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A. Name of Business

We choose the Sincerity for the name of our business because as an online

counselling that offers services in “counselling” it is a must to choose a name that

is close to what our client really need. Our client are people who are suffering

from depression and people who are suffering from depression really needs

someone who is sincere to communicate with. So this name is very eye catching

on the eyes of our client for the reason that this is what they really need and it is

really easy to remember because sincerity is the purity of heart to listen and

understand the person.

B. Business Logo
We came up with this kind of logo because as we are offering an online counselling

service the logo must speak on what our business is really are. As you can see there are

three symbols on our logo the Headphone, the Talk, and the heart. This three symbol

convey a significant meaning Headphone and talk tell us about what we are offering

while the little heart with a green color symbolize the heart of our client little, fragile,

simple, and stress but in the end it still a heart. The heart also symbolize that we are not

just a business for profit but a business with a heart. As for the color of our logo we

make it sure that is very appealing and stress free from the eyes of our clients so if ever

that they will see it they would feel that they are welcome because of the pastel color that

invaded the entire logo. Pastel color are said to be warm and kind on the perspective of a

person so as a counselling firm they will also feel that we are warm and kind as well.

C. Location of the Business

Calmar Land Subdivision Lucban, Quezon

Website Address:

Calmar Land in Lucban Quezon is a subdivision with a very peaceful environment,

good internet access and low cost of electricity and water bill.

Lucban is one of the provice in Quezon with a beautiful scenery and cold weather. It

is the place of Pahiyas festival and the famous Kamay ni Hesus Heritage. It is located

between Tayabas Quezon and Majayjay Laguna. Lucban are also on the edge of Mt.

Banahaw. That is why the place is peaceful and charismatic.

D. VMO of the Business

Mission Statement

Sincerity: Online Counselling are providing not just a quality service to its client

but it also offers an sincere counselling services that will enable the client to feel that

someone are actually and sincerely listening to their story and we want them to feel

that life is a colourful rainbow that always shines after the storms of life.

Vision Statement

To be the top service provider online counselling in the world that offers sincerity

in every words and to make the world a better place to those people who are suffering
from depression. We are aiming for a future of zero suicide rate and a place that no

one feel isolated.


 To provide sincerity and excellence in the field of online counselling.

 To build a new hope for those suicidal and depressed people.

 To maintain a life wherein our client feel that somebody is sincere on listening

to their story.

 To develop an online counselling world for those clients that is aloof to be in a

psychiatric institution.

E. Description of the Service

N-S-P-P-USP Model

Need To help and reach out to those people

who are in need of counselling.

Situation -According to WTO suicide is the

second leading cause of death among

15-29 years old.

- Also, according to WTO depression is

the leading cause of suicide and

globally, more than 300 million people

of all ages suffer from depression

_According to WTO one of the best

remedy for those who are suffering

from depression is having a counselling

- According to WHO around 450

million are currently suffering from

mental health issue due to depression.

-According to a statistic most of the

people who are suffering from

depression are unwilling to go to a

counselling house for the reason that

there is no sense of anonymity. They

prefer to have an online counsellor

because they ultimately feel safe with

Person Anyone who felt that they are suffering

from depression due to bullying, sexual

abuse, domestic violence and social

Service Description Sincerity is an online counselling aimed

to provide easy access on sincere and

licensed counsellor or therapists. It is a

therapeutic aid to fight against

depression, anxieties, unhealthy

relationship, and the worse committing

a suicide.
Unique Selling Proposition Free Acess ( No Hidden Fees)

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24hours active therapist

Diversified and Globalized approached

BAFF Matrix

Benefits Sincerity is an online counselling

specialising in helping those people

who are in need or suffering from

anxiety, depression, and other factors

that a person lead to commit a suicide

or mental health issue in the future

Advantages The advantage of our business is that

it is easily accessible to those who

wish to use it. It overcomes barriers

that may preclude others from seeking

It is also a social friendly for those

introvert, adolescent, and children to

receive a therapy as they seem to be

more comfortable with using internet.

Our counsellor and therapist are 24hrs.

available for our client. Also, for those

individuals who are ambivalent about

therapy or may be uncomfortable with

a traditional model of thraphy.

Features Hassle free easy access website

Relaxing combination of web design

to decrease and help the clients

depression or mental health problem

We offers different kind of online

counselling such as emailing, video

conferencing, real time chat, E-

therapy, audio calling, group therapy

and so on.

-open 24hrs.
Function The function of Sincerity are it first

knowing and getting close with the

client ( client may feel to share

everything with all of his heart)

Knowing and understanding her

problem or difficulty

Evaluating her problem

Giving Advices and motivational


Giving routinal anti-depressant


Creating an online diary to monitoring

her progress