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Jazz Ensemble

Period 5 – Room C15

Ms. Mallory Legman


BHS Mission Statement

The mission of Branford High School is to prepare students to be independent and collaborative
learners who are responsible, informed, and contributing members of society. In partnership with the
community, we strive to provide a learning environment that supports all students in embracing
diversity, acting with integrity, and achieving their personal and academic potential.

Instrumental Music Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Branford High School Instrumental Music Department is to stimulate an aesthetic
experience by immersing students in music and cultivating opportunities for them to create, perform,
respond, and connect. Music is a necessary part of a well-rounded education for every child. BHS
music courses promote students’ immediate and long-term musical development and prepare them for
lifelong musical engagement as contributing members of the community.

Philosophy of Jazz Education

Jazz education is important because it teaches skills and provides opportunities that students do not
get in other ensembles. Students will have a safe space to learn to improvise and express themselves
creatively. All students will improvise. Students will participate in self-directed learning and develop
leadership skills. Students will become more independent musicians because jazz music often has only
one person playing each part. Students will play and listen to music from the American songbook as
they learn about the role of jazz music in American history.

Course Materials
Accessories (i.e. reeds, valve oil)
Music in folder (will be provided)

Course Expectations
Students are expected to work collaboratively and independently in jazz band class. This course will
require a minimal amount of written homework. Most outside-of-class work will come in the form of
practicing. Students should be practicing at home and/or during study hall/open periods at least three
days each week, preferably five or more days. Grades will be primarily performance-based. Students
may be required to complete performance-based homework assignments and may borrow school
materials if they do not have the necessary technology at home. All students will improvise in this

50% Performance Assessments
35% Written Assignments & Assessments
15% Written Reflections on Performance
Final Exam
Per department policy, seniors who have earned an A average do not need to be present during the
final exam time slot. All other students (including students in grade 12 who have an A- or lower and all
students in grades 9-11) must attend the final exam.

Food & Drink

Water is the only beverage allowed. No food, gum, or other drinks are permitted.

Device/Cell Phone Policy

Unless the teacher has granted permission to use these electronics for something specifically related to
the course, cell phones and other devices are not permitted in class. Devices should be set to “silent”
and put away (out of sight in a pocket or bag). Please note that this includes reading or responding to
text messages from parents during class. In the case of an emergency during which a student must be
reached, parents should call the main office at 203-488-7291. Failure to follow this policy may result
in detention. Repeat offenders will be referred to administration.

Concerts are a culminating performance and an opportunity to showcase the learning that takes place
every day in this course. Except in emergencies, attendance is expected at all concerts. Students who
miss a concert may see a reduction in their grade and/or may be asked to complete an alternate
assignment. Please make note of the concert dates listed below. We may add more performances; dates
will be communicated as soon as they are set.

John Smedley Trio Concert (possible performance for us)

Friday, September 27, 2019
7:30 p.m.
First Baptist Church (Branford Green)

BHS Instrumental Music Winter Concert (Concert Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Orchestra)
Tuesday, December 17, 2019
(Snow date is Wednesday, December 18)
7:00 p.m.

BHS Instrumental Music Spring Concert (Concert Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Orchestra)
Thursday, May 14, 2020
7:00 p.m.

Concert dress for the above performances is all black (black dress shirt, black pants, black socks,
black belt – if wearing a belt, black shoes). Long dresses or skirts are permitted, but they must fall past
the knees when seated; anything shorter is not appropriate for a concert. Concert attire must follow the
school dress code.

If you are experiencing financial hardship or anticipate a problem with concert dress expectations,
please let me know immediately.
Senior Internships
Students participating in the senior internship program are expected to participate in any end-of-year
performances, including but not limited to the Spring Concert, and any evening rehearsals to prepare
for these events.

Some jazz band students may also be enrolled in a unique pass/fail class called Instrumental. Eligibility
for Instrumental depends on what period a student has study hall. Please see Instrumental handout for
additional information.

I use a free service called Remind to communicate with jazz band members and their families. If you
were already signed up for Remind for one of my other classes, I copied you into the jazz band group,
and you are all set. If you have not yet joined Remind, please use the link provided to sign up for Jazz
Band email alerts or text messages:
Syllabus Acknowledgement

This form is due on Friday, September 13, 2019.

SCHOOL: Branford High School

CLASS: Jazz Ensemble


YEAR: 2019-20

Please indicate acknowledgement of each statement by initialing each line.

Student Guardian
Initials Initials

_______ ______ I read and understand the cell phone policy, including the expectation that
students not text parents during class.

_______ ______ I made note of the concert dates and understand concert attendance expectations.

_______ ______ I read and understand the concert attire expectations.

_______ ______ I read and understand the rehearsal and performance expectations for students
participating in senior internships.

Please indicate acknowledgement of all syllabus information by completing and signing the portion

My student and I have read and reviewed the syllabus together.

We understand the requirements of this course.

Student Name _____________________________

Student Signature _____________________________ Date ____________________

Parent/Guardian Name _____________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature _____________________________ Date ____________________