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Kylie Shaffer

Professor Cassel

English 1201

17 April 2020

I’ve never understood why people throw trash on the ground, when trash cans were made

to hold and dispose of it. I especially hate when I’m on the beach and garbage washes up on

shore. This pet peeve of mine led me to the research topic of water pollution. I would love to

learn more about this issue and try to solve it. I found five relevant sources that I think would

work very well for my research essay.

At one point in time the people of the world thought dumping garbage into the ocean was

safe and completely acceptable. About 1,000 miles NorthEast of Hawaii is a garbage patch. It is

the largest of the 5 major garbage patches of the world. “​This patch consists of about ​3.5​ million

tons of trash such as light bulbs, styrofoam cups, plastic bags, bottle caps, popsicle sticks,

bottles, cans, fishing gear, nets, buoys, and even toothbrushes” (Jakuboski). Our world has

evolved and realized that there are many health effects with dumping trash into bodies of water.

But we have not stopped the dumping of garbage into water.

The first source I picked for my relevant sources is a website called “Water Pollution.” It

is a whole website dedicated to water pollution. The website has four different sections, Water

Pollution, The Causes, The Danger and Prevention. I thought this website relevant to my

research paper because it thoroughly teaches you about all aspects of water pollution. It doesn’t

leave out one important detail. Water pollution can come from a number of different sources and
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it lists them, microplastic, chemicals, suspended matter and more. This website is reliable

because it is run by a Marine Biologist and Journalist, ​Casper Ohm. It is here to inform the world

about water pollution and how to prevent it, they don’t ask for ant donations just for us humans

to do our part.

Next is an article on a website called “Science News for Students” written by Stephen

Ornes. This article is about a Chemist by the name of Andreas Fath, who swam the entire

Tennessee River for water research. His goal was to bring awareness to water pollution. He and

his crew collected samples of the river’s water everyday to investigate all the pollutants within

the water. This article would be great evidence for my research project because he tested for

“...more than 600 different chemicals in the collected water samples” (Ornes 3). This proves

there are so many other things in bodies of water other than just plastic.

The third source is also an article on a website, but it is full of great information for my

research essay. The article consists of many paragraphs teaching about water pollution, from

what exactly is water pollution to forms of water pollution to laws about pollution. These

sections are very helpful to a research essay in order to answer many of the questions. That is

why I believe this article will work greatly for me.

The next source is a website all about water pollution. This website talks about

everything just like the other sources but this one includes the impact on climate. I think this is a

great part of the w​ebsite and can teach someone a lot. One thing that really struck me while

reading this website is, it is estimated by 2025, “...around 5 billion people out of a total

population of around 8 billion will be living in areas of water stress” (“Water Pollution:”). This

blew my mind! I know our world is being ruined by our own kind and this estimated statistic
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made it seem even more real to me. Climate change and global warming is because of the human

race. This website does an amazing job at going into detail about those topics.

The last website is one I recently searched, it wasn’t on my working bibliography. I

found this website is relevant to my research topic because it goes in deep detail about the types

of pollution, ​ ​r​adiation, ​c​hemical, ​oil-spill, and noise pollution. It also states many ways water

pollution can affect us like “drinking polluted water, bathing or showering in polluted water,

swimming in polluted water, breathing the vapors of a polluted water while sitting next to a

polluted water source, consuming polluted food, and/or consuming meat from animals fed with

polluted water” (“What Is Water Pollution”). These are many things I can include in my research

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