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This work is done based on the parameters specified in the recognition guide,
whose fn is to perform a general recognition of the course of ENGLISH II, in this
way an appropriate identification of the structure is made, as well as the subject to
study during this semester academic. During the realization of this activity in the
actor recognition forum we publish a small personal presentation to our comrades.
"The profiles are updated

Currently mastering the English language has become a necessity Fundamental to
face the challenges in a Where globalization predominates, the competitiveness of
systems Educational.

Stage 1 INTRODUCING YOURSELF Write down a paragraph with your

personal presentation. Be creative! Take into account the following model.
Remember to write full sentences.

Good Morning,My name is Rosa Helena Aldana Leon .

I am an official of the mayor of zipaquira

Coodrinaora of the entrepreneurs of the municipality

Student of Business Administration Cead zipaquira

Stage 2 UPDATE YOUR PROFILE IN CAMPUS Update your profile: • Upload a photograph on the
profile. (Complete faceWe are in an academic context) • Write a short paragraph giving your
personal information (in English). Take into account the information above. • Take a screenshot of
your profile and upload it in the recognition forum
Good Morning, . My name is Rosa Helena Aldana Leon

I am a civil servant of the mayor of zipaquira

Coodrinaora of the entrepreneurs of the municipality

Student of Business Administration

Cead zipaquira

Cellphone is 3208946384


Create a Mind Map ofthe course including everything you find in the different
Answer the following question in the forum: 1.

What do you consider should be changed to improve your knowledge of English

I think I still need to understand some words, pronunciation, conjugate verbs and
have fluency to pronounce it

2. What do you consider to be your best linguistic ability: Listening, reading, writing

My greatest ability is to write

 Why? Why I pronounce it has been difficult for me


COMPILER person that of all the information does a final work

REVIEWER who checks if the information sent by each student is consistent

EVALUATOR responsible that the document meets the criteria requested in the

DELIVERY the one who makes the final delivery

ALERTAS the one that warns how much time remains for the delivery

Stage 4 Write a group recommendation for a job. Imagine there is a job

opportunity for a group of 5 people. Write a group recommendation in which
you highlight all the participants’ skills to get that job. Be creative and in a
minimum of 10 lines ask to be employed by the firm, business, enterprise,

The construction process must be reflected in the forum of the activity.


Welcome Today, Higher Education presents major challenges to meet the

educational demands of the world today, among which students develop
knowledge, skills, attitudes and values for a better personal, professional and work
development . In this sense, this Learning Guide aims to develop skills in the
construction of your learning, through the systematization of techniques and
strategies that can be applied in different contexts. Identification and use of
information, development of study habits, organization and graphic expression of
ideas and / or concepts, different ways of processing information, as well as the
different styles and methods of learning will support you in the Construction and
accomplishment of academic tasks during your school career. The Learning Skills
workshop consists of three modules: 1. Strategies, techniques and skills 2. Habits
and methods of study 3. Preparation and presentation of information Through the
practice and search of information on the Internet, you will succeed in giving An
appropriate use of new ICTs, which give you the possibility to develop skills in a
systematic way. Also you will apply techniques and strategies that favor and
enhance your learning processes for the accomplishment of your school tasks,
developing your ability to learn to learn. By knowing your study habits, you
increase your autonomy towards work, improving your performance once you
identify your learning style and design a method of study through your personal
needs, skills and objectives that will allow you to achieve academic success. This
Learning Unit requires that you work both individually and collaboratively, so that
you demonstrate your performance in and outside the classroom, through the
preparation and presentation of academic work.

Stage 5 Writing about an ideal Job Each student writes in the forum about
his/her own ideal job or projects in this matter related to his/her career:

A business administration is

Aware that organizations are immersed in a globalized and highly competitive

world, it is called to know, organize, direct, interpret and integrate the different
variables that make up the business environment at regional, national and
international level.

With skill in negotiation, which translates into the rapid construction of consensus
and the proper management of dissent.

Creative, recursive and ingenious professional, with capacity for analysis and
synthesis, which allows the correct approach of an idea or innovative solution in
front of dynamic scenarios present in the business universe.

With the ability to be an entrepreneur with entrepreneurship and perseverance in

achieving objectives.

Decision maker, by the nature of their profession, in two dimensions: personal and

With moral values and ethical principles. With intellectual autonomy that allows him
to be a constructive critic and formulate the necessary questions when

Ease of communicating with clear, correct, timely, adequate and universal


Up-to-date in cutting-edge IT and communications technologies.

Committed to the environment from the social, cultural, technical, economic
perspective. Prepared to harmonize the interests of the company with the
environment, with a transnational vision of society and economy, with rational time
to respond to the different changes of an internationalized economy.

Aware that the next object of the Administration is the relations between people,
groups and organizations, not only of Colombia but of the world, is respectful of the
ideas of others, assertive and loyal; With capacity for dialogue, capable of
assuming the leadership and of reaching with a team the goals proposed.

Thanks to the realization of this work I am more aware about the objectives and
goals to be achieved during the course, I have a greater knowledge of the subject
to study and its importance for the understanding of each chapter as well as of the
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