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Krishnapatnam, Nellore (Dist), Andhra Pradesh FICHTNER Consulting Engineers (India)
Private Limited, (FI) Chennai.
AGREEMENT NO.: TPCIL/BTG/SPA200910 o Action - I Approved
o Action - II Approved except as noted on drawing. Revise
drawing and resubmit for records.
o Action - III Returned with Comments. Resubmit for approval.

Action - IV Rejected
Action - V Information received.
o Action - VI Information noted Retained for reference and records.

THERMAL POWERTECH CORPORATION INDIA LIMITED This document has been reviewed as noted with regard to general
conformity with the Contract specifications and requirements. The Vendor /
Contractor is responsible for correctness of design calculation and details.
Approval of this document does not relieve the Vendor / Contractor of his
responsibility in carrying out the work correctly and fulfilling the complete

Hyderabad, India requirements of the contract nor does it limit the purchaser's rights under the

FI Letter Ref. No. Date:

CNT 1109171/ PM-6.1/939/1720 05.02.2016

Signature Initials: AS

FICHTNER Consulting Engineers (India) Private Limited
Chennai, India

Chengdu, China

Sub Contractor:
Northwest Electric Power Institute Of Commissioning
Xian, China

Document Title:

Performance Test Procedure

Document No.: DECL-TPCIL-PGT-000 Rev.

Owner’s Doc. No.:

DECL’s Doc. No.:

20th Nov. 2015 2 李建 吴鹏举 王永庆 苏耕

July1 2015 1 李建 吴鹏举 王永庆 苏耕

Nov.4 2014 0 李建 吴鹏举 王永庆 苏耕

Date Rev Prepared by Checked by Reviewed by Approved by Details of Rev

Performance Test Procedure (General) Rev.1

Performance Test Procedure
( General )

Performance Test Procedure (General) Rev.1

1. 前言 Preface
印度科瑞希纳 2×660MW 超临界燃煤电站项目由东方电气股份有限公司( DECL )
作为 BTG 设备供货方,供货范围包括锅炉及辅机、汽轮机及辅机、发电机及辅机。
其中,锅炉、汽机、发电机由其下属的子公司生产。该电站 1 号机组计划于 2014 年 2
月进入商业运行,2 号机组计划于 2014 年 5 月进入商业运行。由 DECL 在商业运行后
6 个月内进行性能考核试验。
DongFang Electric Company Ltd. ( DECL ), as the BTG supplier of Indian Krishnapatnam
2×660MW Super Critical Coal-fired Power Plant Project, supplied the boiler and auxiliaries,
steam turbine and auxiliaries and generator and auxiliaries. Thereinto, the boiler, turbine and
generator are manufactured by the subcompany of DECL. The unit No.1 was scheduled into
COD in Feb. 2014 and the unit No.2 was scheduled into COD in May 2014. The
performance test will be conducted by DECL within 6 months after COD separately.
业主:是指 Thermal Powertech Corporation India Limited。
Owner:Means Thermal Powertech Corporation India Limited (TPCIL)
BTG 供货方:是指东方电气股份有限公司。
BTG Supplier:Means Dongfang Electric company Limited (DECL).

2. 试验目的 Purpose
To check and verify whether the performance values of the steam turbine, boiler and
environmental equipment satisfy the requirement of the Contract and design.

3. 试验依据 Test guidelines

3.1 试验内容按合同 EXHIBIT F 中 A、B 项要求进行。
The test items are subject to A and B of Exhibit F in the contract.
3.2 ASME PTC 4《锅炉机组性能试验规程》
Performance Test Code of Boiler Unit (ASME PTC 4-2008)
3.3 ASME PTC6-2004《汽轮机性能试验规程》
Performance Test Code of Turbine (ASME PTC6-2004)
3.4 EPA Method 17《固定污染源中颗粒物排放的测定》
Determination of Particulate Matter Emission From Stationary Pollution Sources (EPA

Performance Test Procedure (General) Rev.1

Method 17)
3.5 噪音按照 ISO 3746-2010 测量
Noise measurement according to <Acoustics - Determination of sound power levels> ISO


3.6 pH 值按照 ASTM D1293-1999(2005)测量

ASTM D1293-1999(2005) Standard Test Methods for pH of water
3.7 ESP 按照 EPA Method 17《固定污染源中颗粒物排放的测定》
ESP according to EPA Method 17

