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First Grade Play Center Suggested Materials: paper (for writing letters), postcards,

envelopes, stamps, boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts,

mailbox, pens, post office employee hat/ badge, fake money
for customers, & signage (open/closed, hours of operation,
P O S T O F F I C E price menu etc.)

Academic Purpose: Developmental Benefits:

ELA/Writing skills will be Overall, structured dramatic
developed and enhanced as play helps students develop
students write letters to language and communication
friends and family members. skills. Additionally, students
This play center also includes learn valuable lessons in
the opportunity to help conflict resolution and how to
students with their math skills. interact with peers in a social
Students are provided with a setting. The post office play
menu listing prices of various center provides benefits for
items at the post office students' physical, social, and
(stamps, envelopes, boxes, cognitive development.
paper etc.) and play money so
that students can practice Physical: Fine motor skills
adding money. A more real-life developed through writing
application of this play center activities, gluing stamps,
is teaching students how to folding paper, and playing with
properly address an envelope. the bubble wrap/packing
None of the students in my peanuts.
class knew how to so, before Social: Students practice social
implementing the play center skills by taking on the roles of
we had a mini-lesson on the employees and customers.
skill. At the center, I provided a They interact with classmates
template for students to follow as they would with people
if they could not remember. they would meet in the
Cognitive: Students practice
math and writing skills in real-
life situations.
Center created & implemented by Hailey Fortenberry