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College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology

Electronics Engineering Department

Case Study
Final Output
ECET515L- Data Communications Laboratory

Submitted By:

Micah Alexis F. Nate

Aivan Eleazar Oco

Joshua Maurice A. Pena

Edwin Daniel F. Rafanan

Deris Isabel A. Sapalasan


Date Submitted:

December 30, 2019

Engr. Phoebe Faith Sapitan




I. Project Proposal

II. Objectives

III. Physical Design

IV. Logical Design

V. Evaluation


I. Project Proposal

This proposal is for a De La Salle University-Dasmarinas, College of Engineering,

Architecture and Technology’s CTH112 computer laboratory. The College of Engineering,

Architecture and Technology (CEAT) is acquiring SERVER type application software for their

laboratories and so student’s of Data Communications of Electronics Engineering were tasked to

design a Local Area Network (LAN) connection for the laboratories. For this project, the computer

laboratory assigned is in CTH112 in which the design will be implemented.

Ii. Objectives

1. To acquire the server type application software provided by the College of Engineering,

Architecture and Technology in the LAN networking of the laboratories.

2. To design a LAN network to be functionally and physically isolated from unnecessary access

by students around the laboratory are to minimize unauthorized use.

3. To provide security in the network connection of the laboratories to prevent possible hacking of



Iii. Physical Design

IV. Logical Design


V. Evaluation

In this network topology, the server type application software in the College of

Engineering, Architecture and Technology is acquired in the means of LAN networking of the

computer laboratories. One example is the room CTH112, located in CTH building, first floor.

This room is used for years, so an improvement in the topology can be implied. In Part IV, the

proposed logical topology is presented wherein the internet server is located below which is

connected to all other parts of the network. The server PC is beside the internet server to provide

more security and to monitor what the students are doing in their own physical computers.

This network design is composed of many sections. First is the physical design of the

connections shown in Part III, followed by the logical topology explained above. This design is

done with account to challenges that will be faced when designing network in developing facilities

due to lack of funds, but then, the equipment that will be used are the ones that are highly available

in market and are financially suitable for the said design. Also, security is an important part in this

network design. Strong security solutions are detailed including as firewall, backup, virtual switch

and DNS server options. This configuration includes some software applications, such as antivirus,

password and encrypted passwords. The design is allowed for future expansions wherein this

design can have additional host. The additional hosts can be included without exhausting the

available IP address.