4. 试验项目 Test items

4.1 Heat Rate
4.1.1 Gross Turbine cycle heat rate at 100% TMCR after subtracting excitation power
(Guarantee value 1855kCal/kWh ),)
4.1.2 Gross Turbine cycle heat rate at VWO after subtracting excitation power ( the
demonstrate value 1850kCal/kWh)
4.2 Gross continuous TG power output at 100% TMCR after subtracting excitation power
( Guarantee value 660MW )
4.3 Steam generator efficiency ( Guarantee value 86.5% ):
4.4 Total Auxiliary power consumption for BTG Package (29235__kW per Unit)
4.5 The guaranteed maximum total NOx emission from the steam generator for the entire
operating range with rated excess air and 6% Oxygen at air pre-heater outlet.
 While firing design coal ≤ 650 mg/Nm3
 While firing worst coal ≤ 750 mg/Nm3
4.6 Electrostatic Precipitator
 Particulate emission ≤ 50 mg/Nm3 at Electrostatic Precipitator outlet at BMCR condition
while firing design coal and one field in each pass out of service.
 Particulate emission ≤ 50 mg/Nm3 at Electrostatic Precipitator outlet at BMCR condition
while firing worst coal and one field in each pass out of service.
4.7 Noise Level
 Near field noise level produced by any equipment measured at a distance of 1.0m from

Performance Test Procedure (General) Rev.1

the equipment surface and height of 1.5m from the floor level should less than 85 dBA.
 Far field noise level measured at any point at plant boundary as per local regulation.
4.8 PH value test of Effluent discharge from BTG package (for Condensate Polishing Unit only)
 PH~8.5

5. 试验分工 Work division of PG test

5.1 DECL 的职责 Responsibility and obligation of DECL:
5.1.1 按照合同规定,编写试验大纲。
Compile the PG test documents according to the contract.
5.1.2 递交性能试验文件供业主批准。经业主批准后,试验人员安排进驻现场检查试验条
DECL submit the PG test procedure for approval. After approval, DECL will check the
PG TEST condition at site.
5.1.3 试验前,业主 DECL 将试验仪器仪表送第三方机构进行检验。
Before test, DECL will send the test instrumentation to the third party for calibration.
5.1.4 DECL 提供检测合格的试验用仪器,并提供有效的中英文对照版或英文版仪器校验
证书,证书有效期为自业主要求试验之日起的 4 个月。若 4 个月内未安排现场试验,
导致仪表检验有效期失效,DECL 将重新检验仪表,业主承担相应的费用。
DECL provides the qualified test instruments and the valid Bilingual (Chinese and
English) calibration certificates of instruments. The valid period of of these certificates
will be within 4 months from the starting date of PG test that is declared by owner. If
owner can not arrange the PG test within the valid period, the calibration certificate will
be un-valid. The owner will take responsible for re-calibration. .
5.1.5 试验人员进驻现场后,一月内完成整个试验大纲所列的试验内容。
After arriving at the site, DECL PG test team should complete all tests specified in the
procedure within one month.
5.1.6 各试验工况开始和结束时,DECL 工程师须填写附件“性能试验工况认可书”并签
At the beginning and finishing time, DECL engineer will fill in the attachment
“Execution Certificate of Performance Test ” as well as signature.
5.1.7 试验样品最终化验结果由 DECL 根据测试报告合理取舍。

Performance Test Procedure (General) Rev.1

The final analysis results of the sampling must be rationally selected by DECL according
to the test report.
5.2 业主工作内容 Responsibility and obligation of owner
5.2.1 删除。

5.2.2 业主负责试验仪器印度境内的运输。
The owner is responsible for the transportation of test instruments in Indian.
5.2.3 业主提供足够 15 天满负荷运行的试验用煤、燃油,且试验用煤满足合同要求。
The owner offers the sufficient performance coal (15 days full load operation) & fuel
oil and the performance coal should satisfy the requirement of the contract.
5.2.4 锅炉试验过程中,业主派 6~8 人协助试验,并在 DECL 的指导下采集原煤、大渣、
飞灰,样品一式四份封存。待试验结束后三天内,其中 2 分样品由业主发运回中国;
第三份样品由业主封存,第四份样由 DECL 封存。当测试结果出现较大偏差时,在
双方的同意下,由业主将第三份样品送检。试验报告的递交时间为 DECL 收到试样
In the boiler test process, the owner should dispatch 6~8 full-time labors to help the test
and collect samples of raw coal, bottom ash and fly ash under the supervision of DECL
engineer. The four pieces of sample must be collected and sealed. Within 3 days after the
test is finished, 2 pieces of sample will be delivered by owner to China. The third sample
will be kept by owner and the fourth sample will be kept by DECL. When the test results
deviate from each other much more, owner shall send the third sample to the qualified
third party agreed by both parties for test. The PG TEST report will be submitted by
DECL within two months after receiving the sampling delivered by owner.
5.2.5 业主负责试验仪器仪表的安装和拆卸工作,提供足够数量的人力协助试验。
The owner should be responsible for the installation and disassembly of test instrument
and provide the sufficient manpower to assist conducting the test.
5.2.6 ESP 试验时,业主派四名工作人员配合完成烟气取样和除尘出口颗粒物取样,负责
The owner should arrange four labors to collect samples of gas and particles at the ESP

