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MARCH 4, 2020
From the Ground Up: Building a Brand Still focuses on
creating/growing a brand from the start, but doesn’t
sound as rudimentary as “Bootcamp”. We wanted a
name that could potentially segue into a series of
events to continue reaching and involving more people.

The colors chosen were very specific to the company's

that are hosting this event. We chose Classic Strategic
Media's blue and Sustainawell's orange, and added a
nice neutral gray in the mix. 

These colors were used in the postcard, the logo, and

website/ social platforms to ensure cohesiveness of
the event.
Have you ever wanted
to build your social media
platforms, but were unsure
how? Join us April 24th to
learn how to build your
brand through social media.

Classic Strategic
Media presents
Learn how to enhance social
media skills and video production
opportunities to engage
audiences. This FREE event
is open to communication,
advertising, public relations,
marketing and business
profesionals in Northeast Ohio.

Event Topics and Speakers

COMPLIMENTARY Lunch 1. Stop Selling, Start Helping: Matt White
provided by: 2. Driving Traffic to your Webstie through the
Use of a Blog: Amanda Williams
3. Creating Content Strategy: Brittney Oddo
4. Branding Consistency: Chelsey Kovar
5. Eight Psycological Tactics that will Attract &
Engage your Customers on the Deepest Level:
Christ Andrew

6. How to Build your Personal Brand on
LinkedIn: Erica Larson
7. Using Video to Gain Engagement on Social
VISIT WWW.classicstrategicmedia. Media: Chris Inman to register
Website +



1. Joe Maxx Coffee

2. Sacred Hour Massage & Skincare

3. BOMBA Tacos and Bar

4. Downtown River

5. Grumpy's Cafe

6. Melt Bar and Grilled

7. Jack Frost Donuts

8. Aqua Doc

9. Cohen and Company

10. Hofbrähaus Cleveland

Rationale of Potential Target Businesses

1. Joe Maxx Coffee: Pictures are great, but engagement is low.

2. Sacred Hour: Massage and Skincare studio. Beautiful content on their website and social
media, but not a single video. Attempt to tell a story but are missing the mark. Behind the
scenes/DIY videos for at home viewers would be awesome. Two locations (Lakewood and
Rocky River)

3. BOMBA taco+bar: Lacking video on their social media/website. They have great images,
but they begin to appear repetitive, higher chance of engagement with videos. They have a
very obscure physical location and seem to have trouble driving traffic to their restaurant, let's
start with social media.

4. Downtown River: Organization promoting the Rocky River community. They have a decent
website, but it doesn’t truly showcase the “beautiful, quaint” small-town feel that they are
trying to convey through their written stories. No evidence of video use on the website. Have a
decent presence on Facebook, a weak Twitter presence and zero Instagram presence-- I think
they are really missing out here. Their Facebook content is bland, not driving engagement.

5. Grumpy’s Cafe: Tremont restaurant. Instagram is barely active, blurry bad quality pictures.

6. Melt Bar & Grilled: Large Instagram following, but incohesive posts. Logo needs updated.
Pictures of food are good, but they often post the same picture more than once.

7. Jack Frost Donuts: Posts repeat pictures on Instagram but does post consistently.

8. Aqua Doc: Chardon based lake and pond treatment management. The company is growing
and has 4 Ohio locations and 2 out of state locations. Their website and Instagram are adequate
but can use some video promotion to showcase final products.

9. Cohen & Company: Certified public accountant firm located in Downtown Cleveland. Their
only social media utilized is Facebook. Their posts are mostly about employee events and not
about services offered. An Instagram account and promotional videos can benefit them for
advertising, especially during tax season.

10. Hofbräuhaus Cleveland: Could grow followers/engagement. Photos aren’t as cohesive as

they could be.