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Singing Lesson Plan

Title: Draw a Bucket of Water Grade Level: 1st

Source: Vincent Bates

Materials needed:
Participating students
Draw a Bucket of Water song


A.S: Lets sing together and have fun!

1. Start by introducing the Draw a Bucket of Water song.

2. Have your students listen first and then ask them what they heard in the song (i.e.
what is the song about?).
3. Now, you will break down the song for the students.
4. Start by singing the song phrase by phrase and having the kids repeat after you.
5. Next sing the song in bigger chunks. Try it in two or three phrases and have the
kids repeat after you.
6. Now you will do even bigger chunks. Try it in halves. Sing the first half and have
the students repeat after you. Then sing the second half and have the kids repeat
after you.
7. It is now time to sing the whole song! Sing the whole song along with the
students. By now they should be getting the hang of it.
8. After learning the entire song, and going over it a couple of times, introduce the
9. Have the students partner up and make sure that everyone has a partner.
10. Next put pairs together to now create groups of four. In the groups of four, make
sure that partners are across from each other.
11. In the circle, the partners across from each other will now hold hands. One pair is
over the top holding hands, and the other pair is under holding hands.
12. Now you will sing the song.
13. Whenever the line “old lady pops under” is sung, one pair will raise their arms
and place it over the person on their left or the right, depending on which arm is
raised. Repeat this step until you have all four students in a group hug.
14. On the last “Draw a bucket of water, for my lady’s daughter. One in a rush and
two in a rush…” line, the students will bounce around in their circle.
15. On the very last line “and we all pop out” everyone will let go and jump out of
their circle!

Closure: Review the song and what the song was talking about.
Educational Objective: By the end of this lesson, students will have learned basic
memorization skills by memorizing the lyrics to the song.

Social/ Cognitive Physical Musical Non-Musical

Students will Learning a new Bouncing National Standards “Core” Music Content
connect with one song around in a Standards Standards
another by circle
holding hands Memorizing 1. Singing Creating
and playing with lyrics Creating a Imagine
each other group hug while MU:Cr1.1.1a
Learning a new singing the song Plan and Make
and fun game 2. Play Instruments
Evaluate & Refine

3. Improvising Present

4. Composing Analyze


5. Reading & Rehearse,

Notating Evaluate, & Refine

6. Listening Responding

7. Evaluating

8. Integration
(outside arts) Connect #10

Connect #11

9. History/Culture