Its James's birthday and 2/'m looking / I look for a nice restaurant to have lunch. What's your favourite / best restaurant? James loves Indian food. Do you know ‘anywhere / anyone with good Indian food? Also, where is Sa good place / anywhere to eat with a nice view? Are the restaurants in Bath busy on Sundays? Do | &need / should to book a table? ‘Thanks for your help! Harriet Put ulia’s answers in the right order to answer Harriet’s, questions. HiHarriet I's an upstairs room in a beautiful old building with a nice view. (Ok, have a brilliant time and let me know how it goes! Great to hear from you and I'm glad to hear you're wel, ‘The waiters are really friendly, 100, so | think you should go there. My favourite place is the Hole in the Wall because the food is amazing, but i's quite expensive, ‘There's @ wonderful Indian restaurant called the Eastern Eye. Its popular, but you don't usually need to book because it has a lt of tables. lia Very well Quite well More practice ‘ask about and recommend a place to eat. oO 0 9 ‘order food ina restaurant, oO Oo 9 65, The world around us 10.1 The weather (OELMEG the weather 2 Complete the sentences with a verb from the box. blew froze fined shone snowed 41. Match the weather words in the box to photos a-c. 1 Thegroundwaswetafterit_rtined during the night. cloudy ry fegay freezing icy rainy 2 ‘The high winds down one of the trees in my snowy sunny warm wet windy garden. 3. They went skiing after it 4. We had a great day at the beach - the sun all day. 5 The rainwater and turned to ice. 3. Lookat the UK weathermap andirclethe best words to complete the weather for UK weather forecast for today In Scotland, temperatures, went down to minus 6°C last Fight. Ther is alot of V68)/ cloud on the roads today” and you can see some 2 snow / thunder on the mountains Northern ireland and the north of England are going to have more ice / rain. zo In Wales, it's a good Idea to stay indoors today because there's a very big 4storm / fog with lots of thunder and lightning and very high 5winds / rain. The east of England is dry, but itis dificult to see in some places because there is heavy sun / fog. There are some 7clouds /rain in the south of England, but its warm and sunny and there is more 8sun / lightning to come later. 66) Onn Oxford 3000" Goa) 02 103 104 105 comparative adjectives 6 Tick(¥) orcorrect the sentences. 4 Write the comparative form of these adjectives. 1 low we 6 expensive 2 big 7 tall 3 early 8 late 4 bad 9 dry 5 interesting 10 fa 5 Complete the text about the weather in different parts of Pakistan with the comparative form ofthe verb in (brackets). a wee 1. New York is old than Sydney. New York ie older than. Sydney. 2. Islife in the city more expensive than life in the country? 3. The weather is more bad today than it was yesterday. 4. Mynew job is interesting than my old job. 5 Ithinkspring and autumn are nicer summer or winter. ee 6 Karachi is more big than Islamabad, ‘Some ofthe highest mountains in the world are in northern Pakistan, It is much * higher (high) and . (cold) there than the rest of the country during the winter. The capital cy, Islamabad, isin the north-east. Winter and spring in Islamabad are 7. IsFrench easier to learn than German? 3__ (cool) than summer and autumn. Summer than in comparative sentences Pee core ete ero 7a. 101{)Read and steno the sentences. Does thanhavea pea Ceuinny) nen the ‘weak sound /San/ (W), or a strong sound anv (S)? ater moths ofthe year. The second half of summers the : a even ane roee 1 Thishotelismore expensive than thathotel. } 2 Chinaisbigger than Thailand. — Karachi is Pakistan’ lagest ety. an the southern 3. Winteriscolderthan summer. — coast Like Islamabad, Karachi very Rtn summer, 4 chink surfing betterthan skiing. —_ but it hes 7__ (low) rainfall than tslamebad. I's 5 Travelling by train is more interesting than flying. ee 6 Some people are friendlier than others. ‘spring than in summer because the temperatures are _ (comfortable), b 102) Listen again and repeat. Copy the pronunciation. Lean Verywel quite well_More practice describe the weather: Oo o o vse comparative adjectives O o o or 10.2 Natural wonders (AINE nature and geography 2 Choose the correct words to complete the text. 1 Lookar the photos and complete the grid. What is number 9? WALL await isa group of (land) deserts inthe middle ofthe _ Pacific Ocean, The bigest ian / mountain the group | is Hawt (also called The Big One) but the state capt, 3 | Honolulu, ison the south rainforest (coast ofthe third largest island, Oabu. Pw] F T [ Things to do and see in Hawaii 6 TT —_ + Go for a walk in the Katt Desert / Lake (take plenty of F water with you as its wery hot and dy ther) fr + Spend a day lying on the world famous Sutera each in Waikiki or learn to suf there ‘8 Trek through the beautiful Hawatan lake / rainforest ‘Wear good walking boots and take a camera to photograph the birds and animals that ive there ‘# Visit Mauna Kea the highest? mountain / beach in Hawai, You can driv tothe top of Mauna Kea in about two hours and near the top you can visit # Lak / Coast Walau ~ but dont go into the water or drink it “Relax on a boat trp along the Wallua ? Mountain / River. ‘© Take a trip to the Waimea Falls Park on O'hu. There you can swim in the pool underneath the fifteen-metee high * waterfall mountain. 3. Label the compass with words from the box. east north north-east north-west south south-east southwest west 68) Onn Oxford 3000" 102 CEMMEM superlatives 4 Complete the travel tips with the superlative form of the adjectives in (brackets). Getting to O'ahu Honolulu International Airport is Hawails + largest (large) and?__(busy) airport. ‘Most visitors arrive here, Getting around One of the® (good) ways to get around the capital, Honolulu is by public transport, but the ‘ (casy) way to see the rest ofthe island i by car anne Anyi fear good tine to vith id but the (warm) and (ary) partofthe years betwen April and November The beaches ‘the? (famous) beaches on Oahu are Waikiki and North Shore. North Shore is the © (popular) beach for suring Accommodation ‘The? (big) hotels aren Waikiki but the hostels and campsites are probably the (cheap) acest stay. 5. Make sentences and questions with superlatives. 