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Task 2

Peer Observations (CLOs 1-6)

(complete the following forms for each peer observation (3 in total) that you do).

Please ensure that the observer /‘critical friend’ has a copy of the lesson plan.

Peer Observation Number:

Date/Time: Name of Student Teacher to be observed:
2/5/2020 Noof Mubarak Saleh

Setting: Grade: 2

Name of Observer/Critical Friend: Nouf Saleh

Topic for the lesson & Learning Outcomes:

How to make A pizza
Procedural writing: Can we write the steps and draw pictures of how to make a pizza.
Please tick the boxes using the scale with 5 indicating the best possible performance

Professionalism 1 2 3 4 5
 
Displays a high standard of professional behaviour, which includes punctuality *
and readiness for the session.
Shows initiative and enthusiasm during the session. *

1 2 3 4 5
Planning for Learning  

Provides a lesson plan, which includes all the required information and has clear *
and explicit learning outcomes.
The activities are well sequenced to scaffold student learning towards the *
learning objectives.
Incorporates differentiation through activities, questioning and/or learning styles. *

Materials and resources for teaching are of high quality and appropriate to the *
level of the learner.
Shows a student-centered focus in the lesson plan. *

Comments or reasons for scoring above:

1 2 3 4 5
Implementing and Managing Learning  

Uses accurate and appropriate language. *

Maintaining engagement – independence *

Ensures instructions, questions & explanations are clear, accurate & constructive. *

Uses effective questioning & elicitation (probe, praise, rephrase, redirect) 


Establishes and maintains clear and consistent rules & routines, and utilises a *
variety of positive reinforcement strategies to ensure that they are followed.

Maintains an appropriate pace to challenge and motivate the students. *

Uses a range of teaching strategies. *

Manages lesson time effectively. *

Comments or reasons for scoring above:

Good behavior management.

Good starting to the lesson.
I like the questions.
Monitoring and Assessment 1 2 3 4 5
 
Monitors student progress effectively during the session. *

Provides ongoing feedback to students to enhance learning during the session. *

Uses formative and summative assessment instruments such as checklists, *

grading scales, rubrics, tests and projects etc. to evaluate students’ performance.

Comments or reasons for scoring above:

It will be better if you use another way of assessment.

Overall Observed Strengths Overall Suggestions for further development

(also include comments for the area of focus) (also include comments for the area of focus)

1. Good learning management 1. Prepare the vocabulary that you will use in the lesson.

2. Excellent materials that you used for the lesson 2. Provide more choices of activity for the ENS.

3. Work on nervous level.

4. Must to manage your time carefully.

Please share feedback immediately following the observation once the forms are

completed. Feedback meeting date:_ 2/5/2020 Time:__ 11:15 am

Observer signature:_ _ Date:_ _ Observee signature: Date:_