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The ASM-3 is an supersonic anti-ship missile being developed by

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to replace the ASM-1 and ASM-2
missiles. The major launch platform is the Mitsubishi F-2. Planned
Initial Operational Capability was 2016. The missile will be used by
the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.

In November 2015, the Ministry of Defense (Japan) announced it

would conduct a live-fire experiment of the XASM-3 in 2016,
targeting the decommissioned ship JDS Shirane.[1] In February
XASM-3-E(fixed combustion test
2017, an F-2 carried out a jettison test of the missile as a precursor to
model) left rear view at Gifu Air Field
a live firing.[2][3] Mass production was planned to begin in 2018 but
stopped due to the further upgrade program has been planned.[4] Type Anti-ship missile
Footage of a test launch was released in August 2017.[5] Place of origin Japan
Service history
Used by Japan Air Self-
Contents Defense Force
Improvement program Production history
Variants Manufacturer Mitsubishi Heavy
See also Industries

References Specifications
External links Mass 900 kg
(2,000 lb)[1]
Length 5.25 m (17.2 ft)[1]
Improvement program
Engine Integral Rocket
In March 2019, it was reported that the ASM-3 would have its range
extended to 400 km (220 nmi; 250 mi) or more.[6][7][8] Despite its
development being completed in 2017 the missile was not deployed Operational Original: 150–
because its range (200 km) was deemed too short. The extended range 200 km (81–
range is believed to be developed in response to countering the 108 nmi; 93–
Chinese Navy's long range air-defense. The missile may be used by 124 mi)
the F-2's successor once the aircraft retires in the 2030's.[9][10] Extended
Range: 400 km
In December 2019, the Japanese Defense Ministry secured ¥ 10.3
(220 nmi; 250 mi)
billion to upgrade the missile in the 2020 budget.[11] It is planned to
extend the range without resizing.[12] Speed Mach 3+
Guidance Inertial/GPS, mid-
Variants course correction
ASM-3 Kai(改) - An extended range version. guidance: Active
See also radar guidance
Missile designation Launch Mitsubishi F-2
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