1 the Congo River / deep /rverin the world () The Congo 2 summer / usually /hot/ time ofthe year ) 3. what /old/ city in the world @ 4 Mount Kilimanjaro / high / mountain in Afvica o 5 whieh / interesting / museum in Rome @ 6 that /bad / hotel in the town wo yesterday / sunny / day ofthe week ic) Lean... iver is the deepest river in the world. 1 eva colder than he oldesbday ofthe yea. 2. ‘The Himalayasare higher than / the highest the Alps 3. Pragueis one of more beautiful / the most beautiful cites in Europe 4 Avethe Petronas Towers taller than the tallest buildings in Malaysia? 5 Theweatheris worse/ dhe worst now than itwaslast week 6 Where are the windier/ the windiest places in the world? superlatives 72 402!) Listen and match the phrases andthe photos. thebest the ditiest thefastest the hottest the most dangerous. the oldest 1 the fastest bb 102i) Listen again and repeat, Very well Quite well More practice describe nature and geography. oO 0 oO Use superatve adjectives oO Oo oO 70 10.3 Vocabulary development (EEEMERY collocations 1 Choose the correct options to complete the collocations. 1 India got highGeor@) numberin the hockey match and won the game. 2 The high / deep price ofhouses inthe UK makes it ficult for young people to buy ther fist home. 3 Wearrived late because there was heavy / strong traffic on the motorway. 4. Yma very mild | light sleeper. Any small noise wakes meup. 5. Itwasa very bad / freezing storm all ofthe buses and tains stopped running. 6 Australia has very weak / mild winters the average temperature is 15°C. Underline the incorrect collocation in each group. 1 adeepsleeper adeeplake —adeepmountain 2 amildstorm amildday mild weather 3 strongwinds astrong accent astrongsleeper 4 ahardworker ahardcoffee —ahardjob 5 aclosefriend aclose relative aclose person 6 hightraffic —highprices high salary Choose a noun to go.with each pair of opposite adjectives. coffee sleepers temperatures traffic winds 1 strong/light winds 4 heavy/light 2 deep/light 5 weak/strong 3 high/low Seep 4 Put the words under the correct heading. teblow cloud cloudy dry fog foggy tofreeze freezing ice icy lightning rain torain rainy toshine snow tosnow snowy storm sun sunny thunder warm wet wind windy 1 weather adjectives cloudy, 2 weather nouns dd. Orr Oxford 3000” 3. weather verbs 10 blow. ‘Match the words in the boxto the definitions. beach coast desert island lake mountain rainforest river waterfal 1 Aplace where water moves from a high place toa low place. 2 Alargehot and dry area with a lot ofsand, eg. the Sahara, An area of sand next to the sea. Avery large hill, e.g. Everest. Allarge area of_and with lots of trees and plants where trains a lot. 6 Alargearea of water with land all around it, e.g Baikal, 7 Along area of water that travels across land to asea ora lake, eg. the Nie. 8 The land thatis next to the sea. You often find beaches here. 9 Anarea ofland with waterall around it, eg. Cuba, Pur the letiers in the right order to find the compass points, 1 stea 2 hontr east 3 utosh 4 stew Complete the collocations with words from the box. ‘accent coffee friend prices sleeper (x2) storm traffic weather worker bad _stormt close deep hard heavy high’ light mild strong coffee / winds / 10 weak score / salary / temperature / 101102 03) Goa) 105 10.4 Speaking and writing SILI reasons and preferences 38, Read he sentences in ecercoe 2 agnin and choove ths 1 because itrains a night (GES dark at nigh 2. because we can use wood to make a fire / 41 Match the words from the box to the photos. ‘compass cooking equipment firstaldkit GPS lighter we could get tired. map sleepingbag stove tent torch 2 because i's cold a nigh / they're expensive. 4 cibecause i's dificult sleep in the forest iwseasy to get lost 5 because i's dificult 0 make a fire inthe rain | stoves heavy carry 1 compass 131) listen and check, isten to the sentences, and say the reason. Then © sTuDY TIP Record yourself when you practise a speaking ‘activity. Listen to the recording and check your pronunciation. (ENT describe places 44 Match the two halves ofthe sentences about Uganda, Come to Uganda! 1 We have many rivers and lakes including Lake Victoria, b 2. Youcan fish, and take boat trips tovisit the —_ 3. Uganda also has some of the best national parks 4 Temperatures in Uganda are more comfortable than —_ 5 Itisusually wet, but there are two dry seasons. Itis 6. Ugandans are friendly and welcoming and the country isone of Ft ay E. & 2 Correct the sentences about a camping tip. 1 [think we should to take a torch. Lihink we should take a earch 2 Impreferto take a first aid kit instead ofa stove. 4 inthe world, where you can see alot of wonderful, birds and animals. b_ theworld’s largest tropical lake. the most beautiful in Africa. Come and visit! visit between December and February, and June and August. islands and see many different birds and animals. £ many tropical areas because of the height of the country. 3. The most usefulest things to take are the sleeping bags. 4 Amap is more important a lighter. 5 Usea stove isa better idea than make a fire. Lean... Very well Quite well More practice use adjective + noun collocations. oO 0 9 ‘give preferences and reasons. oO Oo 9 rte a descrinion ofa place io O O n 72 10.5 Listening for pleasure ceed ‘1a Match the words in the box to the definitions. Ingredients recipes utensils 1 the instructions that you use to cook different meals 2. the different types of food that you need to make a meal 3 the equipment that you use to cook a meal b Decide ifthe following are parts ofa recipe (R), ingredients (1) or utensils (U). Check the meaning of any new words in your dictionary. 