Performance Test Procedure (General) Rev.1

outlet, and they will be responsible for shifting the test instruments.
5.2.7 业主派两名民工配合测试排烟温度和精处理出口取水样。
The owner should send two labors to cooperate to test the air exhaust temperature and
water sampling of CPU outlet.
5.2.8 业主提供量程合适的天平(万分之一精度)和高温烘箱(200°C 以上)、业主应提供
化学实验室(配有 PH 计、试管、基本化验药品)。
The Owner should provide the balance scale with the appropriate measuring range
(0.001%) and high-temperature oven (200 °C or above). The Owner should provide the
chemical laboratory (with the pH meter, test tubes and basic chemicals available).
5.2.9 业主负责提供足够数量现场测试用 240v 电源。
The Owner should be responsible for providing sufficient 240v power supplies in the
5.2.10 业主负责提供地方存放试验用仪器仪表。
The Owner should offer the container or warehouse to store the test instruments.
5.2.11 业主负责提供当地边界噪音排放标准。
The Owner should offer the local regulation of the boundary noise.
5.2.12 业主应该提前半年通知性能试验执行时间。
The Owner should inform the PG test conducting date 6 months in advance.
5.2.13 业主应提供照明、安全设施和临时设施。
The Owner should offer the illumination and safety & temporary facilities for test
5.2.14 各试验工况开始和结束时,业主工程师须在附件“性能试验工况认可书”签字认可。
At the beginning and finishing time, owner’s engineer will sign the attachment
“Execution Certificate of Performance Test ”.

6. 安全须知 Safety instruction

6.1 参加试验的所有人员应遵守现场安全的要求,当出现危及设备及人身安全事故时,运
All persons participating in the test must obey the site safety requirements. Once the
accident endangers the safety of equipment and person, the operators have the right to take

Performance Test Procedure (General) Rev.1

safety measures and inform test engineers to evacuate from the field and handle the accident.
6.2 运行人员应尽量保持机组的稳定运行,并按照试验要求进行调整。
Operator should maintain the unit running stably, and make adjustments according to the
requirements of test engineer.
6.3 其它安全事项见相应的试验程序。
The other safety instruction refers to the related procedure.

7. 注意事项 Precautions
7.1 试验过程中应严格按照隔离清单隔离。
Perform separation work according to the isolation list in the test procedure.
7.2 噪声测试在机组投运后进行测量,厂界噪声测试遵照当地规定进行。
Measuring the noise after the machine is put into operation and follow the local regulations
and rules for the boundary noise measurement and test.
7.3 试验中,锅炉不允许打焦、吹灰以及倒磨的工作,除尘器正常运行。
Soot-blowing, slagging removing and mill changing are not allowed during PG test. ESP
should be in normal operation.
7.4 仪表校验的有效期以校验证书为准
Both parties agreed that the instruments valid calibration period should be the valid date
mentioned in the calibration certificate.
7.5 试验期间运行人员在 DECL 的指令下进行机组操作。未得到指令,不得进行任何干扰
The operators can operate the unit under the supervision of DECL. Without the order of
DECL engineer, the operator should not be the abnormal operation which will affect the test.

Performance Test Procedure (General) Rev.1

Execution Certificate of Performance Test
测试内容 Test Item: 100%TMCR Boiler efficiency test
设备名称及编号 Equipment and Sl. No.: 1#锅炉 Boiler No.1
机组号 UNIT No.: Unit No.1
试验工况 Test work conditions: 试验日期 Test date:
1.机组的系统及运行状态满足试验条件;The unit system and operation
state meet the test conditions;
本次试验;All test instruments required by the test were checked and
3.试验人员全部到位;All test engineer involved in the test are in readiness;
at start time of
4.各方均同意开始进行试验。Both parties agreed to conduct this test.
the test
试验开始时间:Start time of the test:
签字 Signature
1.试验时间满足试验要求;The test period meets the test requirements;
套备案;The test data is completed, corrective, true and effective. Each party
keep one set of original data for records;
试验结束确认 3.各方均同意结束本次试验测试。Each party agreed to finish the test.
试验结束时间:Finish time of the test:
签字 Signature:

Performance Test Procedure (General) Rev.1

Appendix AA:Performance test procedure (Boiler efficiency)
Appendix BB:Performance test procedure (Turbine Heat Rate)
Appendix CC:Performance test procedure (Total Auxiliary Power Consumption)
Appendix DD:Performance test procedure (ESP)
Appendix EE:Performance test procedure (NOISE)
Appendix FF:Performance test procedure (CPU)
Appendix GG:Performance test procedure (NOx)