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Bild 2. Quick facts: Ireland, in irish – eire.

Languages: English, Irish, Ulster Scots (a Scottish dialect which is spoken in parts of Ulster in Ireland).

• Capital: Dublin (Northern Ireland- Belfast).

• Area: 84,421 km2

• Population: 4,83 million

• Location: Northwestern Europe

• Languages: English, Irish, and also ulster scots, it is a scottish dialect which is spoken in parts
of ulster in ireland.

• Biggest cities: Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Derry.

• Currency: Euro

• Religion: Christianity, with the largest church being the catholic church

Bild 3. I would like to tell you more about irish various culture itself, about traditional food, customs,
and places that are worth visiting.

First i would like to present you 14 must-have experiences in Ireland.

Bild 4. In my opinion a place which works as an irish visit card are the cliffs of Moher. They are really
popular and beloved by the tourists. They counts as Irelands most iconic sights and are located at
the southwestern edge of the Burren region in County Clare.
Bild 5. Besides, the scenary was used in harry potter film Harry potter and halfblood prince.

Bild 6. This
is absolutely something you should do while in Ireland. Many
pubs have live Irish music at night. There is no better Irish experience than
joining the locals in a small pub and listening to live music while drinking a
pint of beer or a dram of Irish whiskey.
Bild 7. Ireland is awesome to explore by car. The sights there are really
beautiful. Though this place is not so popular, with less visitors, it makes for
a better experience.

You can drive by the coast, learn some Irish history, and view the gorgeous
sights and scenery on the way.

Bild 8. If you are interested in irish history, visiting the rock of cashel will be
a useful and unforgettable experience. There you can feel the spirit of rhe
medieval Ireland.This castle is Irelands most popular historical sights. This
was the seat of the ancient kings of Ireland. St. Patrick in 450 AD.
Nowadays, visitors arrive every day to tour this historic complex of
Bild 9. You can’t come to Ireland without, at least one time, ordering fish ‘n
chips with a pint of Guinness.

This dish is traditional and popular in the whole UK.

Guinness beer is the most famous and
consumed Irish beer, which became the legend
and the most popular brand of Ireland.
Bild 10. No
one does a small town better than Ireland.  And im talking not
only about dublin or belfast roght now. There are many small towns with
fine pedestrian zones, beautiful old buildings, tradtitional pubs. Exactly in
those towns you can feel the atmosphere of ancient Ireland. Some of the
small towns are: Adare, Birr, Dingle, Galway, Bruff, Kenamre, etc.

At the picture you can see a town called Fethard which is situated in County

Bild 11.Our next stop is Skellig Michael.

If you want to add some adventure to your trp, that is your choice. Skellig
Michael is a rocky island located off of the coast of the Ring of Kerry. Visit
an ancient monastery, see the nesting spot of Puffins, and see where Star
Wars: A Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi were filmed.

Bild 12. Dublin, of course. Dublin is Ireland’s capital city. Most people
visiting Ireland will arrive and/or depart from here. There is a lot of history
here as well as a great nightlife scene, making Dublin worth at least 24
hours of your time. The most interesting with the city is that it conatins both
old and historical and modern features.

Bild 13. Finally, I would like to show Book of Keels which can be a highlight
of your stay in Ireland. Actually these books are in a library of trinity college
in Dublin.

. The Book of Kells is a work of art from the Dark Ages, written in the year
800 AD. It contains the four gospels of the New Testament, complete with
illustrations. Two of the books are open, protected behind a thick sheet of
glass. The level of detail that went into creating these four books really is

Bild 14. Now I would talk a little bit about the well-being of citizens and
social problems in Ireland.
Though Ireland is a democracy, there are still some problems, and the
catholic church causes many of the problems.

At the picture you can see a demonstration for the climate in the streets of
Dublin. But it is a global problem, which is not just about Ireland.

Bild 15. Though Northern Ireland belonging actually to the island of Ireland,
there are some decisions that were taken later than in usual Ireland. A good
example is lgbt marriage law, which was established only I January 2020. In
comparison to Ireland, where this law was empowered in a far 2015.

That’s why there were so much street demonstrations in for example

Belfast in 2019-2020, as you can see at the picture.

Bild 16. According to the official irish online newspaper the
'Heroin in
The title of one of the articles says following:
Ireland is an economic massacre - we have to
find a new solution'. So heroin is a legal drug
in ireland which influences lives of many
young people in a bad way. The drug
addiction is a very big and actual problem in
Ireland nowadays.
The poster on the slide is showing this
Bild 17. The debates about the stay of Ireland as a eu member are an actual problem. There
are both sides of the coin. Throughout centuries Ireland wanted to be indented. And eu is not
giving enough independenxce. A good example is currency change. Irish people want to save
their currency, pound sterling.

Government should consider raising tax

Bild 18.

on alcohol, according to irish news.

A report by the HSE says that alcohol abuse in Ireland causes a range of
social and economic problems – that the State is forced to pay for – and
urges the government to consider a higher tax for alcohol

ALCOHOL ABUSE IN Ireland has cost the State €3.7 billion up to the year
The report states that the government has to foot the bill for the
consequences of alcohol abuse across a variety of sectors – from health
issues to work-related accidents.