1 boil 5 garlic 2 saucepan 6 herbs 3 roast = 7 wash 4 knife @ grill 2 Match the ingredients and verbs in the box to the photos. tebe garlic togrill herbs olive ol to wash 10419 Listen to an extract from a TV cookery programme. ‘Match the questions and answers from the cookery programme. Howare you? 9. What are you cooking for us today? _ Isthe recipe difficult? Does it take along time to prepare? _ What ingredients are you using? —_ Do you want me to help? Isthis one of your own recipes, Marcus? __ No, thisis one of my mother's. b_ Wel, for the milk chicken, you need a chicken, half a litre of milk, . I'm doing my own special milk chicken with lemon, roasted potatoes. Yes, please. Inced you to wash the chicken first. fe No,not long. £ No, itisn’t it's very simple g Fine thanks, Steve, 4041) Listen again and check, 105i) Listen and read the questions from the cookery programme. Does the speaker's voice go up or down at the end of the question? Circléthe correct answer. 1 Howare yout w SD 2 Whatareyoucooking forustoday? up 3 Istherecie dificult up. ora 4 Doesittakealongtimetoprepare? up. down § Whatingredientsareyousing? up. down 6 Doyouwantme to hept up down 7 Isthisone ofyour own recipes, Marcust up down Complete the sentences. 1 The speaker's voice goes up / down at the end of yes/no {questions that begin with do and be. 2. The speaker's voice goes up/down at the end of questions that begin with a question word. 101102 103 104 105 Review: Units 9 and 10 Grammar 1 2 Choose the correct options. A Hi, Vdllike %Som@/ much chicken, please. About 250 grams. B Sure. Anything else? AA Yes,2a/- bottle of ove oil and any /someblack olives B Hereyouare, A Er doyouhave+much / any mangoes? B Yes, we've got Squite alot / manyot mangoes. How many /much do youwant? ‘A Justthree. And can Thave some? emon / lemons? B I'msorry, we don'thave 8any /sometoday. Complete the text with the comparative or superlative form of the adjective in (brackets) Mount Everest ‘Mount Bverestis the * highest (high) mountain in the world, tis also one of the? (difficult) ‘mountains to climb, Climbers have to practise on 3_____{mall) mountains before they try to climb Everest and they have to be very fit. Only the « (fit) people get tothe top! Climbers need quite a lot of money, too. Everest is one ofthes (expensive) mountains to climb because you need special equipment and guides. There arelots of* (cheap) places to go climbing! ‘There are often very strong winds in the mountains and itis? (dangerous) to climb when it indy. The® (good) time of the year to climb Everest is in the spring when itis? (6afe) and there is more chance of success than at other times, Summers the (bad) time to climb because of the weather. Ere a) Match the definitions to five of the words in the box. bake chop afood-processor a fork a frying pan honey akettle alemon mix aplate roast ‘saucepan aspoon toast 1 You mix different foodsin it, 2 You cook food 3 You eat soup with it. 4 Cook meat in the oven. 5 Cutinto smaller pieces. Complete the text with the words/phrases from the box, coast highwinds hot island mild weather mountain 1.2 millon rain temperatures a tenth Mauritius is a small *_iland_in the Indian Ocean with ‘a population of _. Over 3 ofthe population (150,000 people) lve in the capita city, Port Louis. Mauritius is two thousand miles from south-east Arica. It has beautiful sandy beaches - the best ones. ‘are on the east 4 The highest part of Mauritius is Pieter Both, an 823-metre high 5 in the centre ofthe island. ‘The weather in Mauritius doesn’t change very much, ‘Summers from November to April and the weather can be quite This is also the wettest time (of year, with 800 mm to 1,600 mm of ‘There are somatimes storms with very ® The country has * in winter when the ° are between 17°C and 23°C. Complete the restaurant conversation between Jo (J), Lyn (L) and the waiter (W) with words/phrases from the box. ‘can course have instead Ike themens) to order prefer should J Canwesee? the mena , please? W Certainly. Here you are L think we? because there's a meeting a2.30. OK. Er... excuse me? W Wouldyou like? order quickly J Yes. Could 14 the tomato soup and a cheese salad, please? w of! And for you, madam? Lé have a mushroom omelette, please? W Would you? something to drink? J Asmall bottle oflemonade forme. Lyn? L ‘The same, please. Oh, sorry, no. [think Id . to havea bottle of sparkling, water? 73 11.1 Community spirit WEEN verb + noun collocations 41. Match the collocations to the photos. give a present to someone help someone with thelr homework teach someone to drive visit someone in hospital 4 2 Lookatthe sentences, Find the verb + noun collocation. 1 Itisn'talways easy to look after a child on your own, eck after a child 2. We should planta tree in the garden, 3. Shall Lmake some sandwiches for the picnic? 4 Does Joe know how to repaira bike? 5 How can we improve the town? 6 Ittook three days to paint the room. 7 Markwants to organize a party for is parents, 74| Orr oxford 3000 Working together Complete the collocations in the text with verbs from, the box. ghe help improve look efter make organize plant Tepair teach visit Its easy to 1_give_money to charity, but why not think: ‘about doing something good for others? In Catherine yan Hyde's book, Pay It Forward, the main character is Trevor, a boy with an idea to 2 the world by helping people. He thinks that when someone does, ‘4.9003 thing for you, you shouldn't do a good thing for them. Instead, you should ‘pay it forward’ and do a good thing for three more people. ‘The story shows us how to make changes with lite things. So how can you ‘pay a good thing forward’? Why not: oa ‘someone with their shopping? oe an elderly neighbour and talk to them? os ‘a neighbour's dog and take it for a walk? om ‘cake to sell for charty? o7 ‘an event for people in your area, like a party ora sports day? . ‘someone to read? oo broken furniture and give it to someone who needs it? oD some flowers in your area? Ma) v2 nana going to for plans and intentions 4 Complete the sentences with the correct form of going to ‘Use the verb in (brackets). 1 Were gsing £0 organize a basketball competition. (organize) 2. Some ofthe students agame. (play) 3 We tickets forthe event. (not sell) at people ro give money to charity. (Gs) 5 You time to watch the ‘competition, (not have) 6 Youand Tony drinks to sell. (make) sandwiches and 7 Abmed poster. design) 8 Sandy ~ she's on holiday (not help) 9 this again - i's too much work! (not do) Make questions with going 1 what time /the party /staet, What time ic the party sting te start? 2 what / you / wear for your interview 3. Andy /meet /usat the airport 4. what colour /we / paint /the bathroom 5. your children /go/to university 5 how / Alice / travel / to Nairobs 7 you /learn Arabic / when you move to Bahrain 8. Maria / buy /the cinema tickets online 6 ‘Write the questions from exercise 5 with the correct 1 A _What time is the party going to start? B The invitation says half past nine. 2A B Yes, 1am. 3A B Well, ike biue and white. 4a B Ithink she's going to take the train. A B No, they aren't. They're going to look for jobs. BA B No, he isn't, We have to get a taxi to the hotel. A B Yes, she is. She's going to pay for them with her credit card, > Tm going to buy a new dress tomorrow. ERIE going to +14) Read and listen to the sentences. Is toa strong sound ‘ut ora weak sound ta? 1 Whatareyou going o dot 2. Timgoing to vist my grandparents tomorrow: 3. IsAnnie goingto driveto Berlin? 4. Wearen’t going to havea holiday this year 5. Liamis going to cook dinner for ws. 6 Ella isn't going¢o come to the theatre with us. +11) Listen again, Pause the listening and repeat after each sentence. +112} Listen to these negative sentences. Which past ofthe ‘verb do we stress in each sentence? 1 T'manot going to go out 2 Heisn’tgoingto call you. 3 Wearen't going to buyit. 4 Theyaren't goingto come. 5 Youaren't going ohave much time. 6 She isn't going to make dinner. ‘12 ))Listen again, Pause the listening and repeat after each sentence Lean... Very well Quite well More practice use going to for plans and intentions. oO 0 9 use verb + noun collocations, oO Oo 9 75 76 11.2 Challenges technology 1 2 Complete the crossword. E) Across > 1 Aplace on the internet where you can find information about a subject. 3. Small computer programmes fora mobile phone ora tablet 4. Short for Global Positioning System. 6 Asmall computer - you use it by touching the screen. Down ¥ 2. Amobile phone that can make phone calls and connect tothe internet. 5. Ashort piece of writing sent from ‘one mobile phone to another. Complete the paragraphs with words from exercise 1a. ‘There is one word you do not need, TECHNOLOGY FIRSTS ‘The first _website_was at CERN the European een for Nuclear Research. Its address is hitpifinfo cern ch/hypertext WWW/TheProject ht, 2 ‘The 1992 IBM Simon Personal Communicator was the fst Twas 20 cm long and weighed 0.5 kg-You could make phone calls with a Simon and send and receive emails. 8 in 1002, Neil Papwell. a 22-year-old engineer, sent the frst Itvead ‘Merry Christmas’ 4 Nowadays, many people use a instead of maps when they're travelling, The American government developed itn the 1970s, but you couldn't buy it until the 1980s, 8 Computer companies designed the first in the 20th century, but they didn't really become ‘popular until after 2007. This was when technology improved so mobile computers could do more and ‘were easier to use, Orr oxford 3000™ 3a Write how you say the website and email addresses. Use words from the box. at dash dot forwardslash underscore 1, n det nelion Mandela det ory 2 antin at nassirest dit com 3. 5 6 b ttaQ)tistenand check. © ‘Ma f)Listen again, Pause the listening and repeat after each addres. STUDY TIP Try to find time to go back and review language regularly and to add new things you have learnt to your notebook. You can also use the Vocabulary reviews in each Lunt to revise what you have learnt in lessons and to see how ‘much you remember, infinitive of purpose 4 Complete the text using the infinitive form of verbs from the box. explain find look ergenize read sell show teach My smartphone | always carry my smartphone with me and |useit 2s arganize my life. | work for a software company that designs apps 2 to Universities. The universities buy then 3 their online courses, SJ) This means Ihave to go toa lot of meetings, so | use my smartphone as. a diary — it tals me where I need to be at different times of the day, And when | visit universities # people our new software apps, the GPS app on my smartphone shows me how to get there. If am going to.rrive somewhere late | can call 8 Sometimes | travel fo Europe or North America and I take my smartphone with me at travel websites and? Information about fights and hotels, and also # emails from my office. My father says it's just an expensive phone, but | say t's my personal assistant! 5 Match questions 1-8 to answers a-h. ‘Why are you learning Chinese? ‘Why are we stopping here? ‘To buy more petrol ‘To tell you about my holiday. 1 Why doyou play tennis? a Tomeethissister, 2 Why do they shop online? b_ Togetajob in China. 3. Whyare they going to the market? ~~ _ © Tosavetime and money. 4 Why did you phone me? d Tohelp her country. 5 Why did she join the army? ~~ e Tobuy fruit 5 Whyis he goingto the airport? £ Tokeep fit. 7 8 8 b 6 Complete the sentences and questions with the verbs in (brackets) Use the correct form of going fo for one verb and the infinitive of purpose forthe other. 1 We're going fo leave homeat7 a.m, tomorrow tv fake the train to Istanbul. (leave / take) 2 He parttime job some money. (get / earn) 3 you anew suit foryour interview? (buy / wear) 4. Thepresidents ofthe two countries next week the futuee. (meet /talk about) 51 ry brother me his car tomorrow. (ask / lend) 6 She ‘my laptop anemailto the university. (use /write) 7 We some sandwiches with us tothe beach. (make / take) Lean... Very well Quite well More practice talk about technology. oO oO 9 ‘say why | do things/use the infinitive of purpose, oO Oo 9 7 78 11.3 Vocabulary development (EEEMENY making adjectives stronger 1 Write the strong adjectives in the correct place. awful beaut brilliant excellent fantastic freezing lovely terble wonderful 1 very nice: beautiful 2 very good: 3 very bac: : 4 veryeol 2 Replace the normal adjectives in bold with a strong, adjective from the box. crucial delighted great huge tiny On 21st july 1969, over 500 million people watched American astronauts land on the moon. The two men who left their spaceship to walk on the moon looked + very small, but this was a? very big event in the history of space travel. Everyone at NASA was 3 very happy. The moon landing wasn't just a very good result for the astronauts, but forall of the people who worked at NASA and who were Svery important to the success ofthe moon landing. 3) Reverie the sentences with rer: If ery isn't possible, use really, 1 Janine is ance person 2. isexam results were brillant. His exam results were really brilliant, 9. Ourneighboursare unfriendly: 4 Your dogis noisy. 5 The singer was terrible 6 We made a huge cake for John's birthday. 7 The letter wasn't important. Orr Oxford 3000” Cee ae 4 Complete the verb + noun collocations. help Improve look after make organize plant repair teach x2) visit _help_someone with something, e.g their homework somewhere, e.g. your area or your workplace someone or something, eg. pet ora child something for someone, eg. a cake something, eg. an event something, eg.atree something, eg. a bike, broken furniture someone something, eg. alanguage someone to do something, eg, to drive ____ someone, eg. neighbour, someone in hospital 10 5 Complete the sentences. ‘an app @-GPS asmartphone atablet atext websites 1 _AGP5_helps you to find a place and not get lost. 2. You can make phone calls and go online with i is a small programme you can download on to asmartphone ora computer. 4 There are millions of ‘on the internet where you can find information out about almost anything. is amessage that you write and send from ‘one mobile phone to another. 6 isasmall mobile computer, 6 Write the words next to the symbols. fat dash dot forwardslash underscore 1 @) a 4 ale 5 a |e m_n2 Ge Ha 11.4 Speaking and writing offering to do something 4 Put the words in the right order to make offers. 1 I/atext/ send / Shall / him? Shall Lsend him a text? 2 I/alift/ you / Why / don't give? 3 help / you /I'll/ for /to look / them . 4 help /Let/ you / me /it/ with 5. like / me /to show / you / Would / you? 6 Shall / phone / for /1/a pizza? Match these situations tothe offers from exercise I 1 [forgot to tell Patric about the meeting, Shall L send hima text? 2 Tean't find the key to the games cupboard. 3. Ineed to get to the youth club before seven. 4 Idon't know how to use this printer. Complete the conversation about the youth club trip with the offers from the lst. «shall! make a drink? + Shall wate that down? * Letme help you. + Illemail the design to you when it’s ready. ‘= Why don't I do that? + Would you like me to print the posters? A Thisiis th coast. B OK, this looks fine, but we'll need some sports equipment, t00, so we can play football and volleyball onthe beach. 1 Shall Lv down? ‘A. Good idea. Use my pen. Right, ler’s go through the lst. First, well need to organize a bus to take everyone there. ce T've got more time than you and I can phone the bus ‘company this afternoon, A Perfect. Now what about a poster to tell everyone about the trip? [can write the text, but 'm not very good at art. ce We can design the poster together on my new tablet. A Thanks, Carlos. ‘of the things for the youth club trip to the ean use the printer at the university A OK.S Now, what's next? Itlooks like it’s going to be along evening. B Oh, love a coffee. b ‘ajListenand check. anotice 4a, Read the lines from two notices. Which are formal (F) and which informal (1)? 1 Come to Room on Friday at | pnt _I 2. Would you like to live close to the university with a friendly group of people? _ 3 Join the office chess club, 4. Weare looking for a fourth person to share a student house. you are interested, call Naomi Brandon on 08952 rama, 6 Want to do something different at unchtimes and make new friends? 7 Wanted: chess players _ 8 Doyou need a cheap room to rent for next year? Pur the lines in the two notices ina suitable order. Lean... Very well Quite well More practice make adjectives stronger. oO 0 9 ‘offer to do something, oO Oo 9 write aformalinformal notice oO O O 5 12.1 Artistic ability (GENIE present perfect simple 1 Complete the article with the present perfect simple form of one ofthe verbs in (brackets) ANDREA BOCELLI Italian singer Andrea Bocell is rich and successful, but some times in his life *_haven? been (not be / ‘not sing) easy. Andrea had an accident when he was ‘owelve and he is blind, bur this? (not make / not stop) his dream of singing. Andrea 3 (do / sell) over 100 million records and he (become / be) world famous. He 5_ _ (watch travel) to lots of different countries to give concerts and thousands of people ® (give / watch) him sing, including Pope John Paul I ‘The people in Andrea's home town, Lajatico, Zi (build / do) an outdoor theatre Teatro del Silenzio. Ir only opens one day a year, when Andrea sings there. Some of his famous friends ® (visie sing) chere with him; they include the Spanish opera singer Plicido Domingo, Andrea is famous as an opera singer, but he? (not record / not buy) only classical music, Canadian pop star Celine Dion oe (become / make) a record with Andrea, and so has Italian rock star Zucchero, Orr oxford 3000™ Culture and the arts ‘Make questions using the present perfect form of the verbs in (brackets). Then complete the short answers. 1 Have you heard (hear) Andrea Bocell’s songs? Yes,1_have 2 he language? No, he 3 he (cecord) any songs in your (give) concertsin your 4 you (g0)t0 one ofhis concerts? Not 5 your friends (buy) any of his records? Yes, they . 6 you and yourhusband (wisi Lajatico? No, we Correct the present perfect simple sentences. 1 We're visited Moscow and St Petersburg. Weve visited Mescaw and St Petersburg, 2. You read this book? 3 Wehadn'taholiday. 4. Allofthe workers have went home. 5 Mandy isn't found ajob. 6 Who has tookmy bike? Thasn’theatd the weather forecast. 8 He did washed the ear. faa) v2 v3 wa 125 sentence stress 7 Complete the phrases with go, have, play or see. 4 2a))Listento sentences 1-6. Then tick (7) the correct sentence in each pair (1 and 2) below. 1 Wehavent seen fan. 2 She's won a prize. 3. Hehasn’t been to university They haven't finished work. You've fixed my computer. I've joined a gym, 1 a Inpositive sentences the past participle has a stressed sound. b In positive sentences the past participle doesn’thave a stressed sound, 2. a Hasn'tand haven't have a stressed sound in negative sentences. 1b Hasn't and haven't don’t have a stressed sound in negative sentences, 5. majpListento sentences 1-6again, pause and repeat (HEENEWY verb and noun phrases 6 Match the words and phrases in the box to the photos. ‘an art gallery e-cinema a classical music concert, dance lesson afilm/movie an instrument painting lesson aplay a salsa class In 1973, Pierre Vellas, a French university professor, started courses for older people to learn new things. He called it the U3A (University of the Third Age) and itis now an international organization, Here is a sample of things you can do with a USA group: ‘Art:_Have drawing and pai 2 toanart gallery. iglessons or Dance:?, dance lessons, and then ‘ toa salsa class and show everyone what you've learnt! lms: Don't USA film group and® discuss it with your group. Music: Learn to” ‘group. Good musicians ean ® _ tothe cinema alone j anew film, then in aU3A band, ‘Theatre: Some groups organize theatre trips to * play ora musical. 82 Choose the correct word 1A Have yousea/ gomethe new Star Wars film? B Yes, [saw / went to the cinema with Alexto seeit 2 A Doyouwant to have/ goto the theatre next week? ‘The new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical ison B Thatsounds great. [saw / played his last musical and Towed Talove olearn to play/ have the guitar lke you Really? I can teach you if you want. Where's Ping? Ihaven' seen her today. She's gone / seen toa rock concert in Berlin That's a lovely picture, How did you lear to draw Tike that? Thanks. went / had some drawing essons last 6 A Lreally want goto Glastonbury this year, but can't getaticke. B bought my ticket ast month -Tlove seeing / going to music festivals. My cousin's playing havingin a band there this year, pare = b 122))Listen and check Lean... Very well Quite well More practice ‘talk about past experience and events using the present perfect simple. 0 Oo oO use verb and noun phrases. 0 Oo oO a 82 12.2 Atthe movies films 1 Complete the film types. Write the missing vowels. Match the definitions to the film types from exercise 1. 1 These films are exci or driving fast cars, 2. These films are usually very scary. 3. There are spaceships in these films and they are set ‘on other planets. They are often about the future. You often see people in fights, 4 These films don't have real actors. They are usually ‘made with computers. ‘These films tell the story of events in people's lives. Sometimes they are sad. 6 Youlaugh at the things that the actors say and do in these films. 7 Theactors sing and dance in these films. 8 These films tell alove story fet a films 3 Complete the review with the words in the box. about favourite iS set stars A favourite film One of my t favourite filmsisa Lebanese film called Caramel, itis? in modern-day Beirut and it is the lives of five Lebanese women. Most of the story takes place in a hairdresser’s shop. Some parts ofthe film are very funny, but Caramel isn’t a comedy — “ adrama. 5 Nadine Labakiand Yasmine Al Masri, Nadine didn't only actin the film, she also wrote the story with Rodney El Haddad and Iihad Hojelly, and she directed the film. © sTuoy TIP need te’tan do’ statement tthe endo each lesson and est yours to see how much you Ferber rom ou curs, Ty Ufc or wo stances rash gear Gan Stren ed {hve rsh word foreach vocabulary sateen. TAs he Yuta thd wht eeasyouneed wo practise Orr Oxford 3000” present perfect simple and past simple 4. Make present perfect simple sentences and add ever or never. 1 L/have / acting lessons. Tve never had acting lessons, 2 you / walk / out ofa play before the end ? 3 we/ go/toa film festival 4 you / meet / a famous person? 5 anyone in your family / be / on TV? 6 Nadia /sing / in public before: 7. 1/forget / to send you a birthday card? 5 Complete the pairs of sentences using the verb in bold, ‘Use the present perfect simple for one sentence and the past simple for the other sentence. 1 play A Le never played a musical instrument. B I_played_the violin when Iwas at school, but I wasn’t very good. 2 90 ‘A We_wene_to the opera last night. twas great. B Really?1_ve_never_beex tothe opera. I's not my kind of music. Tick (V) the correct sentences, Puta cross (X) next to the incorrect sentences. 1 George has found a new job last week. x Tverun in two marathons. 7 My parents haven't visited Asia Everyone has enjoyed the meal last night. She's learnt to swim when she was.a child, We have stood up and clapped at the end of the play. Have you been here before? Choose the correct options. The Oscars Da The Oncar eve ceremony s done se “he fin ceremony on 16th May 1929, ved Tele ara ce, ‘Te takes three to four weeks to make an ‘Oscar (the prize that each winner receives). Cedric Gibbons? designed / dae designed the frst one and George Stanley ?made bar made it. ‘© The ist person to get an Oscar “eas / das en de actor, Emil Jennings. se There are twenty-four Oscar awards and five special awards, Over 2,000 people in the film business recived / ae recived Oscars. 3 read 5 Wale Disney $s / ba son 22 Osea for AL Paulo Coelho's latest book atthe his lime before e died in 1966,No one else ‘weekend, but didn't realy enjoy it Thad bas ad the same success, B you any of his other books? ‘6 Australian acess Cate Blanchet is another 4 star person with more than one Oscar. She on / ‘A Which actor jnaBativta: ‘ar won best actress awed for her wore BB ‘That was Jean Dujardin, He's very famous in France ~ |G In 1956,the elan fl La Strada ® decane he______inallotofFreneh films. ‘as biome the fst fl to win the best foreign 5 have language fl Oscar A You dance really well. you {2 Only two actors ~ George C. Scott and dance lessons? Marlon Brando ~ "hee ever reid B Yes, we__salsa lessons when we went to sider refs o accept est ator Cuba last summer, aod 6 see DH AL this film before. B When you iw ean. Verywell_ quite well More practice talk about fis © Oo Oo use the present perfect simple and the past simple Oo Oo O 83 12.3 Vocabulary development past participles 1 Write the verb and its past participle in the correct column. 4 Complete the table with the verbs. eet beeeme cry find have like lose play stop go have play see thin aut ~ acted become ~ became toamusicfestval | amusical 1850nS | musical toasasacass | aplay dance instrument, toa classical music lessons ina band concert, srawing to art galleries lessons 5 Translate the words into your own language. 2. Rewrite the past simple sentences in the present perfect, 1 action films simple, 2 animations 1 Youwon the Oscar for best director. 3 comedies i for boot directo, 4 dramas 2 Who drank my coffee? 5 horror films 6 musicals 3. She met someone online. 7 romance films 8 science fiction films 4 We began to work. 6 Complete the table. 5. She went on holiday. verb Past simple | Past participle 6 Hewrotea book. * wesmere —— begin 2 begun 7 gave Tom some mone i mis break broke 2 8 Wewere in the office all day. dink ‘ drunk rive drove 5 3. Lookatthe sentences in exercise 2. Compare the past forms and the past participles. Match the verbs to eat «eaten therules oe me > Rule A The past participle doesn't change: wand 80 . beenigone Rule B The past participle has one different vowel: dounkldc grow srew 5 Rule € The past participle has an extra syllable: hear 0 heard Rule D The past simple and the past participle are wake woke %, completely different: 7 3 ‘won Orr Oxford 3000” v1 122 Gas) @2a) 25 12.4 Speaking and writing onthe phone 1a Choose the correct options. 1 Hi Artem (73/ Lam Megan. ssl there? 2 Could you ask hi to callback me /ealme back, please? She'snot here atthe me / moment Speak / Hangon a minute. ljust/ soon gether Can { Doyou tel hero cal / answer me back, please? Im afraid / scared he's outof/ nt the ofice Cou have / give your number, please? Hello, could / Could speak tothe manager please? 9. Tmatraid he's unableto give / take yourcall atthe moment. 0 Hold on it ‘23}Listen, check and repeat. Are the sentences in exercise 1a formal (F) or informal (1)? Pt 3 5 7 2F 4 6 8 10 3a Putthe sentences in the right order in each conversation. Hi, Chris, Have you booked the restaurant for Alison's surprise birthday party? Hi, Alison, i’s Bashir, Is Chris there? OK. Can you tell him to call me back, please? £ © No, Thaven'thad time. I'll do itnow and I'll call you backina minute, __ € Hi Bashir. A Sorry, he's not here at the moment. A Hello. {A Sure - oh hold on, he’s just come back. Chris, Bashir wants to speak to you. b __ A Timafraid she's unable to take your eall atthe ‘moment. Can Ihelp? __A Yes, of course. Could Ihave your name and telephone number, please? ‘A Ob, you'll need to speak to the restaurant ‘manager about that 1 A Good afternoon. How can Ihelp you? 2 B Yes, it's Chris Brown and the number is 072. B Maybe. Ii like to booka table for twelve for tomorrow night. B Could you ask her to call me back, please? B Hello. Could Ispeak to the restaurant manager, please? b 124) Listen and check. areview 43 Put the words in order to make sentences. 1 about / was excited / seeing the film, / better /1/ but the book / was. Las excited abaut seeing the film, bue the back cwas bette, doesn't / the show / like / was / My son / museums, / he thought / usually / amazing / but. the film /I/to be / expected / but / great, /it/ wasn't. and / the play / thought / was /too long / the main actor / 1 / terrible / was don’t playing / tonight, / again /1/ recommend / but / going / They're the concert, / enjoyed /a bit / was /1/ too loud / but / the guitar player. the circus /1/ was / expect / didn’t / good, / to be / amazing / but /it recommend /1/ thought / fantastic /it/ was / and /it/ toeveryone /I. b_ Decide ifthe reviews are positive (+) or negative (-). Which sentence is both positive and negative? Lean... Very well Quite well More practice use past participles, oO 0 9 ‘speak on the phone, oO Oo 9 write a review. oO O O = 12.5 Reading for pleasure Dn 2 Readan extract from Les Misérables, a novel by the French writer Vietor Hugo. The novel is set in France ata time 1 Match the words in the box to the illustrations. Check any "when life Ie ery bate for poor people new wordsin your dictionary ee “Come in} sad the bishop. The bishop was a kine mans bishop acandlestick afire aplate @ prison ‘everyone inthe town of Digne knew that. Poor people, a prisoner hhungry people, miserable people ~ they all came to the door of the bishop's house. ‘The bishop's sister looked at the man atthe door that night, and she was afraid “Look at him!” she whispered to the bishop. He is a big man and a dangerous ‘one. He cartes a yellow card, so he was ‘once a prisoner ~a bad man? But the bishop did not listen. "Come in, iy friend, he said to the man at the door “Come in. You must eat dinner with us, and sleep in a warm bed tonight.” ‘The man stared atthe bishop. “My name is Jean Valjean, he said. “I was a prisoner in Toulon for nineteen years, Here is my yellow card, see? People everywhere shut their doors in my face - but not you. Why not?” “Because, my friend, inthe eyes of God you are my brother’ said the bishop, smiling ‘So, come in, and sit down by our fire’ The bishop turned to his sister ‘Now, sister, our friend Jean Valjean needs a good dinner. Bring ‘out the silver dinner plates. Ie a special night tonight? “Not the silver plates whispered the bishop's sister. Her eyes went quickly to Jean Valjean, then back to the bishop's face. “Yes, the silver plates? sad the bishop. ‘And the silver candlesticks, t00. TER OAT ae Far O00 BOOLNOTE Los GBDES 3 Complete the text with one word in each space. afraid bishop's candlesticks dinner kind open prison sister ‘Valiean leaves the *_prison_in Toulon and goes to a town called Digne, He arrives at the? house. People don’t usually # their doors when Valjean arrives at theit house, bu the bishop is different. He is a# person and he helps lors of people. The bishop lives with his She is of Valjean, but che bishop invites Valjean to have? ‘with chem, He tells his sister to use the silver plates and _ for their dinner. 86) Onn Oxford 3000" Review: Units 11 and 12 Correct the sentences. 1 They're going to organizing charity race, They're ging t0 arganize a charity race 2 I'm saving money for buy a new bicycle 3 He'sever used a GPS before, 4. Isyour mum going teach you to drive? 5 We've been toa concert last night 6 Have you ever ate Peruvian food? 7 We're going to go tothe hospital visit Kim, 8 Youaren't havinga lot of time tomorrow, Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in (brackets). Use the correct form of going to, the past simple, the present perfect simple or an infinitive ofpurpose. ‘A What are_youand Mel _asinz hospital charity day next week? B Melis organizing a collection? (buy) new hospital equipment, but 13 (not have) any ‘good ideas. What about you? A Philand (make) some cakes. We® (Gell) them to hospital vistors. We 6 (buy) all the ingredients last night. B? Philever (make) a cake before? A No,hehasn't, but he® (borrow) a recipe book from the library yesterday to practise. B Right, well, 'm goingto call Mel? needs help with the collection. 1 de_(do) forthe (see) ifshe Were 3 eee error eae 1 Ym lookingafen with my neighbour's cts this week Seren acter erate eee ere Se eee eeeeaeteel 4 Janet’shusband plays / sings the guitarina band 5. Doyouwant o see this film / cinema? I've heard i's very good. 6 Wewent to the theatre / play last week. 4 Choose one word from each pair to complete the text. ‘science fiction flm/an animation appytext awful/excellent comedies/dramas forget/forgotten freezing/delighted go/been tablet/GPS veryiteally Thaven't! been to the cinema for along time. The last time was a couple of years ago and I've? the name of the film and the main actor. twas 3 about a group of people living in space, andit was one ofthe worst films I've seen! I saw it just before Christmas. Itwas minus 10°C outside ‘and the cinema was$ ‘The only thing liked ‘was the big screen - it was® hhuge. However, I prefer to watch films at home on my? ‘computer. I downloaded film ® afew 'monthsagoand nov can watch all the atest ims are my favourite - [like funny films. Complete the missing words. 1 A These books are really heavy. B Shall Tearry them you? 2 aw youllike meto getyoua drink? B Yes, please. ld love a cup of tea 3 A Couldth your number, please? B Yes, it's 017153, 4A Hello.c speak to the manager, please? B I'mafraid he's unable to take your call at the ‘moment. 5 A CanyouaskMarkto call meb B Yes, ofcourse. 6 A Thaven't got enough time to finish this report. B Whyd Thelp you with i? 7 A Hi, Yasmine, its Sara. 1s Mum there? BH ‘on. 1'lljust gether. 8 A Ineed to get to the railway station. B me giveyouallift. 87 Audioscripts Unit 1 Your world Page 4, Exercises 1b & ¢ aa) 1 theUSA, American Mexico, Mexican the UK, British France, French Ialy alian Greece, Greek Plana, Polish Turkey, Turkish 9. theUAE, Emeratt 10. Pakistan, Pakistani 11 China, Chinese 12, Vietnam, Vietnamese 88 Page 4, Exercises 3b & ¢ 12) French Greek English Spanish Turkish Polish Urdu Chinese Arabic Tealian Vietnamese Page 5, Exercise 70 13) Whar's your name? Amelie ‘That's French name, Are you French? No, 'mnot French. Whar’s your nationality? Tim from Quebee, in Canada. The main Janguage in Quebec isn’t English, its French, so I'm French-Canadia Whereis your home? A. Myhome isin Montreal in Quebec. J Are your neighbours French- Canadian? [A No, they aren't French-Canadian, My neighbours are from the USA. J. Areyou married? AA Yes, Tam. My husband’ a teacher at the university J Areyoua teacher? popoes i’sa big city A. No,I'mnota teacher. I'm a doctorat the hospital. Page 6, Exercise 1b 14)) 11 omy 2 you your 3 he his 4 she her 5 it its 6 we our 7 they their Page 7, Exercise 9b 15)) 1 My wife and Lare from Egypt. Our first language is Arabic. 2. Our neighbours are very nice. They're from India. Their names are Sanjay and Mira 3 Jean-Paul is from France. He’sa restaurant owner. His wife, Annie, teacher. 4 Hi. You're the new student. What's yourname? 5 Angela's parents are doctors Angel's doctor 00. Page 7, Exercises 10a & b 16) 1 They're Greek. Their caris German. 2. Henrys athome. Henry's wife ist work 3. Weare late. Our train is at o'clock 4 He's married. His wife's name is Hleanor. 5. You'relate. Where's your homework? Page 9, Exercise 1 ai) Good morning. Can Lhelp you? J Yes, please. I'm here forthe Arabic lass. ROK. Well, Ineed afew details to ‘complete the enrolment form. What's your name? Jacke Alani How do you spell your surname? Alamilla is A-L-A-M-L-double L-A ‘And what’s your nationality? 1'm Australian. Pim from Sydney, but live herein England now. OK. Areyoua student? No, work epee = What's your job? T'ma French teacher. Ob, right. OK, last question, What's your email address? Its Sorry, can you repeat that please? Yes, it’s jackie1 ‘Thanks. Right well your course isin classroom 7. That's on the frst loor.. Page 9, Exercise 2b asi) 1 What's yourname? How do you spell your surname? Whar's your nationality? What's your job? What’ your email address? Sorry, can you repeat your firstname, please? noe poo unit 2 My day Page 10, Exercises 3a & b zai) 1. Lisa loves herjob asa herpetologist. 2 Jacob drives to work everyday. 5 YWonne studies English in the evenings ‘Miyuki teaches maths atthe university. ‘My husband works ina la. Sven relaxes ater work Sally sometimes writes emails to her sister. Page 10, Exercise 3c 22) works writes loves drives studies teaches relaxes Page 12, Exercises 3a & b 2a) 1 Igetup at en to seven. 1 go to work at wenty-five past eight. ‘The shop opens at quarter to nine. have coffee at twenty past ten {finish work at quarter past four {arrive home at haf pas five

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